How To Change Your Life Forever In One Year: 11 Awesome Tips


If you want to know how to change your life, you’ll love this article.

Do you want to change your life? Here are 11 ways. After reading, choose one and start implementing it from today. After another month, then another … Friends will point your finger at you and wonder how you do it.

How To Change Your Life Forever:

1.  Focus on yourself

Look at your past life. What was it like to look at others, wonder what others would think or even thoughtlessly listen to and follow what they were doing? If you want the opposite sex to constantly be interested in you, you have to really take care of yourself, focus on what is important to you. I suggest you now stop reading this article, find a quiet place and dedicate yourself to it at least a few hours It can be going out for a walk or even a trip to some secluded place like a forest or mountains to devour yourself with your thoughts and emotions. In order to get to know each other better. Answer yourself the following questions: a) What do I really want? b) What is important to me? c) What in my life naj mnie denerwuje / smucia / przygnębia / wound?

If you answer these questions well and accurately, you will know what to do with your life and what to avoid. If you know what to do with your life, you are an ambitious person. And ambition is attractive. People see that you want something more, thanks to which you stand above mediocrity. The person you met on a date can see. Your friends see it and start appreciating you more. What’s especially useful to you is an accurate analysis of your needs and setting yourself something you can aspire to. It’s about your ambition. The bigger it is, the more attractive you are. The more challenging you are for other people. The more beautiful and wonderful people are interested in you and want to get in touch with you.

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2.  Restrict text messaging

As people of the 21st century, we are suffering from an unusual ailment, and this is a lack of ability to talk. Everything happens quickly, via instant messengers or via SMS. We encounter each other less often because it is easier to scribble a few words.

Especially in male-female relations. Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man – stand out positively and really limit writing text messages. If you meet a new person and before your first, second or third date, you exchange more than a dozen text messages, nothing happens. Worse, if you send dozens of text messages a day. It kills any mystery and your attractiveness, showing that you actually have nothing more interesting to do and you are still sitting on the phone. If you want to definitely stand out from the competition, stop writing so many text messages and with all the interesting topics for conversations and questions, wait for the meeting. The same applies to messages on the Internet!

3.  Lead knowledge in the real world

The third point is close to the second point, or rather it is its development – nowadays, dating sites are experiencing a golden age. Pick up on Facebook, tinder, liking, badoo – these are just a few ways to meet people. I know people who like to meet new people on the internet and there is nothing wrong with it until it becomes a real obsession. If you’ve had at least a few accounts on dating sites so far and you’ve spent hours on them with no results, it’s time to change something. This year, focus on gaining confidence and constantly increasing your attractiveness. Competition on dating sites is huge, moreover, the talks themselves do not teach you how to conduct relationships – everything is done online, and you are as confident as thousands of other people,

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Often, when you meet later in the real world, you lack confidence and knowledge of what to do with another person on a date. Therefore, bet on a real life and your development in this matter, and definitely you will be above competition, and the answer to the question of how to be a challenge will stop tormenting you.

4.  Get the ability to have an attractive conversation

I mentioned that today we are talking little with each other. What’s more, there are definitely not enough people able to engage in an interesting, engaging conversation, adding to the note of irony or sense of humor. If you are wondering how to be a challenge, I have a method for you – learn to talk in an attractive style. So what? As in many other cases regarding male-female relationships, do exactly the opposite of what most people do

Most people talk about weather-like crap, that they ate fish for dinner yesterday, or that just bought a new coffee machine. Break this pattern and get people involved in the discussion. Ask yourself what they want from life. Ask for dreams, passions, desires. Learn to talk about yourself in a fascinating way. Tell a lot of stories from your life, instead of exchanging only empty, meaningless sentences. Thanks to this, you will become a big challenge for the opposite sex as well as your existing friends, which will only strengthen your attractiveness

5.  Learn unique skills

Dance lessons, massage courses, rare sports disciplines, public speaking lessons, think now what classes you will start to walk regularly to gain new skills. It will make you more challenging and moreover you can meet people who in the future can become your good friends or even friends

6.  Take care of your energy level and your will to live

Pay attention to how you eat. Many people want to be attractive and energetic, but they are still sluggish and tired. You are tired not because you are working or you are sleeping briefly. I know people who work for several hours a day and sleep no more than 7 hours (often much less) and they burst with energy. When I meet them, they infect me with a positive mood, and I start to smile more often. Your energy and willingness to live depends, among others from 3 issues:

a) Your ambition, which I mentioned earlier. – If you have a specific goal or something you have planned, you will not want to sleep to 12 or lie on the couch for half a day.

b) Your way of eating. – If you eat only sugar contained in sweets, additionally you consume a large amount of colored carbonated drinks, then do not be surprised that you still do not have energy and you would like to sleep all day long. If you are a determined person, make an appointment to a dietitian or look on the internet, which is good for your body and what is not. If you do not want to, start with something simpler – drink more water during the day. If you work in an office or often sit in front of a computer, put a glass of water on your desk. I personally drink about 5 liters of water a day, I still have it with me and I feel great

c) Your physical activity – If so far the only sport in your life was to crawl from the sofa in the fridge to poultry and pork kabanosy (Yes, I also love to do it, kabanosy are delicious), it is necessary to implement some movement as soon as possible. I personally run every morning, 7 days a week and it gives me the necessary energy for the whole long working day. Relax, if it scares you, you do not have to do it – just go for a walk 15-20 minutes before bedtime, to oxygenate the body and move a little. When you do it regularly, the effects will really surprise you. I suggest you start with 2-3 outputs a week and see what happens.

7.  Get to know new people regularly

And best if you create a habit of meeting new people. I talk to strangers every day and I recommend the same to you. Then you will not have the slightest problem in knowing an attractive woman or if you belong to the fair sex, you will have no problem in getting to know an attractive guy. About how to do it, I spoke on the video that I recently recorded live on facebook. If you want to have access to it, at the bottom of the article you have a link to my Fejsa – I see no reason for us not to become friends, so just add me to your friends J

8.  Increase your self-confidence

I created a whole series on my blog – you have a step-by-step description of what you need to know and how to build confidence step by step.

9.  Master the art of acceptance

Acceptance is an important skill in life. It’s art for me personally. Accept it as it is. Accept that you were born in such and not a different family and do not have a grudge. Accept that you have such and no other work and stop complaining about it. Accept that your face looks like it is, and so stop self-flagellation that you do not look like a million dollars.

Acceptance does not mean that you have to let go! On the contrary – you have to keep working to make it better. However, to make it better, you already have to accept what you have. Thanks to this you will stop losing and complaining about your life. And other people will look with admiration. Thanks to this you will get to know the answer to the question of how to be a challenge – simply because you will be a challenge.

I am perfectly aware that you have a lot of problems, worries and worries in your life. Everyone has them. I do the same, I have new challenges every day. Just like you and other people. The fact that you have a hard time in your life does not mean that you have to inform everyone about it right and left. Try to accept what is now, strive to better and deal with your problems yourself (or with the help of relatives) instead of poisoning others.

Acceptance is a difficult art, so I recommend learning it all the time and refer to literally everything. How much you earn, what is your partner (or the fact that you are single), in which flat / house you live, where you were born. Accept all this and stop wasting, and at the same time constantly thinking about what to do here, to change what does not suit you better.

10.  Train the distance to yourself

People who have a distance to themselves are perceived as more attractive and confident, which directly translates into the fact that they are a challenge for other people. If you are wondering how to be a challenge, I have advice for you – laugh more often with yourself. Maybe it sounds awful, but check on your own skin – the more often you will laugh at yourself (of course, I’m talking about laughing when you actually do something stupid) the more distance you have to yourself and the world, you will be less stressed, so unambiguously – you will be the object of interest of other people.

11.  Educate yourself about sexuality, biology and human anatomy

We are a very shameful and unconscious nation. Each topic about our bed life is made shallow for banal jokes, instead of talking and exchanging experiences. There are many reasons. One will say that it does not fall out, it is not fitting that how can you talk about it. Well, probably your mom would not listen to your experience with all the details, but your future partner or partner will look at you with admiration, if you introduce yourself from a mature, attractive site, and above all, show that you know a lot. Talk more often about human sexuality. Well, how to talk, how do we know so little about it? The first step is to educate. I am not suggesting you to read here the scientific studies on human anatomy (though certainly, it would help you in development on the level of male-female relationships), but just start looking for information on the subject of widely understood bed life. You can start by getting to know female and male erogenous zones.