How To Deal With Bullies In Your Life: 5 Time-Tested Ways

Want to know how to deal with bullies? Then you’re in the right place. Bullying is a very difficult concern that many people can deal with on a daily basis. It’s a problem that truly hurts but it does not have to be a problem in your life.

The fact is that bullies often engage in harmful activities because they themselves are troubled. They don’t seem to understand the effects that come with their actions.

The effects that you might experience after being bullied can be especially harmful. You might feel emotionally troubled and harmed after you are bullied.

However, this does not mean that your life has to become a wreck because of bullies. You can not only learn to cope with the problems that come with bullies but you can also find ways to deal with the issues that bullies often cause in your life.

Just because you are dealing with bullies does not mean that you have to suffer from the effects of bullying. You can take care of many problems if you are aware of what you can do to manage bullies and take control of your life.

Why Do They Bully People?

Bullies are not necessarily people who harass and abuse others for fun. Rather, they are people who need help themselves. That is because they are people who have been hurt in their lives in many ways.

Problems Can Arise At Home

One great reason why bullies often act like they do is that they are people who are dealing with issues at home. In many cases their parents are being abusive to them and are not giving them the support that they need in order to be better people.

Many bullies are being led by their parents to believe that a lifestyle of being hostile is the best way to go in life. They feel that they can become successful if they take charge of everything they see by looking down on others and harming them in many ways. This is a hostile issue but it is one that many people often engage in simply as a means of trying to take advantage of others.

Of course, the behaviors that these parents can partake in will end up shaping their attitudes. If one’s parents bully others then that person will assume that there is nothing wrong with being a bully to everyone else.

A Gang Mentality is Created

One popular reason why so many bullies act like they do is because they want to go along with a gang mentality. This is because many of them are being pressured to be in particular groups. They will do anything to get into these groups even if it means acting like people that they are not really like in the least.

Some people might look to get into particular groups and will work hard to make them seem appreciated. They might try and belittle others or show their dominance over people simply to try and make themselves seem interesting. What makes this worse is that it is often easier for a person to target less-fortunate kids or those who are not socially strong or adept.

They Have No Self Esteem

Many of these bullies who harass people are ones that have no self esteem. That is, they do not feel that they are good to society and they don’t feel like they are worthwhile.

They want to find ways to make themselves better and to feel like they are not the worst people in the world. They will bully other people as a means of creating some sense of power over others, thus making it easier for them to feel great about who they are.

Social Constructs Create Issues

Society has placed values on all sorts of things over the year. For instance, people who possess intelligence, particular fashions or even specific consumer products are often looked upon as people who are really interesting.

The problem is that bullies often mock people who have such things. Bullies are people who do not fully understand the overall grasp of what makes these possessions or other things so unique or of a particular value. Therefore, they often make fun of others and bully them because they don’t truly understand what the others are really all about.

This is particularly the case with a number of people who have different views about particular personalities. This is especially with those who identify with different sexual orientations. Bullies may harass people who are gay because they simply do not understand why people are gay, for instance.

Bullies can be real problems but there are many reasons why they do this. The worst part is that it is often hard for them to stop bullying people altogether.

The worst part about this is that it is not necessarily something that people outgrow. While it is true that most people who bully others are those who are younger in age, even adults can engage in bullying.

These bullies are tough to bear with and the effects that can come from bullying can hurt your life as you will see in this next part.

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The Psychological Effects

There are several problems that can come about in anyone’s life after they are bullied. If you have been bullied in the past then the odds are very good that you might have experienced many of these common problems.

Depression Can Occur

The most common effect that you might experience as a result of bullying is depression. This comes from a bully looking down on you and treating you like you are nothing. A bully will refuse to respect you and will be hostile to the point where you might be likely to hurt yourself.

Losing Interest

You might also lose interest in some of the things that you might like. For instance, if you enjoy playing football but some people are making fun of you and bullying you because you are playing football then you might end up having less of a desire to play football in the future.

This lack of interest comes from how you might feel like you are not necessarily worth much to other people. You might think that you are not worth much because you are simply different from others. This might even cause you to want to try and live your life differently.

Changes in Living Patterns

You might experience some real changes in the patterns that you exhibit in your daily life. These often entail changes in your sleeping or eating habits because you feel depressed from so many people who are bullying you.

Fearful of Things

You might become afraid to get into some new activities or experiences. You could possibly feel that you are not welcome in some spaces.

This can result in many panic disorders. These are where you might get in real trouble during a particular scenario because you are afraid of what you might do in some kind of situation.

Suicidal Thoughts

Finally, many people can develop suicidal thoughts if they are bullied. This is because they will begin to feel over time that they are worthless and that they are better off dead.

This is not always the case for all people but it can develop over time based on many factors like your economic and work-based status, your living situation and your relationships with other people. Still, it is a very serious problem that can harm your life and everyone else involved with it.

If you have ever experienced any of these problems that come with being bullied then you should not feel down. Just because you are constantly being bullied does not mean that it is the end of the world. As you’ll see in the next section, there are many ways how you can get bullying to become less of a threat in your daily life.

How to Deal With Bullies

The first and foremost consideration for taking care of bullies is to understand how you can deal with bullies that can often get in the way of your life. There are several ideas that are worth exploring in order to help you make the most out of your life and to get away from the bullies that are being a burden to you.

1. Understand the Type of Bully

You have to start by considering the type of bully that you are putting up with. This can include all kinds of bullies like ones that are aggressive and demand physical items from you or ones that might verbally abuse you. This is to help you figure out where they are often likely to be found and how they might engage in communications with you.

2. Look for Ways to Avoid Bullies

If you understand the type of bully that you are bearing with then it should be easier for you to avoid the bully over time. In particular, you need to avoid the places where a bully may be found or go to places where bullies are found with friends. If you can show that you are resilient and are willing to go to certain places with someone else then you might have an easier time showing bullies that you are not someone who is to be mistreated or abused.

You can also avoid bullies online by making sure you block certain people who get onto your online accounts and harass you. It is often easy to be bullied online but if you use proper programs on different social media or email accounts to block the names and addresses of known bullies then you should have an easier time with fixing your problem. The process for blocking these bullies will vary by each program.

3. Do Not Respond

Many bullies will act upon others because they know that the people they bully are visibly emotional.

They are people who become clearly upset from all the bullying that they are being forced into.

You need to show an iron will and make sure that you do not respond to any bullying threats or issues that you might be bearing with. If you can show that you are far ahead of these people then you should show that you are clearly a better person to be around.

If you do try to respond to a bully then you might put yourself in more trouble than what you can afford to be in. A bully may end up getting a greater sense of motivation to act like what one has been in the past.

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4. Find Ways to Ignore the Bully

If you can visibly show that you are ignoring bullies then those bullies may begin to see that their words and actions are doing nothing to you. Sometimes taking deep breaths or noticing other things in
a space can help you to ease your mind.

5. Talk With Someone With Authority

You should talk with another person who is at a position of authority about whatever is going on between you and a bully. This is so the behaviors of a bully are reported upon.

This might sound like a cowardly solution to some but the fact is that it is often the best way to go. The problem with so many bullies as mentioned earlier is that there are many emotional reasons as to why these people do bully so many others. If a bully is consulted about these issues then it should be easier for the bully to stop engaging in such hostile acts and to actually receive help for all of the problems that one is bearing with.

Coping With the Effects of Bullying

The effects of bullying do not have to go on for long if you use some helpful tips for keeping your life under control. These may help you to take care of the emotional effects of bullying.

Talk With Friends

Sometimes it is best to get along with friends in your life in order to take care of the effects of bullying. Talking with friends is great in that you can air out your issues and problems in your life in a manner that is productive and will not be harmful to your life in general.

If you talk with others then you will see that you are indeed loved and that there is no reason for you to change your life because of what some random bullies are telling you. True friends are people who understand your needs.
Discover Different Activities to Participate In

If you can find some fun activities to get into then you might find that your life will be more enjoyable. Consider activities that are easy to participate in and are reflective of what you like to do. If you find new things to do in your life then you’ll feel that you have more skills or that you are a multi-faceted person who can’t be easily put down by the things that bullies say.

Avoid Being Alone

Being with groups of people always helps because you know that you are not alone. You may get the support of others in a space that you’re in if you have a group of people who is there to have your back.

Understand Your Fears

It is not uncommon for many fears to develop as a result of feeling depressed or harassed by others. People who are fearful and upset with their lives tend to allow bullies to just walk over them and harass them for quite a while longer.

Take a look at your fears and see if they are really all that rational. Sometimes these fears might have come about as a result of bullying.

It may particularly help to talk with professionals like psychiatrists to see what the deal with your fears might be. Sometimes these fears might come as a result of other thoughts in your life or simply because you over-analyze certain things far too much.

Keep Your Mind At Ease

The last tip will be to relax your mind and to focus less on the emotional pains that come with bullying and more on the positives that you might experience in your daily life. Focus less on what the bullies say and think more about the great parts of your life.

Talk with friends and family members or think more about what you like. Consider future events that you will be getting into or the positives that will come about when you go through your daily life without any hindrances. You should have an easier life if you keep yourself at ease without stressing yourself out from all the pressures that come with bullying.


No matter what you do when taking care of the bullying problems in your life, you need to know that you are a person who is well above the problems that bullies might create. If you keep your life under control then you will find over time that you can do anything.

Just be sure when living your life that you understand the signs of bullying and that you use the right measures for controlling yourself. It is often hard to stop bullies and in many cases those bullies aren’t people who are in positive situations that can keep them from bullying. Keeping a positive mindset and controlling your attitude towards bullies is often the best thing for you to do in order to keep the threat of bullies from being worse than it has to be.

Thank you for reading this article about how to deal with bullies and I really hope that you take action my advice. I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you.

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