8 Surprising Other Uses Of Deodorant Besides The Obvious One


If you’ve ever wondered, what are some other uses of deodorant, this article is for you.

The antiperspirant is associated with daily care of the armpits, which helps keep the skin dry and free from sweat. In most cases, human sweat does not smell until it comes into contact with bacteria that develop in warm and humid places. The underarms are one of the warmest places on the surface of the body, and the sweat glands deliberately give off sweat to cool the hot spots. Few people know that the deodorant can be boldly used in other places on our body to prevent excessive sweating. Comfortable form of antiperspirant (stick, gel, cream or spray) allows you to apply it in any place chosen by us. So what can we use a deodorant for?

8 Surprising Other Uses Of Deodorant

1. Sticky hands

There is nothing worse and more embarrassing than sweaty hands, which we have to give the other person to greet. If you are stressed to give someone a hand, and the situation requires it, use a deodorant before putting out the home and rub it in your hands. The deodorant will stop sweating and remove moisture.

2. Shoes that are wiping

Newly bought shoes have this in mind that after the first application they leave behind a painful mark – abrasion, which, when walking for a long time, transforms into a bladder. No matter if they are leather or plastic shoes, the first walk always ends the same way. If you want to avoid persistent abrasions, you can easily use a deodorant that you easily beat your feet. After a day, the deodorant can easily be washed with soap and shower gel.

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3. Irritation

The use of deodorant for skin irritation, especially during the summer is a brilliant patent. If you feel that red dots are beginning to appear on your feet, use the antiperspirant as soon as possible. It will help to ease the burning and avoid even more irritation. Irritation can be particularly embarrassing in the summer on the beach, so use deodorant as a remedy.

4. It prevents the glasses from slipping

Using a bit of deodorant stick prevents the glasses from slipping off during hot and sunny days. All you need to do is apply a bit of deodorant on the back of your nose, wait a moment to get it soaked and ready. Remember never to use a spray deodorant close to your eyes, because we can accidentally sneak into your eyes.

5. Reduces the amount of perspiration

Any woman with large breasts certainly has this problem – on hot days under the bust a sweat appears that effectively hampers women’s lives. This sweat leads to the development of bacteria that can cause skin irritation. Deodorant will help to eliminate unpleasant feelings and prevent irritation. All you need to do is use a small amount of antiperspirant gel or stick and coat the area under the bust, in particular where the whalebone contacts.

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6. It helps to avoid abrasions

Short shorts or a skirt on a hot day is the perfect moment to get red pimples on your body from rubbing your thighs on yourself. If you want to avoid this, you must use a deodorant to prevent abrasions. A rash that develops on the inside of the thighs can be very painful, especially if you walk a lot.

7. It eliminates sweating feet

After bathing or showering, it is advisable to apply deodorant to the feet, especially around the toes. If we put a deodorant in the evening, before going to sleep, at night our feet will absorb it and all day we will have dry feet, free from odor.

8. Jump into skinny

Many women like to wear skinny pants. These are the ones that have a tapered leg and perfectly fit into our figure. Unfortunately, in the summer walking in tight trousers is a bit uncomfortable, because it’s hard to dress up tight trousers with damp legs. The problem also occurs when on a hot day we have to spend the whole day in long pants. The use of deodorant will prevent the material sticking to the skin.