15 Best And Believable Excuses For Missing Work For a Day

If you want to know what are some good excuses for missing work, you’ll love this article.

Do you need a way how to tell your employer that you need to one day off from work? Here is a list of valid excuses you can use. Just keep in mind that it is better be honest rather than creating an alibi.

Your workplace is where you have built a good reputation. It is better to avoid creating opportunities that will compromise integrity and job status.

Given all these reminders, but you are still in a situation that you need to be off from work; then you can check out these types of excuses that your employer will pass off as true.

Believable Excuses For Missing Work

1. Appointment with a Clinic

You have to consult with a gynecologist but the specialist that you need to see requires an entire day for the consultation. You can also tell that you are going for dental appointment and having your dentures made.

2. House Problems Excuses

Your kitchen is temporarily flooded at the moment and you are calling because you cannot come for work. You are waiting for the plumber to arrive and fix your kitchen pipes. The situation is not possible for your neighbors to keep an eye on so you are waiting till the maintenance work is done.

3. Your babysitter failed to show up

You are unable to come to work because the babysitter was sick for the day. There are no relatives to temporarily take care of the baby. Your husband can’t fill in as his work is in the other side of town. Your boss might be disappointed because of the deadlines to meet but you can’t work with infant in the office either.

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4. Family Excuses

Someone among your relatives died and you have to go to your hometown for the burial to offer your comfort to the clan. This excuse may be valid for a two–three day absence. You can also tell that your grandfather wants to see you suddenly because of an inheritance, but you have to go home to the countryside.

The possibilities are actually endless.

5. It is Child-Parent Consultation Day at your daughter’s school

Schools are believable excuses because every other employee has a child attending an elementary or kindergarten school. Just make sure your child’s teacher does not know your boss to make sure your cover is safe.

6. You have a digestion problem

Loose bowel movement is a totally awesome excuse because you are compelled to frequent the toilet for hours. Your supervisor will not want you disrupting the department with your tummy problem.

7. Jury Duty

Make use of your jury duty as an excuse to call off from work. If you agree to participate as a jury, you will be given a proof of serving from court that you can submit to your employer or supervisor. Note that employers may know that your jury duty does not last for 8 hours.

8. There are mental health days

Mental health days are classified under unprecedented absences and are called as Personal Days (1). An employee may phone his/her office to get away from stress and pressure.

9. Emergency Illness

When you want to use this as an excuse for absence, you need to produce a health certificate that you have been confined for days or at least were required to rest for a few days to recuperate. Going down with flu with severe coughing is a commonly used.

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10. You are part of wedding entourage

This is great if the wedding is out of town, or where you are going is located somewhere else. It would be quite embarrassing to bump into your boss into the local supermarket during the “wedding day”. You need to ask for leave in advance so as to not to disrupt your work schedule.

11. You are moving house

If you are renting a bed space, and you are sharing a room with four others, this may be a valid excuse. Most accommodations that are for rent are constantly being renovated so tenants are requested to evacuate to another room or flat.

You can tell your employer that you have been asked to vacate the room and transfer your belongings to another floor in the building.

12. You need to renew or rectify details in your passport and other IDs

What you can do is show up at the office very early as if you are going for the appointment. They will assume that you are going to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have your passport done. Be ready to present any proof that you have been there just in case.

13. Strict Health Policies

If you are employed in Food Service Company in UK, you might want to make use the chance of getting sick to get a few days off (2).

Their health regulations are very strict such that if you get sick of diarrhea; or vomited because of something, you will be need to stay off from work for three days depending on the severity of your condition.

The downside of this is you may not indispensable that you may be easily replaced. Treasure your job and don’t abuse those kinds of company policies. Also check first whether your salary may be impacted with your absence.

14. Adverse weather conditions

This is quite an understandable excuse, especially when it’s a hurricane, or a storm, or there is flooding in your area. Your family’s safety is important as well as your own. Employers may even announce the day off when the weather is too bad.

15. Your parent/parents are coming from another state and you have to fetch them from the airport.

Your filial relationship will finally pay off through this. Take some home-baked pudding or pie as a present to your boss, specially made by your mom.

Frequent excuses from work is your subconscious mind telling you that you want another job.

Assess yourself whether you are happy with what you are doing or would want a change of work.

Thank you for reading this article about excuses for missing work, and I really hope that you take action my advice.

I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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