How To Live More Modestly: [11 Life-Changing Ways]

In this new article you’ll learn how to live more modestly.

Every one of us has met someone who is the complete opposite of modest – they brag about their accomplishments, constantly outdo themselves with ideas, and must have everything that is the biggest and greatest.

On the other hand, a modest person doesn’t feel compelled to brag to others, even if they have a lot to say. The good news is that being more humble is something that anyone can do.

It’s about having the right attitude and being more aware of how you express yourself and connect with people.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start; this article will guide you through some small changes you can make to start being more humble.

How To Live More Modestly:

1. Have a positive, realistic view of yourself.

Being humble begins with your perception of yourself and your position in the world. You can avoid the dangers of pride and begin to live more humbly by being aware of your own abilities and flaws.

By asking your closest friends how they see you, you can gain insight into how others see you. Ask about both the good and the negative, and make it clear to your friends that you depend on an unbiased opinion.

Acknowledge your great qualities and successes, but don’t let them pump up your ego or define your life.

2. Seek constructive criticism and suggestions.

A humble person’s humility defines themself. Accept that you don’t know everything about yourself and that you may need advice and guidance from others if you are trying to live more modestly.

Accept the possibility that you will be wrong from time to time. Remember that this is perfectly normal; no one is perfect and no one can be right all the time.

When someone criticizes you or gives you advice, don’t interrupt them. You may feel like getting defensive, but listening carefully will teach you a lot about yourself.

Don’t dismiss other people’s criticism, but don’t accept or trust everything they say. Assess your need for improvement while keeping your ego in check by asking those who know you if they have seen similar patterns of behavior.

3. Avoid making self-promotional speeches.

Personal restraint is another component of modesty. Modest people don’t brag about their money or accomplishments and don’t let them define them. This does not mean that you should hide anything about yourself; it simply means that you should not brag about anything.

If it’s relevant to the discussion, telling a new friend about something amazing you’ve done isn’t always bragging.

Repeatedly telling about your successes or reminding someone who already knows about them can be seen as bragging.

4. Accept praise without letting your ego get in the way.

Compliments should not be taken too seriously by a humble person. You should accept compliments with gratitude, but not to the point where they fuel your ego or make you believe you are better than others.

Recognize that everyone has talents and flaws, but don’t let them define you or others.

You can practice modesty by thanking someone who complimented one of your strengths and complimenting someone else on one of their strengths.

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5. Try to be selfless.

A humble person puts the needs of others before their own. This does not mean you have to suffer; it simply means being thoughtful of others and cultivating a desire to serve them in some way.

Consider whether the needs of others are being met and be kind to them.

You may discover that exalting others is ultimately more meaningful and satisfying than exalting yourself.

6. Stick to your financial plan.

Enjoying within your means is the key to living a simple lifestyle. This means forgoing luxury in favor of essentials. To live simply, you don’t have to deny yourself; just prioritize functionality and practicality over expensive status symbols.

Drive a car that is reliable, safe and enjoyable. Don’t buy a car because it’s flashy or has high prestige value.

Buy or rent a home that is solid, comfortable and located in a safe neighborhood (1). If you only need two bedrooms, don’t rent or buy a three-bedroom house.

Find out what the typical cost of real estate in your area is and try to fit within that budget (if it fits your budget).

7. Buy used or discounted items whenever possible.

Buying used or discounted items instead of paying full price is an easy way to live a more frugal lifestyle. When you are at the store, this can help you save money on necessities. When you are at the store, look for items that are on sale or discounted. You can also look for gently used items at gift stores for a fraction of the price of new items.

Items that have been gently used are often in like-new condition. Gift stores, consignment stores and pawn stores are good places to look.

Off-season clothing is often discounted at clothing retailers. They are usually available at a very low price.

Check out businesses that are closing, as they often give amazing deals to get things much cheaper.

8. Don’t worry about whether others are impressed or not.

Living a life of simplicity and modesty involves putting your principles before other people’s views. Don’t worry about whether people are impressed with you or your stuff. Instead, focus on living a satisfying and moral life.

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9. Don’t wear anything too revealing.

In many religious and cultural institutions, people are encouraged to dress modestly (2). The purpose of modest dress is to leave a positive, ethical impression on everyone we come in contact with.

In general, modest dress refers to any piece of clothing that is not sexually provocative or revealing of the body.

This may include avoiding clothing that reveals too much flesh as well as clothing that is excessively fitted.

10. When it comes to appearance, stay away from extremes.

Depending on your culture, dressing modestly can also mean avoiding extremes in general. This can include maintaining a neat and groomed appearance, following established fashion trends, and refraining from having tattoos or piercings.

A single set of simple earrings can meet both needs of someone who wants to live modestly while still having pierced ears.

11. Use language that is upbeat and encouraging.

Avoiding vulgarity and unpleasant words is what modest discourse entails. On the other hand, a modest speaker should try to be a good role model for others and make people happy.

Do not say anything that could be interpreted as a curse.

If you want to be spiritually humble, you should avoid using profane words.

Consider whether what you say will inspire and encourage people or make them feel uncomfortable or anxious.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to live more modestly. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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