How To Eliminate Stress In Your Life? Here Are a 10 Methods That Work Well

Today I’ll show you how to eliminate stress in your life. Whether you’re stressed every day or only in particular situations, you can make stress disappear once and for all.

It is up to you whether tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you will allow yourself to be under stress. This article will give you the opportunity to be calm and relaxed, even in the most nervous situations. So, how do you get rid of stress? Here are a few methods that work for me.

How To Eliminate Stress In Your Life?

1. Smile

Laughter relieves the body of tension, relaxes the whole body. Nobody is able to laugh sincerely and feel stress at the same time. Even an artificial smile causes the release of hormones responsible for well-being, so laugh as often as you can!

Before you know the rest of the ways, I just want to say that in the vast majority of cases, stress is a completely useless feeling in our lives. It makes it difficult for us to function in many situations – job interview, constant life on the run, challenges that we are afraid to face. I myself was stressed out quite often two years ago. Sweaty hands, nervous dialogue in the head, muscle tension…. I have good news – you can get rid of it all. I managed to get rid of it and now I almost don’t remember what real stress is.

I realized how much I’ve managed to reduce stress in my life, just recently. It was evening and I was driving my car through the city. Actually, I wasn’t driving because I was standing in a huge traffic jam. He was moving so slowly that I couldn’t believe it. I was also quite late. As if that wasn’t enough, someone was standing in the middle of the crossroads and I think he said that he was fine there and he wasn’t going anywhere. Normally I would be incredibly stressed. I would horn at everyone and cast curses.

I wouldn’t be able to think sober. But this time I thought to myself that whatever I did, the traffic wouldn’t disappear. I have no influence on the course of this situation. None of my annoyance, Nothing will help here, so why would I spoil my mood? Whether I’m nervous or not, I’ll be there at the same time. So I turned on my favorite music and relaxed in the chair.

The ways I described below will help you to eliminate stress in your life to the same extent:

2. Identify and eliminate stressors

Spend 10 minutes thinking about what makes you feel most stressed during the day. Write down everything you can think of. These can be people, activities, objects, etc. Anything that causes you stress. Now, looking at every stressor individually, consider whether you can eliminate it. If possible, throw it out of your life immediately. Also think about how you can prevent some situations. I have decided that I will choose routes where there are no traffic jams or leave the house early enough to always have time to meet calmly.

3. Take responsibility

If you still have some items left on the list and these are things you can’t get rid of, change your approach. First of all, take responsibility for your stress. It’s not those things that stress you out, it’s those things that stress you out! And that makes a big difference. If you feel stressed, it means you let something upset you. You are fully responsible for this.

Standing in that traffic jam, I knew that my emotional state was up to me and I decided I wouldn’t be stupid enough to stress myself with something I can’t influence anyway. So remember, if you’re stressed, you let it happen. But you can change that by taking responsibility for your emotional state.

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4. Meditate.

Meditation and relaxation exercises are definitely the best way to reduce the level of stress in your life to a minimum in the long run. Practicing such exercises three times a week will make you resistant to stress after two months. This point has helped me the most to get rid of stress in my life.

After a while, I was completely calm in the moments when everyone else was nervous. It is even scientifically proven that regular meditation or relaxation exercises after some time significantly reduce the average level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the body. Such exercises also have many other benefits, such as improved memory or better concentration.

5. Use NLP techniques

Get rid of negative thoughts. Very often we get stressed even when we are not in a typically stressful situation. It’s because we get into it by ourselves – we talk to ourselves in a nervous way, we have only black and unpleasant thoughts. Your thoughts are closely connected with your physiology and when you think about stressful things, your body gets stressed.

Your muscles start to tighten, your forehead wrinkles and cortisol is released. By changing your thinking strategy you can get rid of these negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. Your body will respond to such thoughts by relaxing and relaxing.

6. Use the Worry Buster technique

This is the method described by Brian Tracy in his book Maximum Achievement. The first thing you do is describe the situation you are worried about as clearly as possible on a piece of paper. Then you have to determine the worst possible result, the worst scenario of the stressful situation. Often the mere fact of defining this black scenario reduces the worry. The third step is to accept the worst result. Decide that if this were to happen, you would accept it.

This acceptance is the most important step! The last thing you need to do is take immediate action to avoid this worst-case scenario. Think about exactly what you can do to minimize the damage, and do it. Thanks to this technique, stress disappears as soon as he takes his hand off.

7. Clean up your environment

Whether at work or at home, clutter is always stressful. We don’t know where it is; we look for documents when we need them immediately; we lose the most important things. Even if we haven’t lost anything, just seeing a mess causes chaos in your head. So keep order. As soon as you see that your desk or cabinet requires it, put it all in place. Organize the space where you work or rest. Your mind will then be able to easily relax.

8. Sleep

Like meditation, regular naps reduce cortisol levels in the body. Stress is often caused by too little sleep. You can make up for it in a day, even 15 minutes.

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9. Work on one thing at a time

I remember I used to have a habit of doing several things at the same time. I wrote a text on a computer, in the meantime I was packing something to be sent to the post office, watching TV and talking on the phone. This habit can cause a lot of stress in your life. So always do one thing at a time. Lack of stress is just one of the advantages of this approach.

When you do one thing at a time, you will pay the most attention to it and do it faster and better. When you do several things at the same time it is not enough that it will take you a lot more time, they will be even worse quality.

10. Practise physical exercise

Absolute necessity if you’re stressed out a lot. Exercises will make you feel much, much better. Movement causes endorphins, happiness hormones, to be secreted in the brain. Besides, it makes you healthy. And diseases can also be a great source of stress, so it is worth preventing them.

Even if you are a person who is stressed out only once in a while, I strongly recommend trying the above methods. Each of them allows you to feel better and turns any nervousness into total relaxation. Being relaxed and calm in an extremely stressful situation is a great achievement and a great feeling. And most importantly, it allows you to act effectively and helps you to use all your resources. And maybe next time the test will go better for you ;)

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my article about how to eliminate stress in your life. I sincerely hope its contents have been a good help to you.

Przemkas Mosky
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