What Are The Most Stressful Jobs In The World? List 10 Professions


If you’ve ever wondered, most stressful jobs in the world”, this article is for you.

It’s not the secret that some professions are more stressful than others. Below is a list of works that are considered by many to be the most stressful. We chose them based on the risks and related ones; dangers, requirements, the degree of control that a given person has over the work performed, the responsibility and the number of hours to be worked. Your profession may not be on the list,but We encourage you to check how many of these factors you can find in your work.

Most Stressful Jobs In The World

1. Employees of company management boards.

Executives must deal with employees, other board members and the public. They are also assessed on the basis of quarterly revenues, so when the economic situation worsens, the ground begins to burn under their feet. Their position in the company then becomes uncertain. For this long hours and weekends filled with making friends, networking and frequent trips, which unfortunately is synonymous with being away from family and friends.

2. The stationing soldiers

Being on the front in readiness to fight and coping with the stress faced by military personnel is definitely not for everyone. All physical and psychological requirements related to; exercise, service, danger and the possibility of relocation, in addition to the difficulty of returning to a normal life and being away from the family only increases the level of stress. Higher military men are also responsible for the lives of their soldiers, so making decisions is not easy.

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3. High school teachers

In this work we are also exposed to physical danger, but this is not the main source of stress. Teachers must control the behavior of students, motivate them to make themselves willing to develop and prepare for classes. It happens that they have to motivate students even to come to the lessons. Everyone thinks that the teachers have a light, they leave work at 3:30. In fact, it looks completely different. They have to prepare lessons, tests for evaluation and reports to be forwarded. Schools have their own policy regarding the assessment and implementation of material, teachers have to deal with requirements, complaints, and often also lack of parental involvement. On the other hand, very low pay in relation to their dedication has a demotivating effect, which may cause them a sense of professional burnout.

4. Journalists and reporters

Probably the biggest factor of stress in people in this industry is the constant unconsciousness of what will be required of them, as well as the relative lack of control over the subject of reportage. They can often expect overtime, work over the weekend, struggle with short deadlines and pressure to get everything out the first time. Recently, more stressors have emerged: the press is no longer popular (people prefer to read news on the Internet), which results in the closing of newspapers or magazines. It’s hard to find a job, let alone maintain it.

5. Doctors trainees

The transition period between graduating and becoming a doctor can be very stressful. A huge amount of work is associated with the lack of enough sleep. Doctors also have a huge responsibility. That is enough to meet troublesome and demanding patients. All the time they have to deal with the constant flow of information to acquire. The level of stress is also affected by the fact that interns are constantly checked. Stress can be even worse when the doctor works many kilometers from his family home.

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6. Miners.

Work underground is certainly very stressful. The idea of ​​going deep into the earth, where there is little air, light, and in addition a constant fear of collapse of the mine makes for many people is not a dream job. Apart from the danger of death or imprisonment, being in such a place definitely increases the level of stress. There is also a health hazard due to many years of inhalation of contaminated air.

7. Pilots and flight controllers

Pilots, of course, are responsible for the lives of their passengers. Together with the crew, they also spend a lot of time outside the home they miss. On the other hand, flight controllers are responsible for assisting in the planting of the aircraft. Thus, they are exposed to enormous stress and thus their profession can be considered the most stressful of all.

Both pilots and controllers are responsible for thousands of lives. The requirements in these competitions are huge because people want to reach their destination on time and there is no room for mistakes. They work insystem shifting, with unstable graphics, also on holidays, which unfortunately can hinder their family life.

8. Policemen and firemen

Police officers are responsible for the safety of society, their colleagues and their own. Firemen, in turn, often risk their own lives. Both competitions are physically exhausting. Hours of work are irregular, and the service itself may be long, especially for firefighters. The nature of work can also affect family life.

9. Waiters

Work in a shift system, where time often passes slower than it seems. Low pay, shift work, juggling orders, continuous walking, professional insecurity resulting from the ease of mistakes that may lead to their release. In addition, the awareness that their profession is not considered by many to be decent. It all makes the work of the waiter really stressful.

10. Taxi drivers

Danger, unfriendly working hours, and low pay are some of the factors contributing to stress in this job. Passengers can be uncomfortable, traffic jams, and most of the time drivers only sit in cars waiting to be reported.