How To Go Green At Home: [10 Eco-Friendly Tips And Tricks]

If you’re looking for some strategies on how to go green at home, then you’ll love this article.

Reuse, Recycle and Reduce are the key words that would help us to be green. The little things we do would definitely impact our carbon footprint and reduce global warming to a great extent.

The concept of going green would require practice and better understanding.

Here are 10 ideas on how to go green at home:

1. Gas Dependency

Reducing the amount of dependency we have on gasoline can be the first step to lead an eco-friendly life.

Avoid using your car or bike.

When you want to go somewhere you can walk or cycle to the place.

If you want to travel somewhere far then you can go in for public transportation’s like the bus or train where many people travel and very less fuel is consumed.

Doing some walking or cycling will benefit you also with good health.

2. Electricity Awareness

Turn off the lights when you are not using them. Most of our electricity consumption comes only from using the light bulbs so by switching it off when it is not in use can save a huge amount of electricity per day.

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3. Start having vegan meals

The consumption of meat leads to a lot of pollution so it would be better if you switch to vegetables and fruits instead of meat and chicken.

Vegetarian foods require only fewer resources and would provide you with long term health.

4. Recyclability

Make use of only recyclable products for your daily use. You can make use of recycled paper and recycle it back once you are done.

You can carry clothes bags when you go shopping for groceries instead of buying a new bag from them every time.

If you break any item, make use of it for some other purpose. Avoid throwing things away as much as you can.

5. Stop drinking bottled water

These bottled water lead to a lot of container waste so avoid using these bottles. You can use water filter to purify your tap water for your consumption (1).

You can also carry your own reusable bottle when you travel out so that you do not have the need to buy bottled water.

6. Shop Locally

Do all your shopping locally so that you do not have to waste fuel and travel just for your shopping.

When you’re shopping you can buy clothes and accessories that are eco-friendly instead of items like leather or items involving chemicals.

You can go in for cotton or silk which is totally eco-friendly.

7. Start your own garden

Start growing vegetables or fruits at your backyard so that you can go organic and also save yourself a shopping trip to the market.

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8. Be selective on products

Always buy products that are made from reusable materials. They are cheap and equally effective and you would be doing a great job reducing material needs.

9. Go Solar

The usage of electricity also can be reduced.

You can install solar panels in your house (2) which would provide you with the amount of electricity that would be required to run your house. This electricity which you receive can be used for the fans and the oven.

These solar panels have a good lifespan and would last decades. You can also buy energy saving appliance which makes use of very less electricity to save up.

10. Green your decor

When you are decorating your house, you can go in for products which are green and friendly to the environment.

When it comes to eco-friendly decoration, make sure you google up some of these stores namely; VIVATERRA, GAIAM, VIVAVI, 2MODERN, Design Public, Design Within Reach, Uncommon Goods, and GreenCulture.

So let us take our first green step and encourage everyone to join hands with us to make this earth a greener place to live.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to go green at home . I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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