How To Boost Your Personal Productivity: The Ultimate Guide

Today you’re going to learn how to boost your personal productivity.

If you always struggle to get lots of work done then you need to boost your productivity. Here I will tell you how to increase your productivity and get more done in your day. It is crucial for people who want to be successful to be very productive. This is critical because you need to get lots of work done every day to get more money.

If you are not a productive person then you will most likely not be successful and will not get as much money. The reason for this is simple, it will take longer time to get the same amount of work done as a productive person.

All the richest people in the world are incredibly productive and get vast amount of work done each day. They can get so much done in a short amount of time that they don’t need to spend much time working. These people can spend most of there time on holidays and having fun instead of working 24/7.

How To Boost Your Personal Productivity:

Productivity is crucial even if you are doing a sport, doing work or school. Of coarse there are many other things that demand productivity, so if you want to get more done in anything, I recommend improving your productivity.

It is crucial to be productive especially if you have got a deadline to finish something. If you are not productive, you will probably do all the work towards the end of the deadline and be rushing it. A productive person will do a little bit of the work each day till the deadline is there.

They will not rush anything and they will lot of times, get it done before it is due. Another trait of a productive person is that they will always do every thing to there best that they can. This is important because you can get more money at work or you can get good grades in school.

Being productive can be very useful if you want to have more free time, because you will finish things quicker. There is no point to life if all you do is work so it is important to be productive to get things done quicker than a person who is not productive.

Are You Productive?

The first step to being more productive is to see how productive you are already. This a good idea because some people are already productive without knowing it. Being productive doesn’t always mean you get things done before other people because you might work at a different pace. Being productive does mean you are quicker then when you was not productive.

One sign that tells you that you are being productive is that you are not distracted while you are working. This can be as simple as looking at your phone every minute. This can slow you down a lot and make you finish your task later. This can be stoped by putting you phone into silent mode.

Another sign is that you are working hard. If you are working hard, you are not being productive due to not making your best work. It is impossible to be productive if you use minimum effort.

If you always feeling stressed while you are working, you are not being productive. A productive person will not be stressed and not rush. Stressing can lead to you not producing your best work therefore not being productive. You need to be calm while working to get the most done.

If you are not productive, I will tell you tips to be productive. I will tell you all you need to know to start being productive today. Even if you are already productive, this can still make you even more productive. There are tons of ways to make you even more productive. Some are really easy but some might take a little more time. Some people may already be doing these things already but it is important to recognise them so you can keep doing them.

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Cut your To-Do List In Half

Often people complain that they are not getting much done because they are not productive, but the problem is actually they plan to many things to do everyday. It is better if you only plan a couple of things to do that day so you can get it all done and you do not rush them. I will tell you the best number of things you should do everyday later.

It is typical for a person to cut there to-do list in half for the best results but this may vary from person to person. Some people may need to take away more or some might need to take away less. A few people might need to add some things to there list. A to-do list should not be overwhelming and should never make you stressed or give you a head ache.

One way that can help you decrease your to-do list is to delete any of the unnecessary things that do not need to be done that day. You can put those tasks into a day were you are not doing much so that you still do them. If you really want to you can give these tasks to other people that do not mind doing them. Some tasks you might not need to do ever because you over complicated things and added unnecessary tasks that just complicate things.

You can also decrease your to-do list by scheduling it for a different day that has more time to do it. If you are not in a rush to get something done it will not be important to get it done on a day were you have got lots of over tasks to do. It is better to the task closer to the deadline but not rush it as much if you did it on a busy day.

Cutting your to-do list in half can make your day a lot more productive due to you not being as stressed and you will be more calm. It is best to only have a couple of things on your to-do list that you can put a lot of effort in. A lot of people often think they have to get everything done in one day. This can lead to you rushing everything what is not very productive.

Remove Distractions

A very common problem that can lead to you not being as productive is distractions. This can be anything from a notification on your phone to the sound of cars. Distractions can lead to you losing concentration on your task and listening or looking at the distraction. This can add time to the amount of time to get your task done.

The most common distraction people have is a notification on your phone. There are many ways you can prevent these distractions. I will tell you some ways to get rid of these. Some distraction’s will be difficult to get rid of so you might have to find a way to ignore them and not let them distract you.

One way to limit the amount of distractions is by putting your phone into silent mode. If you have an iPhone this can be done on the left side of it. If you do not have an iPhone you may need to search google to know how to. Turning off your notifications can significantly effect the amount of distractions you will have because you will not be looking at your phone every couple of minutes. Many people spend hours a day just checking there phone. If you can cut this down it can make a major effect on your productivity.

Another way to reduce your distractions is to keep your work place tidy and not messy. This can make you be distracted at how unclean the place you are working in is & that can reduce your productivity because you will not be focused on the task your trying to do. You might find yourself looking at all the scrap paper that is left on your desk where you are working.

It is best to have lots of space on your desk so that you can easily move around on it and not hit something. A tidy work place can often effect your mood and make you not as motivated to work. No one wants to go to work just to find that there work area is full of rubbish and not want to work there due to that.

Be Calm

Being calm can make you work so much quicker and easier than if you are working when you are stressed. While you are stressed you are thinking of other things that are not related to the task you need to complete. This can significantly effect the quality of work that you will be able to complete while you are working. It is especially important to be calm while you are under a lot of pressure to do something.

If you are under a lot of pressure, you likely need to do something difficult. This can be more difficult while you are stressed due to you not putting all of your brain into the set task. There are many ways that can keep you calm which I am about to tell you.

The first tip that can help keep you calm while you are stressed is to take lots of breaks. This may not seem very productive but it actually is. The breaks will give you lots of time to refresh your mind and put all of your energy on what you are about to do. For the best results take a 15 minutes break every hour.

This will not make you take so many breaks that you get nothing done but it will help you refresh your mind and most likely make you more productive. There is no point in being stressed because it will not give you any benefits in any way, it will just make your life worse.

The next tip is to plan what you are going to do and not to just start without planing it. Doing something without knowing how to do it can make someone very stressed and they will keep thinking that they need a plan but they have not got one. Having a plan can reduce how stressed you are and make you more calm.

You will know how and what you need to do to complete your task therefore increasing how much your brain is helping finish your task. Before you have even started your task, you will already know a rough estimate of how long it will take and what you will be doing in that time to get a good amount of work done.

The third thing that can keep your calm is to prepare to not get it right. Many people think that they have to get there task done right done first try. This is rarely the case and it might take a lot of tries to get it right. It is important to not get stressed after the first time you do not get it correct.

Being stressed can make you have to even more tries to get it right so your task will take more time to complete. If you ever get it right first time you should be surprised and you should never expect it. Being calm can make your bad day turn into a bad day even if you seem to not get anything right.

Being calm has the power to change how much work you can get done and make you more happier. Stress is one of the most important things you need to get rid of, if you want to be more productive. While you are stressed you are more likely to get a head ache and you will most likely have a bad day.

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Do Your Hardest Task Before Lunch

A lot of people wait to the end of their day to start their most difficult task. This can significant reduce how productive you are. If you start the hardest task before lunch but do not get it done, there is still more time to complete it later in the day. You would not have enough time to finish the task if you started it later in the day.

Starting your task before such is effortless to do. All it takes is some free time in the morning so you get out of the way. It will be a lot easier to start it in the morning if you get up early due to you having more time to finish it before lunch.

If you get used to finishing your hardest task before lunch, you will not procrastinate as much as you will & be trained to get things do first thing in the morning. Getting it done first thing in the day will save you so much time due to you already have a rough idea of when you are going to do what. If you do this a lot it will reduce the time you think about planning your day as you already know what you are doing till about lunch time. It will give you more time to think about other important things that you need to do later.

This is basic to do but can significantly improve how productive you are. I recommend that you do this because you be surprised of how easy it is to do.

Stop Being Lazy

Many people do not even realise that their laziness is preventing them from being more productive. It is crucial to know wether you are being lazy because that might be the only thing that you stoping you from being productive. These people will probably be a lot more productive once they stop being lazy and start focusing on what they need to do.

Many lazy people are always thinking that they can do something a different time but they really need to get it done now. It is excellent to get rid of this mindset. Once you stop thinking like this, you will instantly become more productive and get more done. A lot of people struggle to stop being productive. I will tell you many ways that you can stop being lazy shortly.

The ways to stop being lazy are very easy and you can apply them straight away and be more productive. It is surprising how easy it is to stop being more productive because a large amount of people in the world are lazy.

The first thing that can help you to stop being lazy is very easier to do. It is to be prepared to fail. A lot of people are lazy because they are scared to fail so they do not try. Once you get this out of your head you will fell more confident to cary on with the important tasks that you want to do. This is the number one reason why people are lazy. Once you eliminate this from your life, you will stop being lazy and be productive.

Another way to stop being lazy is to plan what you are going to do and have a consequence is you do not do it. It is very good to plan what you are going to do because you can prepare yourself to start a task at a certain time. This can reduce how lazy you are. Having a consequence if you do not do it can be very useful. This will force you to do your task unless you want to do your consequence.

consequence can be anything unless you enjoy it. Make sure you consequence is worse than the work you are doing so that to do your work is the best option you can choose. An example of a consequence you might have to do is pay money to charity or put it in a bin. Make sure it is a lot of money.

Take More Breaks

Most people think taking breaks is the opposite of being productive but those people are wrong. Taking breaks can refresh your mind and let you get more ideas. To many breaks is still not that productive so make sure most of your time is still you doing what you need to complete.

It is best to take a break whenever you start to get a headache because you will not be productive during this time. This is typically every hour. Your breaks should be about 15 minutes long. You can do anything on your break but it is best to not stare at a computer or phone.

It is good to exercise or have some food on you break because you will come back feeling fresh and recharged. You will most likely be working at a faster pace after your break because you have had time to motivate yourself to want to work again. It is good if you do something you like during your break.

This is because you will come back to your work happy, therefore you are motivated to do your work. If you need to you can take a short nap. This make you more energised once you have woken up.

A lack of breaks can cause stress and exhaustion. People will often not work as long when they do not have breaks because they will get tired a lot then if you did have breaks. when you do have breaks you will be more creative and your quality of work will go up. It will be so much easier to get lots of work done when you have breaks


Many people do not realise that they can be a lot more productive than what they are now. After reading this you will now know tons of tips to be productive that you can add to your life. Some people might do most of these tips already without knowing but it is good to know to know if you are doing something good so you do not stop it. Once you do all these tips you will instantly be more productive and get more done in your day.

Being productive can often lead to you getting more money therefore you will not need to work as much. Most people who are not productive are not as successful as the ones who are. Just these reasons will make you wont to be more productive so you can get more done.

Thank you for reading this article about how to boost your personal productivity and I really hope that you take action my advice. I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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