How To Promote Your Business To Attract New Clients: 9 Steps

Today you’re going to learn how to promote your business to attract new clients. 

It is very important to promote your brand to attract new customers if you own a business.

Focus on some basic tactics that will help you spread the word about your business.

How To Promote Your Business To Attract New Clients:

1. Develop a logo.

Your aim is to achieve widespread market awareness, as this will give prestige to your business and encourage people to spread the word about it.

Put your logo on stationery, business cards, email signatures, brochures, posters, websites and merchandising materials to reinforce your branding.

2. Build your network of contacts.

Meeting experts from other similar companies is a good way to learn about your competition, ask for references, create mutually beneficial relationships in complementary sectors and spread the word about your company to a community of like-minded individuals.

Make the following contacts with other professionals:

Attend networking group meetings. You can find networking communities and associations on the Internet, in newsletters and trade magazines.

At meetings, try to meet new people. Explain what your company does, what makes you different in the marketplace and what you are looking for in a business partner.

Ask pertinent questions during social debates. You can learn a lot at networking events, not just promote your business.

Asking open-ended questions often encourages others to join the dialogue and prepares you for further presentations.

Hand out your business cards to as many people as possible. Set up private meetings with people who have shown interest in learning more about your company.

3. Place an ad.

Consider the following methods of promoting your business:

Design Signage. Shop signage, billboards, marquee screens and street banners are all options.

Create print. Advertise in magazines, newsletters, discount guides, trade journals and business websites with digital advertising.

Choose print media that is right for your business. If you sell machinery, you’ll want to advertise in technology magazines.

Advertisements are key. TV and radio ads are powerful means to reach a large audience, but they are often relatively expensive types of advertising.

Advertise everywhere. You need to distribute advertising material at fairs, shop windows, car parks and other densely populated places.

Nightclubs and entertainment centres, for example, employ street teams to distribute posters or flyers and attract potential buyers.

Direct mail is a form of marketing that involves sending letters to interested people. It is worth buying mailing lists tailored to your target audience and then sending out emails, brochures, catalogues or postcards.

If you choose to offer potential buyers paper certificates, discounts, business cards or promotional goods, this approach works well.

Engage a company that specialises in public relations (PR). You should hire a public relations agency that will attract community attention through news articles and press releases.


Setting up a company website, engaging on industry forums, hosting a podcast, creating profiles on social media platforms, using pay-per-click and banner advertising, posting company data on business databases and using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are all examples of ways to promote your business online.

Online marketing can support any business, regardless of scale or scope, and many online marketing mediums are free to use.

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4. Make strategic alliances with other companies.

As a result, you grow your business on the growth tails of another company. Business partnerships can be a really good way for a company to succeed.

When an organisation is not yet established, it is difficult to establish a business relationship with an established company.

Companies are aware of the benefits (or lack thereof) you provide them and will demand something in return or simply refuse to do business with you.

6. Harness the reach of social media.

Since most social media work is done for free by dedicated followers, social networking has become the modern advertising medium.

You can hire someone to advertise your business or you can build a network of Facebook fans who will advertise for you for little or no cost through whisper marketing.

So, what would it be?

Use viral marketing campaigns to your advantage. Dollar Shave Club (1) made a lot of money just by having a (funny, entertaining and relatable) video clip.

It quickly gained popularity on social media, with over a million subscribers and fans on Facebook and Instagram.

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7. Give away free goodies.

Hand out promotional items bearing your company name and/or logo to everyone you meet at networking conventions, trade shows, client meetings and even personal social gatherings.

Pens, magnets and calendars are good merchandising ideas because they like to be used and seen for a long time.

8. Create partnerships with your customers.

Customers are people, not numbers, so it’s important to pay attention to them and try to establish meaningful relationships with them.

For example, when you send Christmas cards every year (2), not only do you gain consumer loyalty, but you also encourage them to tell their friends about your company.

9. Encourage consumers to share their positive experiences with your company.

There is no more important medium than people telling their families or friends about your goods or the quality of your work.

If your customers are completely satisfied, you can encourage them to say a few kind words about your product to their loved ones.

It is important to remember that customers cannot do this immediately, and that a small request to recommend your business will go a long way.

Go ahead and boldly ask for more business.

Thank you for reading this article about how to promote your business to attract new clients and I really hope that you take action my advice.

I wish you good luck and I hope its contents have been a good help to you. +