12 Strange, According To Women, Men’s Behavior


Meeting a new guy can be exciting and bring lots of adventures and benefits.The beginning of the relationship brings new and sometimes weird challenges.Men in the presence of a girl who likes them can behave really weird. Here is a list of 12 strange behaviors of men.However, girls remember that their intentions are good.

Strange Men’s Bahavior

1. Solicitation

When you like a boy, but he does not know how to get your attention, he starts to get you hurt and suddenly appears in every place you would not go to. Unfortunately, it is frightening, especially when you are in a crowded club, for example, and he is able to find you anyway. Sometimes it can be cute, but sometimes it’s annoying and weird because anyone would like to be constantly followed. So dear boy, dare to say “hello” at least.

2. Talking about another girl

Okay, we already know that you had another girl because you obviously can not stop talking about her. Your obsession with her is bothersome, so if you miss her so much, try to go back to her. And no, wait, maybe she was also terrified by your strange behavior. Sometimes it is better not to say anything and to deal with the previous parting in order to be able to meet another girl.

3. Stroking a girl’s face

In any other case caresses such as holding hands, stroking your wife’s cheek, or long hours of looking into each other’s eyes are charming and make you have butterflies in your stomach. However, if this behavior comes from someone you have just met and only talk to him, it is already frightening. You may think that stroking her face, you seem to love her, but you are funny and some may think that you are in a hurry. Remember that for the first few dates or longer you should keep your hands with you until the girl starts sending you signals that she is ready for it.

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4. You look like my ex.

No, no, no. Even if the girl you meet with looks the same as your ex, do not tell her about it, and also tell your friends not to. No girl wants to listen to this type of compliments, because it may look as if you have not dealt with the previous parting and wanted to meet a girl who reminds you of her former. One more advice for the future: make sure you do not have any photos of your former girlfriend in a prominent place.

5. Touching her neck with surprise

For unknown reasons, some guys like to catch a girl by the neck and start massaging her. There are many reasons why this is not welcome, but the main ones are:
-We are not dogs that have excessskin on the neck and pulling after her is not pleasant, and sometimes it is even painful.
-We did not ask for a pseudo-massage, and you are not a specialist in this field.
We know that you are trying to be nice, but in this case we say “no”.

6. Looking good from the distance

We know that you are looking because we liked you and are considering the risk of approaching us. Unfortunately, before it is considered charming, it is first considered strange and frightening. When you are caught, you look down, but when you are still looking, you do not know whether to consider it as a sign of self-confidence or more as an uncomfortable situation in which a freak looks at you?

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7. Too many compliments

You have reached the stage of the first date, so you can relax a bit and stop sprinkling us with so many compliments. Of course, they are flattering and nice, but over time they become annoying. If you always compliment a girl and do not try to talk to her, you can easily conclude that you are more interested in staring at her different parts of the body than getting to know her.

8. Question about sexual experiences

With how many guys you were? What is your favourite position? Are you good at the foreplay? These are just some of the strange questions that some men ask on the first date. Besides, the fact that you’re already thinking about sex is irritating, and the expression of your face is even more disturbing when you ask these questions. Keep them for a moment when you’re in a relationship with the girl.

9. Writing text messages and pretending that they were sent by accident

Have you ever received an SMS from a boy who you like and after writing you received a message saying that this SMS was not yours? We are not stupid, delayed or ignorant, not to realize that the whole situation was set up and apparently you have too much free time. Inventing something like that is perceived as manipulation and cunning, and since you have so much time to sit and think of ways to manipulate the girl, she will think that she is dealing with a madman.

10. Bumping into it too many times

The situation when you appear in a place where you know there will be a girl who you like is not pleasant. Especially when it’s a place like a cafe you never went to, a gym where you suddenly have a pass or even your own home.

11. Get to know her too early with your parents

A woman should write a book in which there will be 10 things that a boy should not do, meeting a girl he just met. One of the things that would be in the top 5 would be not to invite her to meet your parents after the first few dates, because it does not make us feel special. It is also not a way of telling her how much you like her and she is not interested in her, that you think it will be great to get along with yoursmom or sister. In this way, you put us in an uncomfortable situation and it seems to us that you are in a hurry.

12. Adding it to friends on any social networking site.

Such a situation is considered online stalking. If you’ve just met a girl and invited her to Facebook friends, that’s good, but if you’ve done it also on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and all other portals, we have a problem. Let’s be clear, you were not on a single date with her and you did not really have a real conversation with her. By behaving in this way, you close your way to a potential relationship.