5 TOP Reasons Why You’re Stuck: How To Get Unstuck In Life

If you’re looking for some reasons why your goals haven’t been working, then you’ll love this article. This new post will show you everything you need to know about how to get unstuck.

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5 Reasons Why You’re Stuck: How To Get Unstuck

Reason 1. You’re looking forward instead of looking back.

We often make goals of what we want in the future with the big vision in mind. I want a new 5 bedroom house, I want to lose 20 pounds, I want to make 6 figures this year.

When we only look forward there is no effective action plan to get there.

Even if we make lists looking forward the broad view doesn’t give us the kind of specifics we need to achieve the goals.

Simple step to make the dream come true.

Look back.

Here is where some visualizing and feeling comes in. Once you decide on your goal and look forward, sit down quietly for a few minutes, close your eyes and visualize the goal.

The 5 bedroom house.

Exactly how does it look?

What color is it?

Look at it as you’re driving up the driveway.

Feel how you feel walking through the front door.

What do you smell?

Is there a view off the kitchen or living room?

Are there kids in the background?

Sit with your eyes close and visualize, feel and hear the house.

What are you wearing?

What color is your furniture?

Details, details, details.
Now, that probably felt REALLY good! Now, write your goals according to those real life details.

So, here’s a rough example of how you would think it through, after you have LOOKED BACK on what’s truly required to make the goal happen.

Goal – 5 bedroom house.

2 story, brick pavers, lush landscape.

Chef’s kitchen with stone counters, eat in area, overlooking TV room. TV room with white plush furniture and soft brown carpeting. Sliding doors that look over pool……and so on.

Now I can look for this 5 bedroom house online, in real estate listings, or by going to an architect and getting drawings done for a contractor’s quote.

It costs $500,000!! Whoa, that’s way more (or less) than I thought, so here’s how it will work.

I need to save $50,000 for down payment.

Timeline $15,000 annually for say 3½ years.

I need to pay off my non-mortgage debt to afford the new mortgage.

Timeline, pay $1000 a month for say 2 years.

So every month I need an extra $2000 for savings and debt reduction, PLUS no new debt.

Here is how I will get the $2,000 monthly.

Rental income previously spent on travelling, save half and travel less.

…..OR increase training classes from 10 to 15 monthly in order to make an additional $2,000 monthly.

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Reason 2: Your Goal is too ambiguous.

For example, this year I will launch my clothing line or write my book. Ok, let’s dig in.

Simple step to make the dream come true.


What does “launch” mean? Introduce your brand to the market? Set up your facebook page? Start actually selling clothes? Who are you selling to? Women? Men? Kids? Both? Frugal people? Divas? Career people?

Where will you sell? Online and delivery? Actual storefront?

What is the business name? How will people hear about you? What will make them want to buy from you versus all the other clothing lines?

Answer all of the detailed questions. Don’t assume anyone knows what you are talking about and act as if you’re explaining your goal to an absolute, complete stranger. Give yourself the tools and the details.

Ok, now that you have the details, use the advice above and look back. Where will I source from?

How long is shipping time for me to get the goods? How often will I have to order?

Look back and map out your calendar with the timelines, money goals, advertising and sales goals all detailed.

Making the launch of your clothing line happen is now achievable as you create a system and a list of daily, weekly and monthly actions you can follow as the details of what has to be done and the deadlines for doing them is CLEAR and SPECIFIC.

Even if you miss something during one month, it’s a way to look back and pick up where you left off as opposed to stalling because you’re not sure of what to do next and end up becoming uninspired and discouraged.

Reason 3: FEAR! You’re afraid to succeed.

Say what now? You’re probably thinking to yourself that this is a silly statement. Who doesn’t want to succeed?!

You may “want” what success looks like on the outside; comfortable home, travelling as you wish, doing what you love and having time to enjoy life on your terms.

…but what success requires on the inside is something you are really afraid of.

  • Afraid of criticism from others (1).
  • Afraid of making mistakes. Perfectionism syndrome.
  • Afraid of it not working, so why try.
  • Afraid of being uncomfortable and making sacrifices.
  • Afraid of being judged and ridiculed.
  • Afraid of putting yourself out there for the world to see and possibly pick apart.

Simple step to make the dream come true.

Fight through the fear. Don’t ignore it, don’t pretend it doesn’t exist. Acknowledge it. As a matter of fact, EXPECT it! When it shows up, say hi and then ask it to have a seat in the corner while you do your thing. It’s there, but it’s not in charge, YOU ARE.

If you TRULY want what you say you want, you will have to commit to fighting through the fear no matter what.

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Reason 4: Your Reason for Setting the Goal is not Compelling or Authentic.

Sometimes, we see what is going on around us and think that because it looks good, fun or easy we want to do the same thing.

The reason for setting the goal is purely superficial and there is no true purpose behind it. We just want to do it. No real reason.

It’s a version of what I call “Shiny Object Syndrome (2)”. It looks shiny, pretty and fun so you get distracted and all of a sudden start chasing someone else’s “shiny object”.

The problem here is that, when you get bored, discouraged, tired, run out of money or ideas, not having a real true purpose behind it will cause us to give up and abandon it.

Simple step to make the dream come true.

Examine your WHY.

Understand why you want to do what you want to do. There is no wrong reason except for if you are doing something to try to be like or have what someone else has for that reason alone.

Sometimes your WHY may be “ to be debt free”, “to work on your own schedule”, “to have more travel time”, “to have more family time” and if being inspire by someone else helps this, that is fine, but be certain your WHY and your REASON is authentic to you.

Reason 5: You’re looking outside for answers and solutions that only YOU can resolve from the inside.

You’ve heard it before. You are responsible for you.

You cannot successfully go about the process of achieving your goals if you plan to play the blame game along the way.

It didn’t work my family/friends/colleagues didn’t support me.

The government has raised taxes again.

Customers know traffic is bad on Fridays so being late is cool. (Yes, I’ve heard that before….why not leave earlier to BE ON TIME?!!)

Simple step to make the dream come true.

Take Responsibility

Until you are prepared to take responsibility for your choices, you will play the blame game and LOSE in life.

When you set goals, using the simple steps outlined above, really take a good look at the REAL requirements to achieving that goal. It may not be the walk in the park you thought it would be and you may have to make some changes in approach, in timing and in the goal overall.

If you want to have 3 new clients every month, but every month you have a problem collecting payment from the 3 new clients, you need to examine YOUR choices. Is it their fault? Maybe in part, however, what did YOU contribute?

Simple step to make the dream come true.

Did you do business with the wrong kind of client? Who is your ideal client then? Understand that before you start.

Take responsibility for understanding what your business requires for success first, THEN, act based on those requirements.

Otherwise, you waste your time and worse blame them, failing to see in fact, that the problem is the way you are doing business and ultimately, YOU.

Ready to make your ish happen?

The 5 reasons and steps have hopefully set you on your way to accomplishment and success. Remember to check in with yourself every so often to make sure you are going according to plan and working smart.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to get unstuck. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

Przemkas Mosky
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