What Are The Signs That Your Partner Is Controlling & Possibly Dangerous

In today’s article you’re going to learn everything you need to know about what are the signs that your partner is controlling and what to do about it.

Sometimes, we cannot help but to realize that we are in a relationship with someone who liked to control others. You may not realize it until you are being forced to do things just to please them. The one who likes to control in relationship is not always the man. It also can be the woman, especially if she has more power.

Here’s the 13 signs you’re in a relationship with a control freak.

Signs that your partner is controlling:

1. They check your phones often

The first thing that you can easily notice is that they often check your phones, frequently with or without your permission. It is not only annoying, but it is a form of violation of right. Control freak doesn’t want you to have privacy, and that’s why they don’t allow you to have that.

2. They cannot trust you

Control freaks don’t want to trust you since it makes them powerless. Moreover, they also will lose power if they eventually trust you, because trust is associated with weakness. Therefore, it is important to know that relationship with a control freak will rarely involve trust between each other.

3. They don’t like your friends

What they want may seem really good. They don’t want you to be involved with bad friends. However, a control freak will eventually start to limit your relationship with your friends, and even with relatives.

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4. They don’t like when you make decisions

Every time you make a decision without their consent, they are angry. It is another sign that there is no trust between you and your partner. This will cause a severe mistrust, and it may eventually leads to serious problem in relationship.

5. They always tell you what to do

It seems like everything should be under their control, and that includes everything that you should do. You should always consult before doing anything even something for yourself. When it comes to the decision for relationship, consulting is mandatory. Otherwise, they will get really angry, and you may get some punishment.

6. They accuse you

As I told you, having a relationship with a control freak involves minimal trust. That is why, it is common for them to accuse you, even when you are not doing anything. That includes accusing you lying on something. They just cannot believe in you, and anyone on that matter. Since you are the one closest to them, they will surely accuse you.

7. They have high expectation

The next thing that you should understand is that a control freak has a very high and even unrealistic expectation. You are forced to be within their standard. Otherwise, they will be disappointed, and obviously they will be mad at you. Typically, it is followed by a threat that they will leave you.

8. They are jealous

A control freak are easy to get jealous, and often times without any apparent reason. Basically, they get jealous because they can’t get the control that they want. Mostly this sign will shows from early stage of your relationship. And further, they are getting more confident in controlling you since they will know some of your weaknesses.

9. You are always bad

It is not literally that you are a bad thing to them. But in their eyes, you are just a meaningless dust speckle that can easily being replaced. In short, they think you are no better than them. They want to have control over you no matter what, and they will make you look less confident time by time.

10. They need to know everything

The needs to know everything is the source power of a control freak. Without having control over that, they feel weak and insecure. Since they want to control every aspect of your life, they will try to know all of those things by any means necessary.

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11. They want to know your password

Being a control freak is not complete without knowing everything about you, especially your weakness. That, includes having access to your email, social media, and even your phone. They want to know all of your passwords because they want to have access to all of those media. They also want to know whether you have new gadgets or not just in case you are trying to escape.

12. They don’t know the boundary

People have boundaries and they cannot be trespassed, even in relationship. For a control freak, trespassing your personal space is not a big deal. And they may do it again and again in the name of love, and without knowing it, you will eventually play along with it.

13. They try to put you on string

They have so many strategies to make you feel their love, pity, and affection. They have some sort of trump card that prevents you from running away. You should be careful when dealing with a control freak especially when planning an escape route because they have something to back them up.

Well, those are the 13 signs indicating that you’re in a relationship with a control freak. Thank you for reading this article and I really hope that you take action my advice. I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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