How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts And Feelings: 16 Ways

This article has everything you need to know about how to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings.

It can be overwhelming when life becomes too much to handle and negative thoughts consume you. Taking care of your mental health is crucial and there is no need to justify taking time for yourself. Remember, you are strong and capable of overcoming this. Here are some suggestions for purifying your mind from negative thoughts.

How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts And Feelings:

1. Get some fresh air by going for a walk in nature.

The fresh air can help you to clear your mind and refocus. When you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and change your surroundings by going outside. Nature has a calming effect and can be especially helpful on days when you need it the most.

Find a local park, nature trail or take a simple walk around your neighborhood. If you can’t go for a walk, simply spending time outside will give you a mental boost. You can sit on your front porch, find a shady park bench or relax on your back steps.

2. Take a break from the news.

Sometimes, the constant flow of information about current events can be overwhelming. Avoiding the news can help you focus on the positive aspects of life, especially when you feel anxious.

Instead of consuming news in the morning, try reading a book or listening to music. Avoid the urge to search for current events on the internet, unfollow news outlets on social media, and turn off news notifications on your phone.

If it is not possible to avoid the news completely, set a timer for yourself and limit your consumption to a certain amount of time. Use apps that provide you with weather and traffic information to get through the day without being inundated with current events.

3. Take a break from social media.

A digital detox may be beneficial for your mental well-being. Sometimes, the key to happiness is to focus on the present moment. Instead of spending hours on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, log off and appreciate your surroundings.

Begin by logging out of all social media accounts or removing the apps from your phone. Keep your phone in another room to avoid the temptation to check it. Set a timer for 30 minutes to check your accounts, and when the timer goes off, stop using social media.

4. Find something that brings you joy and listen to it.

Put on your favorite playlist to improve your mood. Whether it’s your favorite artist or a podcast that you love, when negative thoughts start to creep in, put on some headphones and tune them out.

Listen to a song that makes you want to dance, or an audiobook that allows you to escape reality for a little while. If you’re more of a visual person, watch your favorite movie or TV show.

5. Begin a creative project.

Instead of dwelling on sadness, channel it into something beautiful. Whether it’s painting, sculpting or sketching, art is a great way to release your frustrations and forget about your worries. Plus, you will have a work of art to display!

Spend an afternoon working on something new. Find an art form or craft that interests you and explore it. For example, if you like hats, try knitting one. If you love wearing jewelry, try beading. If you admire the colors of the sunset, try painting it.

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6. Be surrounded by positive energy.

Your mood is affected by the energy of the people and things around you. Reflect on the people you spend time with regularly. Are they uplifting or detrimental to your well-being?

Spend time with people who support and inspire you to be your best self. Plan regular catch-ups with friends and family that make you feel good, it will give you something to look forward to each week.

7. Begin writing in a journal.

Organize your thoughts by putting them on paper. It can be difficult to make sense of a lot of negative thoughts, and this can make it harder to understand why you feel the way you do.

Get a piece of paper, open a journal or open the notes app on your phone and write whatever comes to your mind. If you find it hard to start, try using these phrases as prompts: “I am…”, “I am not…”, “I fear…”, “I hope…”, “I love…”.

8. Show yourself some love.

You are amazing and it’s time to recognize that. Treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting, whether it’s a new dress, a meal out or a spa day. It’s perfectly fine to indulge in some self-care every now and then.

Give yourself a boost by rewarding yourself (1) with something you desire. You don’t need to spend money to treat yourself, do whatever makes you happy. Watch a marathon of your favorite movies with a big bag of popcorn, take a bubble bath in the middle of the day, or dance to your favorite songs while baking your favorite cake.

9. Take a moment to appreciate the small things in life.

You only have one chance to live, so why not make it filled with happy moments. When negative thoughts creep in, focus on the little things around you and live in the present moment. Take in the warmth of the sun on your skin, the fresh smell of the air after it rains, and try to worry less about the past and future and concentrate on what’s happening right now outside of your mind.

10. Practice breathing exercises.

A single breath can make a big difference between feeling panicked or calm. When life becomes overwhelming, take a step back and breathe. Counting your breaths can help you to relax and focus on something other than negative thoughts.

Try these exercises the next time you’re feeling stressed: Belly breathing: lie down on your back, place one hand on your stomach and the other hand on your chest. Take a deep breath in through your nose, allowing your stomach to expand and breathe out through your mouth, allowing your stomach to deflate.

Repeat this process 3-10 times. 4-7-8 breathing: take a deep breath in through your nose, counting to 4, hold your breath for 7 counts, and then slowly release the air through your mouth for a count of 8. Repeat this process 3-7 times.

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11. Meditate to achieve inner peace.

Relieve your concerns by letting your mind be free of thoughts. Allow your mind to rest by meditating, letting thoughts come and go as they please. The beauty of meditation is in letting things happen.

Close your eyes and watch negative thoughts drift away. Pay attention to your breath, especially when your mind starts to wander. Sit in a comfortable position and set a timer for 5-10 minutes. There is no room for judgment during meditation, every thought that comes to mind is valid.

12. Stay active.

Keeping yourself moving can help to push away negative thoughts. Exercise is a great way to distract yourself from negativity and boost your endorphins, the hormone associated with happiness.

Add more movement to your routine by doing something you enjoy. Taking an extra walk or trying a dance video can make all the difference in your day. Consider looking into live fitness classes in your area, such as yoga, dance, or workout classes.

These classes give you the opportunity to make friends and look forward to something. Remember, how you look while exercising doesn’t matter, what’s important is what makes you feel good inside and out.

13. Eat a healthy diet.

A well-nourished body leads to a happy mind. It may seem trivial, but providing your body with the nutrients it needs can improve your physical and mental well-being.

This doesn’t mean cutting out junk food completely, but finding ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you’re feeling low on energy, opt for a fruit smoothie instead of a chocolate milkshake.

Aim to make half of your plate fruits and vegetables. Incorporate different colors to your plate with purple potatoes, yellow carrots and plenty of greens. Remember to drink enough water, aim for at least 8 cups a day.

14. Make sure you get enough sleep.

A well-rested body promotes a positive attitude (2). Aim for between 7 and 10 hours of sleep per night, you’ll wake up feeling energized and ready for the day. Every hour of sleep you lose increases the chance of feeling sad throughout the day by 38%.

A good night’s sleep will help you finish the day with a smile. Try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule, even on weekends, keep your bedroom dark, quiet and cool at 60-64°F (16-18°C) and turn off screens at least 30 minutes before bed.

15. Be compassionate towards yourself.

You are an amazing person. We often tend to be harsh on ourselves, but it’s important to remember that we all make mistakes. Practice being kind to yourself in order to boost your self-esteem and overcome negative thoughts.

Instead of criticizing yourself for things that don’t go well or for getting a bad grade on a test, remember that you’re doing your best. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, so take mistakes as an opportunity to gain something valuable. Reflect on your accomplishments and tell yourself how proud you are of yourself.

16. Seek help.

You are not alone in this battle. If you’re having trouble dealing with negative thoughts, don’t hesitate to ask for help. You can talk to a close friend or family member, or find a therapist or counselor in your area. Remember that your future is bright, regardless of what negative thoughts might be telling you.

Thank you for reading this article about how to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings and I really hope that you take action my advice.

I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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