How To Improve The Value Of Your Home: (10 Proven Tricks)

Want to know how to improve the value of your home? Then you’re in the right place.

“This house is SOLD!” This is probably the most sought-after sentence a home seller wants on his/her signage.

Selling a house is never easy, especially at an age when condominiums and other enticing residential places are being constructed by the minute.

Many consider settling down in a rented place as it saves them more money. Many give up the dream of having their own home.

Condominiums and rental residences are very alluring as they cater to the customers’ need for cheap dwelling.

However, it is without a doubt that there is absolutely nothing better than owning a house with all the furniture and amenities one could ever hope for.

Home sellers usually have a hard time finding the right buyers as most of them want something worth their savings. Plus, house prices today are off the roof.

People consider all the factors such as price, location, appearance and size when purchasing a home. Home sellers must always think of how they could make the houses they sell worth it for the consumers.

Given the right market with capable wealth to purchase homes, all a seller has to do is to make sure he sells the house at a price which would yield the maximum profit.

The following are the top 10 ways on how one could boost his/her home value:

How To Improve The Value Of Your Home

1. Contact a professional.

Calling for an interior designer’s services could give the seller an idea on what areas to improve and focus on.

Indeed, this might cost a bit but all their suggested improvements, even down to the smallest details such as furniture placement or paint colors, can improve the look and ambience of the place.

2. Paint!

Painting is one the most efficient ways to give a fresh look to the house. Getting the right color for the walls and furniture would pump up the attractiveness of the home.

When painting, it must be considered that neutral colors appeal more to most people.

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3. Inspect.

No home is flawless.

Therefore, hiring an inspector to check for defective areas that the owner does not normally see, such as termite infestation or weakening roofs would help save money.

Hidden problems which could negatively impact the house value (1) could be prevented and small problems would not have the chance to get bigger and more costly.

4. Improve air quality.

Poor air quality in the house would not attract buyers. This problem must be taken seriously by hiring a professional company to inspect the indoor air quality to avoid any unnecessary costs.

5. Plant.

There is nothing more appealing than a refreshing and well-constructed landscape.

Growing trees and plants in the right places would make the home much more desirable. Not only will it beautify the house, landscaping is also good for the environment.

6. Cut energy expenses.

The monthly energy bill might be considered as a fixed cost by many.

However, little do they know that there are actually local utility companies which offer energy audits of customer homes for free.

They can teach the owners how to take full advantage of the power efficiency of the house. An energy-efficient house will help cut costs which would make it more valuable and marketable in the long run.

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7. Money-saving luxury.

Homebuyers love to hear about any home feature that would save them money. Anything of this sort is considered as luxury for them.

One simple and inexpensive “luxury” is a water filtration system.

These systems purify the water; thus, cutting costs by not having to purchase bottled water from the grocery store.

8. Getting organized.

Professional organizers are available and could be asked for opinions on how to organize various rooms inside the house and give tips for keeping them organized.

A clutter-free home (2) looks bigger and cleaner, and is more striking to homebuyers and consequently, more valuable.

9. Tidy up the ceilings.

Home sellers might be too focused on the floor area that they neglect the ceiling, which makes up one-sixth of a room’s total area.

Nobody finds a cracked ceiling pleasing.

Therefore, to boost the home value, smoothing out any imperfections on the ceiling should be done by hiring a contractor.

10. Inviting entrances.

The front door and entrance are the first things to be noticed by prospective homebuyers.

The entrances serve as the “first impression” and give a clue of how the inside of the house or room looks like. A welcoming entrance will positively raise the house value.


Owning a house is one of the undying dreams of many. This is something a home seller could hold on to.

The market for houses is never near zero but as a home seller, one must always remember to keep the home value up by employing affordable but efficient improvements.

With the right marketing skills and a worthy house, the “sold” sign is definitely just around the corner!

Thank you for reading this article about how to improve the value of your home and I really hope that you take action my advice. I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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