How To Rest Your Brain While You Work: (15 Proven Strategies)

If you’ve ever wondered how to rest your brain, this article is for you.

Many people find themselves loaded with a lot of work responsibilities, and this can get overwhelming. In order to get things done without procrastinating or getting stressed out, it is important to rejuvenate your brain while you work. Overwork will burn you out and your immune system would crash, which will lead to even less productivity.

Here are 15 ways to rejuvenate your brain even while in the midst of the daily grind:

How To Rest Your Brain While You Work:

1. Schedule a short break every 20 minutes.

A small break can keep your schedule from looking too overwhelming. Break it down with 3 to 5 minute breaks to help clear your thoughts.

2. Determine the hours when you feel you are most productive and energetic.

Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, knowing when you are at your best can help you determine what job will work for you and let you do more. This is also the time where your brain and body feel most ready to take on challenges.

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3. Invest in an ergonomic office chair.

You may not be aware that stress in your body is mainly due to discomfort. An ergonomic chair will lessen the stress and help your mind concentrate more on your work.

4. Do not make too many decisions in a day.

Making plenty of decisions on a daily basis can negatively affect your big decisions within the day (1). For instance, if you are deciding on which job offer you’ll be taking, do not think of any other decisions that you have to make before that. Set it for another day.

5. Connect with nature even in little ways.

A potted plant in the office can get your mind to relax, with its refreshingly cool color. If you can’t keep one, putting a wall decal of a tree in your office will do. Better yet, open your windows and let fresh air in.

6. Enjoy a cold treat in between breaks

Something like ice cream will refresh your mind and taste buds, keeping a balance and let you continue on with your work.

7. Surround yourself with motivation.

A picture of your family or an inspiring quote in a frame on your desk can do you wonders. Every now and then, think back on why you are working so hard and remind yourself of your goals and inspiration. This lets your brain compartmentalize and keeps it from getting too overwhelmed by the task at hand.

8. Do not go multitasking.

The mind is not actually meant for multitasking. All it can do is to very rapidly go from one task to the other. Multitasking breaks down your concentration and the result is less than your best. Give the task your full attention one at a time.

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9. Thoroughly enjoy a snack.

While eating, relish in the flavor and presentation of your meal instead of looming over work problems. It helps your brain to be more at ease even for a while, in order to not feel burned out.

10. Make use of all your 5 senses.

The brain feels more attentive when the other senses get to experience something. Refresh your eyes with colorful office supplies. You can also light scented candles and play instrumental music while you work.

11. Learn how to powernap correctly.

To become more efficient drink a cup of coffee, then take a 15 minute powernap (2). The caffeine won’t kick in until after you’ve had a bit of shuteye and you’ll wake up more energized.

12. Do stretching exercises every hour.

The brain cannot function well if the body is not healthy. Break out of the working position that you’ve been holding for a long time by stretching your arms, legs, back and neck.

13. Schedule a holiday trip.

Looking forward to a rewarding vacation motivates you and gets your brain to feel more relaxed.

14. Create a corner simply for relaxing.

Knowing that there’s a nearby sanctuary whenever you need it will really refresh your mind, even if it can be a bean bag in a cool and dark corner.

15. Play a fun mind game as a distraction.

Whenever you feel stressed out or bored from doing a monotonous task, turn to Sudoku or other simple yet entertaining mind games to rejuvenate your brain.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to rest your brain. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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