10 Best Conversation Starters (For Easy and Epic Conversation)


Many people cannot find the best way to get started in talking to a stranger. For example, a mom out there stands next to a beautiful lady and he likes to get her attention but he is afraid that he may utter wrong words and drive her away. Well, there are different ways of approaching a person and none of these are wrong or right, just some of them work better in various situations while others don’t.

Here is a list of the leading ten good conversation starters that you could use and find the one that best suit your personality and then go out and use them:

Top 10 Best Conversation Starters

1. Tease Them

Teasing somebody playfully is a good way of showing that you are a confident person who likes how to have fun and a good time with others. Particularly inside the club or bar, when you could joke around then tease somebody it will really make you stand out from others they’ve been having the old things you say such as “where are you from?” or “what do you do?” So let’s say you were in the bar and then a lady wearing boots stand near you for a drink. You can say “Hi, you’ve got a nice pair of boots, were you able to found a parking space near here for your horse?” She may find it funny and from that, you’ve got her attention. You can continue until you are able to get her phone number.

2. Direct

Perhaps, you are spending a night with your friends inside the bar when a good-looking stud walked in and everyone is staring at him. While there are some other prettier girls other than you, take the chance to move to him and get his attention. Say something hot like introducing yourself as the hottest lady he’ll meet for tonight and ask him what he can do to get you impressed. In this form of a conversation starter, you have to make it straight to the point and be fully confident with your every move. That will be truly attractive.

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3. Introduce Yourself

As simple as that, you can just go on and start introducing yourself in a casual way. Do your best to impress the person but when he or she responds with just a smile, you are off & running.

4. Comment on the Surroundings

Wherever you’re at, there’s always something going on you that you could comment on to begin a conversation. When you are on the bar, you can talk about the cocktail you screwed and ask what it is. When you are at the bookstore and you notice that everyone is browsing something that you have read, you can say something like, “That book is definitely a great one and I read that a few weeks have passed.”

5. Ask Their Suggestions and Advice

Ask for their advice and it is a great one to use for sex or something else since people want to feel that their opinion really matters and they’re being listened to. When you are in the restaurant or bar you could ask them. “Where else will be good to hang out tonight?” Being playful and cheeky is good.

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6. Compliment

When you approach and then compliment someone new, you’re implicitly declaring that you’re interested in them. When you are confident to walk up and say that you love their intelligence of style or you simply noticed how they stand out from the crowd, you would go further to making a strong and good first impression on the person.

7. Eye Contact

Not each icebreaker that you use needs to become verbal and making eye contact with somebody is an excellent way of gauging their interest before going and talking to them. Ensure that you don’t stare at them although no one wants to become gawked at. Maintain their eye contact for seconds and smile if they look back to you. Just make sure that you do not maintain eye contact with somebody unless you like to look creepy. After 3 mutual glances, you’ve been given the permission to come close and start a conversation with them, so what are you looking for?

8. Dancing

When you’re in the loud nightclub, it is usually hard to hear anybody talking so dancing will be a much better alternative when you know how. It is no secret that ladies go weak at their knees for the man who knows how to moving his hips so when you have any rudimentary rhythm, stand up and go to the dance floor & strut your thing. Dance for some songs and recommend going to the pub for the drink wherein you could talk somewhere quieter.

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9. Observation

Noticing something regarding the person which shows a similarity between the 2 of you is a good conversation starter. Perhaps, you were walking down the road and you saw a gorgeous young lady ahead of you. Then you might be thinking of what you should say to come close and approach her at the time you noticed she has a magazine insider her bag from the same university where you studied before. So through paying attention, everything you have to say was “Hi, you are a student from ___________, right?” Pretend that you are a normal guy and continue talking to her for some minutes until you are good enough to ask her to talk with a cup of coffee.

10. Come up with a Strategy of Your Own

At times, the greatest thing to say when trying to approach someone is to say the very first thing that will pop in your head. For many times, a person looks into herself from saying what she really likes to say for the reason that she’s worried about how it would be received. The reality is that more negative reactions she envisages exist just within her head. Most of the time, a person is actually happy when someone comes up and speak to him or her. Even that gorgeously looking man you cannot take your eyes off is willing to meeting somebody new so allow your imagination loose then come up with a natural conversation starter on your own.