8 Best Natural Aphrodisiacs For Men To Increase Desire


If you’ve ever wondered what are some natural aphrodisiacs for men, this article is for you.

Well, each of us tried different things to spice up his sex life. I’m not talking about Viagra or animals here. I’m talking about aphrodisiacs. What are aphrodisiacs? These can be medicines, medications, fragrances, food, herbs or drinks that can increase sex drive. Before I write the most-known aphrodisiacs after which you will feel like having sex for many hours, take into account that aphrodisiacs are not a cure for erectile problems. You may not believe in the power of aphrodisiacs, but why do you think so many people believe them for a long time? Remember that everything is in the head and the brain is the most important sexual organ. All aphrodisiacs – food, fragrances or drinks are supposed to work on your brain and not on something else. So here’s a list of the best aphrodisiacs:

8 Best Natural Aphrodisiacs For Men:

1. Spices

Chilli, curry and all the spicy spices you sweat over. This is probably due to the fact that after eating a spicy food your body behaves like after sex – the heart beats faster, the body is well supplied with blood and sweat.

2. Oysters

I do not think it surprised you, did you? We all know that oysters have long been valued as a natural aphrodisiac. Why? It may be because of the oyster’s nutritional properties. Oysters have many vitamins and minerals (including zinc). Eating them we are healthier by what we have more energy for love. So start eating oysters from today and wait for you to light your desire.

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3. Wasabi (Japanese horseradish)

Many people think that sushi itself is an aphrodisiac, but I will reveal a secret to you. Well, wasabi (Chinese horseradish) which is an inseparable component of sushi is what we need for the ignition of our bodies. So next time you go for sushi, ask for more wasabi.

4. Caviar

True, roe contains a large amount of vitamins. It is rich in phosphorus, nourishes and strengthens nerve cells (also those found in the intimate sphere). You can strengthen the properties of caviar by eating it with a small amount of chilled vodka.

5. Ginseng

Ginseng in China is called ginseng which means “root man” in translation. Ginseng has a mild stimulant effect, such as caffeine.

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6. Yohimbine

Made from the bark of an African tree, yohimbine stimulates the nerve centers in the spine that control the erection.

7. Cantharides

You have heard about it for sure, but do you know what it is? It is a green African beetle, which is dried and transferred to powder. The Spanish fly is probably one of the most dangerous aphrodisiacs on the market. Sexual arousal results from irritation of the urinary system and genital organs. It can cause painful erections. It’s best to stay away from the Spanish fly.

8. Fragrances

Vanilla – Because of its sweet, pleasant scent, it has a euphoric effect and can be used to stimulate the body. Consumption of vanilla eliminates sexual weakness and improves the central nervous system. Her scent sexually stimulates both men and women. Add a few drops of vanilla essence to the bath and set sensual music and invite your partner to the bathtub.

Patchouli – It is believed that the smell of patchouli stimulates sexual energy. If you want to try her power to buy incense sticks with a patchouli scent, light them and turn on romantic music.

Musk – Musk has an odor similar to the smell of male pheromones.