What To Talk About With a Girl You Like: Perfect Topics That Work


In today’s article you’re going to learn everything you need to know about what to talk about with a girl you like.

Speech is silver and silence is gold? It is difficult for men planning a date with a dream girl to agree with it. Although those in love for the murder say that they feel great silently in the company of their beloved person and are not embarrassed at all, those going to the first meeting with the girl are panicky afraid of awkward silence.

The question “What to talk to a girl on a date?” is the least problematic for people who share a common passion, be it in the field of culture, sport or entertainment. Then there is no shortage of topics to talk about – and they even appear by themselves and pass from one to the other smoothly. But what to talk about with a girl on a date, when you have talked well so far – through a dating portal or among friends – but you do not have a common passion?

What To Talk About With a Girl You Like:

Men always start talking to the girl on a neutral ground. They ask questions about school or work, family, education. These are general, safe topics, which can be a so called prelude to conversation and give a good impression – although it is not captivating and surprising. To make it interesting to talk to a girl on a date, it’s not only worth talking about your passions and asking about her. Then one side always has the impression that the other side is bubbling, even if it’s not really there. What to talk to the girl so that both sides are equally involved in the conversation?

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Current events

Nobody tells you to peroute about politics at once and enter into controversial topics that could be different and alienate you on your first date. There are many safe and general topics. Ask the girl if she has heard about the latest loud events. If she tells you that she hasn’t followed the latest news, tell her about what interests you – in such a way as to persuade her to express her opinion even though she wasn’t up to date with the headlines on the web.


Maybe you made an appointment in a place with which you have some associations, which you could boast about or which will make a girl laugh? If not, remember if there is no interesting event in your life associated with the area you will be in. From here, a step away from sharing childhood memories and joking about yourself – by the way, you’ll explore how far the girl has a distance to herself if she’s willing to tell a story.

Find a common point

The common point does not have to be a common passion, which each of you is interested in for several years and can talk about it for hours. The common points between you can be trivial – it can even be your passion for a particular dish, and from here you can talk about world cuisines, strange dishes, interesting restaurants and those related to exotic travel food.

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Browse the men’s forum

Men’s forums are not only typically male topics, i.e. topics on which most women are unable to talk. What to talk about with a girl on a date is a typically male problem. In the men’s forum it is worth looking for answers to this question, mainly because you will find there examples from life.

Those that have worked effectively and those that are better avoided, because it may turn out that e.g. a girl who seems to be very open and unrestricted also has a taboo subject…. which you accidentally hit. But talking to a girl is not only an art of attracting attention, but also a slalom – between dangerous and irritating issues for women.