5 Signs Of a Toxic Relationship That You Might Be Causing


This new article will show you everything you need to know about signs of toxic relationship.

One hundred percent of you will find yourself in a toxic relationship…. The subject of toxic relationship is difficult, because we usually have problems recognizing them, and when we recognize a toxic relationship, we don’t know how to deal with it. That’s why today, you’ll get an answer to it.

What is toxic relationship?

I distinguish 5 main features of the toxic relationship between a man and a woman. Some relate to the early stage of the relationship, others will occur when you are with each other a little longer. You have probably already met some of the symptoms, some of them will only be given to you – regardless of the situation you are in, I am glad that you are in this place, because in a few moments you will learn how to prevent the disease, instead of acting like everyone else and worry about it only when you fall ill.

These five signs of a toxic relationship are: Jealousy, Pessimism, Continuous monitorin, Lack of willingness to develop, Comparison with others, Jealousy. Sometimes it happens that you constantly hear how bad you are. That one took a picture with you, that one hunted your post on the faience, and another one invited you to a party. It just can’t be like that! Do you betray me? Or maybe you just don’t like it? Otherwise all these lafirinds wouldn’t stick to you!

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Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little. However, I did it deliberately to show you the essence of the problem. Jealousy is quite an interesting phenomenon, because although it is one of the biggest factors destroying the relationship between men and women, from time to time I meet with the opinion that it is important in the relationship. Really?

If someone likes relationships full of slander, negative emotions and lack of trust, envy may be necessary and good for their relationship. I believe that you want to build a conscious, happy relationship, so I tell you now – If you are a victim of unpleasant phrases thrown in your direction as in the example above, this is irrefutable proof that you are in a relationship with a person with low self-esteem, who is afraid of panic, that he will lose you. In addition to personal attacks, you may also be subject to a lighter but equally unpleasant version of jealousy or malicious comments: And what, he probably picked you up again? Just be careful not to meet a boy at this party.

Such comments can naturally have a humorous subtext and can bring some fun into your relationship (which is positive, of course), so the most important thing is how they are uttered and with what frequency. If you hear it regularly and you think that the comment was clearly supposed to go to your heels, you already know that it is not good.

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Signs Of a Toxic Relationship:

Jealousy is quite a long topic, about which I wrote a separate article on my blog, but the most important information comes down to the fact that being in a relationship with a person with a pathologically envious person will sooner or later lead you to a bad mental or emotional state. So it’s worth considering whether you really want to endure it.


It is not worth doing so. It is not there either. What? Do you train a sport? No sense. Aaa, because you want to develop your passion. But what for? After all, it’s so stupid. A conflict arises when your partner does not accept what you are doing. The fact that you train a sport or have a hobby to which you regularly devote yourself. If you notice that you are trying to dissuade you from realizing your plans, dreams, goals or anything you care about, a red lamp should light up.

Of course, if you don’t devote any time to it, he has the right to do so. Rather, I’m talking about a situation where she shakes her nose on everything you do outside of your relationship.

You may notice an early symptom of widely understood pessimism at your first meeting with this person. See how he speaks about his work, relationships with his loved ones or about his life and plans. If she reacts negatively to your positive energy, it may mean that she is a terrible waste and it will be really hard to build an interesting relationship with such a person. Remember, however, that everyone can have a worse day, so suggest not to judge the issue of any person’s pessimism after just one conversation.

If you are currently in a relationship, observe the following phenomenon – If after absolutely every meeting with your other half you feel pumped out, tired and overwhelmed, then obviously something is wrong. Think if everything is okay.

Continuous control

If each time you go out to meet friends, you get a brawl about going somewhere with your friends or you get 10 phone calls a day about what you are currently doing, think seriously about the future of your relationship.

When someone worries about you all the time, it’s pretty sweet at first, but then it becomes tiring. As you enter into a longer relationship, make sure you know exactly what the other person is in a social context. She doesn’t have to be the queen of every party, but if she wants to meet only with you and always have you with her, there is a problem that will bring bad fruit if you ignore it. There is nothing wrong with focusing on your relationship and only later on other acquaintances, but if the relationship is your partner’s whole life, it will probably not allow you to have your own life.

I can guarantee you that if you devote yourself completely to your relationship without developing your own life in parallel, your relationship will sooner or later collapse. Continuous control is partly related to the envy of the person, but also to his or her willingness to dominate – check how your partner treats his or her loved ones and you, so that by chance it does not turn out that he or she must always be the way he or she wants and does not compromise at all.

Lack of willingness to develop

This symptom mainly affects couples with a longer life expectancy. In the beginning everything is sensational – in bed only miracles, you both invest in the relationship and try. But in every relationship there comes a critical moment when monotony and routine creep in. If your partner answers that you are always meeting in the same place, on the same day and at the same time and at the same horror, you are always doing the same, then I do not tell you a happy future. If you like this style, change something before your partner changes you. Introducing a small breath of fresh air in the form of a date in a previously unknown place can work wonders.

Comparing yourself to others

Have you heard? Michael bought Juilet 13 roses for women’s day. But of her happiness. And Juliet recently told me that her boyfriend took her to a tent by the lake. Oh, they have life. Comparing oneself to others is in one case positive – when it serves your development. If there have been no fireworks between you for a long time, maybe it is really worth to watch your friends take care of the lack of routine in their relations.

Worse, if this comparison is obsessive – Everyone is fine, not me with my teddy bear. In addition, such action causes negative thoughts, because your partner begins to think that you are not happy with him, which can drive him into complexes.

I have recognized a toxic relationship. What now?

There are always two options. Either you are working on your relationship or you are parting. There is a third one that I strongly encourage you to do – you work on your relationship, but it also requires the involvement of your partner.

Each situation requires an individual approach. I usually recommend that you try to solve the problem first, only then you part. However, apart from this decision, there is one factor in the life of your relationship on which a lot depends. If you do this, your relationship will sooner or later disintegrate.

Sweeping problems under the carpet

If you see the first signs that you are in a toxic relationship, talk to your partner and tell them about your feelings. The tragic thing is that we often count on the other side to guess what we mean by what is fatal. Nobody is a clairvoyant, and yet we, as people, often apply the ‘Think About’ principle in relations with our loved ones, which is catastrophic in effect.

Yes, when you don’t talk about your feelings or problems, your partner will usually try to interpret what’s on your head, but there’s a very good chance that she’ll draw wrong conclusions, which in turn leads to conflict. It is not easy to see the first signs of a toxic relationship, because they will often be very subtle, and it is even more difficult to talk about them, but this is an absolute necessity.

If the first symptoms are ignored, they will start to build up and at some point it will all explode, and then it will be difficult to save your relationship. However, I recommend that you always start with a frank conversation when no one interferes with you.


There are 5 main features of the toxic compound. It’s up to you what you do with them, but I guarantee you – pretending that nothing happens is not a good solution.

They are:

– Jealousy, which shows low self-esteem
– Pessimism that destroys you gradually but regularly
– Continuous control by your partner, which in extreme cases will turn your life into a nightmare if you don’t do anything about it
– Lack of willingness to develop, which will make it impossible to build a longer relationship in a way that satisfies your needs.
– Comparing oneself to others, which in most cases causes only complexes and despair.

A lot of that. Luckily, there is very little chance that all these problems will occur at once in your relationship. But it can become unpleasant if you are not aware of them. Of course, it’s not about living in a constant relationship.