8 Things Not To Share With Your Boyfriend No Matter How Close You Are


If you’ve ever wondered what are some things not to share with your boyfriend: this article is for you.

When it comes to relationships, you do not always know where the limits of sharing and truth are. Whether we like it or not, being with someone in a relationship does not have “mine”, “yours” – in a relationship is “shared”. In the same way with honesty – a successful relationship should be based on it. But not completely. Things such as food, cosmetics, DVDs or books are common, but there are also some things that should not be said. I do not believe that even a very honest partner will tell everything to the other partner. There is always something in the head, a few things that we should never share with anyone. Read on and discover what you can not share with your boyfriend.

Things Not To Share With Your Boyfriend:

1. Secrets of your body.

It’s obvious that the partner knows when you have a period or see how you are going through the stomach flu, but since he can not help you and feels helpless, he assumes that he will not interfere and unnecessarily annoy you. When it comes to diabetes, asthma or other serious illness, the partner is one of the first to know about it. Not only that he knew, but that he would be aware that if you were, for example, fainted, he would be able to help you, or give your doctor information about the disease. However, do not reveal intimate problems to the partner unless they threaten his health because he will be discouraged and will feel disgusted.

2. Your girlish secrets.

It’s amazing what secrets are men’s secrets. Most women use men to talk, so they’re even closer. We give them a lot of trust, just like us. We say that they will not tell anyone, because who they are supposed to say if they do not make friends with the friend we are talking about. You do not even realize how difficult it is for a guy to listen to all the gossip or news when the only thing he wants to do is rest after a long day in work.

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3. Toothbrush.

A toothbrush is something other than a kiss or a drink from the same cup, though your saliva also mixes. But we live in a civilized world and personal hygiene is at a slightly higher level than 200 years ago. A toothbrush costs a few pounds, so do not get sour – buy your own or buy it to your partner!

4. Password.

Both the e-mail password as well as from Twitter or Facebook, even for the spouse should be unknown. By giving your partner a password to your online accounts, even if you do nothing wrong (you do not have sex, do not date on your side), you condemn yourself that he will check you sooner or later. The day will come when you will argue, or will have doubts about your sincerity and truthfulness, so check what is happening in your messages. It is sick!! You can not do that. The relationship is based on trust and the same applies to you, so you should not bump into such ideas at all.

5. Aversion to mother-in-law.

Not every mother-in-law is friendly and it is not possible to get into each other even if the husband wants it. Some can not agree, others can not stand the wisdom of their parents-in-law. But that does not mean that we have to show it to the partner, because he may feel threatened or forced to choose between you and his parents, which would worsen your relationships and your in-laws with your son. If the problem with parents-in-law is too serious to ignore, it should be presented gently to the husband. If he sees it in his own way, give him some time, and meanwhile, play the tongue to not say malicious things and keep cool.

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6. Uncertainty.

If you think your thighs are in favor thick , too curly, and teeth too crooked, try not to talk about it nonstop. A man is not interested in such things. If she’s with a partner, it’s not to worry about her appearancebody . Boys do not like to listen about unnecessary kilograms, cellulite, stretch marks or pimples. You can always have a lot of little and beloved body, but believe that you care about the boy, not your body. You always have to be a princess, the most beautiful – even if you have acne, crooked nose, small mouth, crooked teeth, you would be bald or fat. And if the boy does not accept it, it means he’s the wrong partner for you.

7. Your past.

Although you have never lied or concealed your past from your boyfriend, do not tell him how many times a day you slept, love or kiss with your previous boyfriend. In general, talking with a boy about his former is sick. You should not move this topic at all, even if the previous boy was terrible and hurt you terribly. Guys just should not know about such things at all.

8. Underwear.

It is often so dense that a man sleeps with you and in the morning it turns out that he must go to work or for bread rolls, and he does not have clean socks or shirts. You want, you do not want to give him your socks. However, never do it again, even if the partner has feet cared for.

You can have an open and honest relationship with a human being, but you have to take care of it all and think about what you are doing. In time, you’ll admit that it’s not good for a very friendly relationship. Be careful that the boy does not run away from you because of the information you give him. Because it is about better and not worse. Think about what you want to say before you do!