8 Common Myths About Relationships You Need To Stop Believing


In today’s article you’re going to learn about common myths about relationships.

“What is the most important thing in relations between women and men/priming/seduction/building relationships? Sometimes I get a similar question about relationships between women and men. Most often I smile widely then, because there is no single magic element that will ensure your success in relations with all of you every time. However,

To meet expectations, today’s article will be a real fire. It is better to prepare a bucket of cold water so that you can extinguish it quickly before the fire spreads. Relations between men and women is an area full of myths and facts, as everywhere. However, in my opinion, believing in myths in this context can cause you much more problems than in other issues.

That’s why I’ve prepared for you the 8 most dangerous myths in male and female relationships that you probably believe in. Reflection on each of the myths given by me is highly advisable.

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What you will learn today I consider to be the absolute basis from which you should start, exploring the field of female-male relationships. I consider this article to be the most important one that has appeared on my blog over the last year. So let’s start:

Common Myths About Relationships:

Myth #1 Without fame and money you won’t get to know an attractive girl

Have you ever wondered what you really believe in? What do you need to meet a wonderful woman? Fast car, fame or maybe a lot of money? My many years of experience shows that none of the above. Not only that. The experience of the people I’ve learned from (and I’m still doing so) in the field of male-women’s relations shows exactly the same (and a large part of them could be your fathers or grandparents). Moreover, there are iron arguments for this (not to mention the practice).

First of all, women value resources in men. This is a fact, and it has been scientifically proven many times, so I will not dwell on it now. (If you are interested in this topic, I encourage you to read the book by two Australian scientists Allan and Barbara Pease “Why men want sex and women need love”). What are resources? Exactly what you have, both physically and immaterially. Money, fame, social status, your personality, ambitions, etc.
The whole problem lies in one small detail, through which the whole world crawls.

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For women, an attractive guy is one who is self-confident, determined, concrete, ambitious, has a sense of humour, looks impeccable and I could name him endlessly, I listed a few of his features to give you an example. Now focus even more and read carefully: Which people have such character traits? Usually famous people, such as actors or politicians or people with a lot of money, such as businessmen. The whole problem is that when an average man looks at a famous and/or rich person (one with another does not always go hand in hand) in the company of beautiful, attractive ladies, he screams:

I would also have one if I had as much money as he does! I would also have one if I were as famous as he is! Meanwhile, there is a very small detail. Their richness/ fame is a consequence of their character traits. In fact, it can be said to be a side-effect

Watch the interview with Johnny Deep and tell me that he has no sense of humour.
See Donald Trump’s speech and tell me that he is not self-confident Read the biography of any famous athlete and tell me that he is not ambitious and determined. Do you see a scheme? What the characters I have given and many others have achieved in life is due to a certain set of character traits that is attractive to women. It also happens that this set of characteristics also generates resources. Of course, no one looks at the reason why the rich/famous have just become such, they judge only hastily on the basis of what they will notice once or twice.

You already understand why the first myth is actually a myth? Attractive women attract, above all, the personality of a given man. Money and fame, of course, help in this, but I guarantee you – they won’t do all the work for you. Finally, start to develop attractive qualities instead of constantly whining that without money and fame you can’t do anything.

Myth #2 There are easy and difficult women

There is a metaphor that we talked about at school when I was still a small kid: “If one key fits many locks, it is regarded as universal, which is its great advantage. However, if many keys fit into one lock, it does not perform its function and you just need to replace it.

I don’t think there is a person who wouldn’t agree with me that such a belief has become established in our society (however, if found, write your point of view in the commentary): A man who had many sexual partners in his life – Perceived among guys for an alpha male, by women usually for at least attractive. A woman who had many sexual partners in her life – ************

Insert any word under the stars. You know what. And there are plenty of terms, as you know yourself You can now tell me that this is not a myth, because some women simply go to bed more often than others.

All right, that’s exactly how it is. But does this define it as “easy” or “difficult”? Or in other words, should it be defined as “easy” or “difficult”? In my opinion not. Because by behaving in such a clear way, you let your environment understand that you divide women into easy and difficult ones. What makes women want the same thing as men later, but they can’t want it, because there will be social patches. And then I, as well as many other trainers, get questions: “Why is it so difficult? “How to overcome her resistance? “Why is it so inaccessible?

What to do with it? There is an answer to all the questions. You don’t have to overcome her resistance at all, because if she is aware of her sexuality and is self-confident, this resistance will only arise if you let her know that you divide women into easy and difficult ones. Then she will adapt to you and play inaccessible, exactly the way you wanted.

So, I hope that as a guy you already know that what you have been doing so far is simply pointless. If you want, divide women further into easy and difficult. Don’t be surprised later, however, that she is closed to your touch or any other more specific actions

With regard to your guidance on this aspect, the following points should be made
If you are playing with an unavailable force, it can be detected. Let me say more, this is one of the biggest foot shots you can make yourself. I regularly talk to guys who are considered attractive by their surroundings and the situation is always the same – if a woman does not emanate femininity and does not spread a magical, feminine aura around herself, nor does she seduce a little and is always at them, then the first date is always the last one. As long as this date comes to an end.

Myth #3 The look of a man is most important for women

Women are often surprised when they hear or read about it, because the vast majority of them do not think that appearance is the most important thing. Nevertheless, men like to make life difficult and tell themselves that without a good appearance they don’t skin anything, so they don’t even try to do it. Beginners in the forums are convinced that all their failures come from a poor appearance. As far as physical appearance is concerned, two issues are very important, which I know from experience are not always precise enough

Physical appearance is important, but not the most important. The whole drawback is that if you have an interesting personality and you are ugly, the chance to build an interesting relationship with a woman is 100x higher than if you were handsome and did not have attractive, masculine character traits. I encourage you to take care of your physical appearance and this will never change, but the real problem for men is that they want to change what is impossible to change. You can start dressing more stylishly, but you can’t change the appearance of your face or build up your muscular silhouettes in one month, so keep working to make it better, but accept what you look like now. It’s definitely a better solution than the constant wailing that attractive girls are not interested in you because of their appearance. There is the following principle in this respect:

“It is very easy for men to give up their women’s character standards in favour of their appearance. It’s easy for women to give up their male standards of appearance in favour of man’s character and personality.

Therefore, if you have been defeated in male-female relationships for a long time, let’s think that it doesn’t necessarily have to be your appearance, or maybe your skills or character, which you constantly need to work on.

Myth #4 Attractiveness is just a physical appearance

Relations between women and men is a subject in which it is impossible to mention attractiveness. When I listen or read some opinions about attractiveness, I have an impression that they would write down attractiveness with the following equation: Physical appearance + physical appearance = attractiveness Sometimes you can add a physical appearance to this. The essence of the matter lies in one small detail: We don’t consciously decide who we like, and often we don’t even know what exactly we like about a person.

As a result, when a woman meets a great guy, she often says that she has “something” (which leads the guys to white fever), and men, contrary to appearances, do not always choose a partner that is physically attractive. Why is this happening? The issue of subconsciousness and non-verbal communication, which is often forgotten by many people who say that attractiveness is only physical appearance.

Similar thinking can cause damage. I have considered in my life cases of physically attractive people (both sexes) and although they really want to, they cannot find the other half. Why?

Hmmm…. I distinguish three types of attractiveness. I even wrote an ebook on this subject, where I give exercises to develop each of them, both for men and women. You can write to me and receive a free ebook about the attraction.

Myth #5 Learning a rise/relation is for immature persons/impairmen

People are divided into different types. Some want to learn and know everything, so they absorb what seems useful. They will always support you and pat you on your back if you invest in your development, no matter which field you are in.

Others will nod that it is worthwhile to learn, although they do not do anything about it by themselves. The group is a little bigger than the first one, but it’s harmless, because they’ll pass by indifferently to what you’re doing. The third group is by far the largest, but at the same time my favourite. “Learning the lift? It’s also some jokes! After all, it doesn’t work! “Hehe, it’s good for youngsters. I’m mature and I don’t need something like that”. “It’s impossible to learn how to have relationships, women and men are different planets, they’ll never understand each other, so why try?

These texts are, of course, paraphrases of what I’ve heard in my life, sometimes customers tell me similar stories and we laugh together. Despite the fact that many people are unaware and don’t see any sense in learning about relationships, I understand this phenomenon very well. Relationships between men and women are, I don’t hide, a difficult subject.

Because when you don’t learn about it, you are like everyone else. An average partner, an average relationship, average success in relations with the opposite sex. You think it has to be like this for the rest of your life and you accept it, while moaning your friends at the beer (or your friends at the pyjama party), that you are perfect, and the other person is always guilty.

Is it worth doing so? In my opinion not, but I show you the grey reality of our country. You can, however, take a different path and finally start to learn in order to be happy in life. I met a lot of sneakers (of both sexes) who thought it wasn’t for them, because of course they already know everything. Hmmm…. I’ve been exploring the subject of male and female relationships for 6 years now and some time ago I achieved what I intended when I took my first steps in this world, but still I can’t (and probably I will never be able to say) that I know everything and I don’t have to learn any more.

That’s why I’ll always say that you really need to have eggs to learn about relationships. Because if you do it and you speak openly about it, you reveal yourself in a certain way and give a chance for someone to laugh at you. The question is only what is more important? The fact that you won’t have any problems in relations throughout your life, or the opinion of some unconscious person, who immediately after laughing at you, will return to his everyday life, in which he can’t find a man, with whom he would finally create something beautiful or further pisses off, because nothing goes according to his thoughts in contacts with others.

Relations between men and women, i.e., among others, the art of raising or building conscious relationships, is a skill that everyone should learn. Everyone also has different needs, which is why it is enough to read a few articles to one person and another will devote his or her whole life to it. On the other hand, I do not know of a person who would go down the road “From Zero to Hero” in relations between men and women, and would be disappointed for this reason. Life becomes really more beautiful when you know that it is you who decides about your attractiveness and who you are in a relationship with (Instead of accepting mediocrity).

Myth #6 The relationship between men and women is to enter into a relationship, then it is a success.

There is another issue that amuses me (unfortunately, it’s laughing through tears), when I get the information that someone doesn’t learn about relationships because they are in a relationship. “How do I learn when I’ve already achieved the ultimate success? I made this mistake at the beginning of my relationship, so now I warn everyone about it.

I started to learn about relationships and soon afterwards I was able to get into a relationship with a great girl. I didn’t believe in my own happiness, it was like jumping from a parachute without a plane. Of course, a few weeks after I entered the relationship, I continued to explore my knowledge, and then I rested on my laurels and stopped.

I thought then that I had already achieved my success, I’m good enough because I’m connected with a great woman, so now only wonderful years of milk and honey are waiting for me, without any problems. I was wrong

I simply made a fatal mistake. When I stopped learning about relationships, I had no idea how to solve crisis moments in my relationship, which simply resulted in parting. I learned a lot then and from that moment I wanted to know more about relationships, everything that is possible, so as not to be disappointed later on.

In our country there is a false conviction that the relationship is the final moment of the development of relations. You start a relationship with a new person, you meet on dates, you exchange news, when you see each of you devotes himself 100% to spending a nice time and make a good impression, then the relationship begins and…. The game is over! Yes, I won, I’m in a relationship, I don’t have to try anymore. As my case shows, this approach will have disastrous consequences, but just as with every issue I write about on this blog – if you don’t believe it, check it out for yourself.

Many people think that being in a relationship is a reason to consider oneself an expert in relationships, advising others, and often exalting oneself over singles. This is a mistaken way of thinking that only leads to conflicts.

What is it really like? Every relationship must be nurtured. Without exception. It doesn’t matter if you are 3 weeks or 3 years with each other, entering into a relationship means only the beginning, it’s only here that the real driving without a stick starts, not the end, as most people believe. Male and female relationships are a game that never ends. It’s not the case that you kill on the last opponent’s map and win. In order to win, you have to keep trying.

If you’re going to build a relationship that will last a large part of your life and at the same time will be satisfying for both sides, you have to learn how to take care of your relationship and nurture it. You can start with the most common mistake in relationships, which is breaking the balance of feelings, i.e. the lack of mutual involvement in the relationship.

Myth #7 Self-confidence is innate and cannot be learned.

Self-confidence is the foundation of a relationship. Everyone wants to be self-confident, and those who don’t want it simply don’t know yet that they want (or that it will give them everything they want). Self-confidence can be learned, no one is born self-confident.
Self-confidence is a skill that you will learn all your life. The earlier you start, the better
Self-confidence is a key issue when it comes to the area of male and female relationships. You can have a lot of money, fame and appearance of Adonis. If you’re not sure, the person with whom you’ll build a relationship will never really be interested in you and what you have.

Myth #8 People who create long-term relationships between men and women are always happy in their relationships

Looking at the title of this myth, apparently everything seems to be in order. Someone gets into a relationship with the person they have fallen in love with, and then falls in love with, so they must be happy. Looking at the matter logically, everything would agree, and the above phrase would not be a myth.

Unfortunately, relationships between men and women are often non-intuitive. If everyone were only in a relationship with a person who really loves, there wouldn’t even be this topic. Today, however, a large part of the society is in relationships for three reasons:

Does not want to be alone. He is with just anyone for the duration of finding someone better. She is not happy in a relationship, but prefers to live a boring life rather than change it. The text that I very often hear from men (a little less often than ladies that seem to be more aware, but this is not the rule), is as follows.

“Listen, in general this person is sensational and ideal in every respect, but he is in a relationship. And that’s it. We forgive each other, because why should we try to continue to do so?

Before haters eat me – there are a lot of singles in the world today and there is really no problem finding someone for myself, I always strongly encourage you to do it, because this is really the easiest way to do it. However, when I hear that if a person is in a relationship, it means that they are not looking for someone else, I immediately explain what the truth is. That is, each of us looks around for someone else. But when I talk about the uplift of busy people, I say one thing:

I don’t encourage or even advise against breaking happy relationships! If you see that a couple is happy with each other, go further and find a single. Or at least a person who is not happy in their relationship.

It often happens that the relationship is not happy. Maybe you even had a situation where it was the person in the relationship who picked you up. Looking at the whole thing logically, it looks irrational – why be in a relationship if you don’t want to be in it, right? This is because people in a relationship are perceived as better in society, in addition to the aforementioned fear of loneliness and a few other factors.

However, we will not deceive biology – each of us subconsciously looks for a partner who will be better than everyone else, even if we are in a relationship. This is a built-in mechanism, which we can of course have influence on and oppose, but it is worth knowing that something like this exists.

At first glance you can see if a person is happy in their relationship or not. Okay, it’s not always that simple, so maybe for the second. There are some rules for picking up busy people (and whether it’s worth doing it at all, it’s good to get to know them.

And that’s all?

I have presented to you today the 8 most dangerous myths about male and female relationships. I knew that one day I would write such an article and I would be happy to add another 8 myths, but I focused only on the most important ones, so that you can gain as much knowledge as possible in a short time. The best thing to do is to analyze the myth you have believed in so far.

Today, as never before, I encourage you to share this article. Take care of your friends and show them that relationships between men and women and myths about them are extremely dangerous. You should get to know them as soon as possible in order to defend yourself against them. Otherwise, it may threaten unsatisfactory relationships.