Is Your Marriage In Trouble? 7 Subtle Signs Of Divorce


If you want to know what are some signs of divorce, you’ll love this article.

For most divorces, one party is very surprised to see the divorce papers submitted by the other. And all because we rarely pay attention to the symptoms that show that marriage is getting worse. It is worth knowing a few warning signs that will tell us “Divorce on the horizon!”. Thanks to this, you can still save your marriage. And if not, you’ll make a decision about the divorce together. There will no longer be the element of surprise that is mentioned at the beginning.

7 Subtle Signs Of Divorce:

1. You have the impression that you have nothing to do with

you. You spend hours under a shared roof, but you are “together, but still separate”. You routinely do housework using half-words. You are beginning to long for the old times, when you could have many hours of discussions on important subjects. Now all that is left is silence, sometimes interrupted by questions or commands such as: “Did you take out the garbage?”, “Buy butter”.

2. According to your partner, you do not do anything right.

Your husband can criticize you at every opportunity. And regardless of whether he is right or not. He does it also with your friends and family. You feel “extinguished” and intimidated. His company, instead of giving you self-confidence, makes it go out of you like a balloon.

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3. You find out about many things lately.

In happy marriages, it is natural to share each, whether joyful or sad, with your spouse first. And it was like that until recently. Unfortunately, some time ago you noticed that you are finding out about the problems and successes of your other half.

4. Changing the appearance

It is known that after many years of living together we will not always look like on a first date. If, however, your husband has completely stopped taking care of himself, it means that he completely ceased to care about what you think about him.

5. You’re trying to overcome the problems with entertainment.

Let’s be honest. It may be that you are well aware of the problems, but you hide your head in the sand and sweep it under the carpet. You are afraid to face them and admit to yourself that your marriage is in a serious crisis. Instead, you’re running into a virtual, television or book world. Know that nothing good will come of it.

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6. You constantly argue about the same

Quarrels are needed from time to time. But after reconciliation, it should result from them finding a solution to the problem together and, as a result, reaching a compromise. However, if you are constantly arguing about the same issues and nothing else stems from this, divorce, or at best, separation is just a matter of time.

7. Intimacy is a thing of the past.

The lack of intimate close-ups is one of the first symptoms that marriage is not happening best. A physical bond is as important as an emotional bond. If one runs out, the other one will also start limping. Your husband avoids sex, and perhaps you also feel less and less willing? Know that something is happening.