Why Is Internal Motivation Important In Achieving Success


Want to know why is internal motivation important in achieving success? Then you’re in the right place.

Our greatest fear is not that we are weak. Our greatest fear is a force that can not come with relief. It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us. By considering yourself worthless, you do not act in favor of the world.

By considering yourself worthless, you do not act in favor of the world. There is nothing in the light, generous attitude of belittling yourself, just to let others feel threatened in your presence. We were born to show the glory of God who is in us. She is in everyone! When we allow our own light to shine, we involuntarily allow other people to do the same. When we free ourselves from our fear, our presence automatically releases others! This is a very motivating part of the speech, coming from one of the heroes of the film “Coach”.

Why is internal motivation important in achieving success?

Restrictive patterns

Many of us are afraid to go beyond the behavior pattern typical of people who live contrary to each other. Who do not overcome their weaknesses on a daily basis. Who have achieved a safe, material and psychological status quo and do not see any sense in further development.

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However, as they say magical things happen outside the comfort zone , and safety is apparent because, as Mark Zuckerberg says: the biggest risk is not taking any risks . This is the path of passive, cowardly people who after some time are very sorry that they lived in such a way.

Someone said: to light the other, I have to burn. “To inspire others, we must behave inspiring. To encourage others to act, we should act. In the words of Gandhi: Be the change you wish to see in the world .

We want to” burn “

Some of us are afraid to And not enough for this, not everyone is looking at someone else’s success as if the conqueror was a cheat, a thief, a lucky man etc. Many people see an exclusive car motivating to action. “I will also have one.” because the enemy of success is passivity and transferring responsibility to someone else or to some external factors such as the mentioned happiness.

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Inspiring others is like a double success. Being aware of the fact that we are someone’s example adds a lot of positive energy and encourages even harder work. People like Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney and many others are inspiration and sometimes the reason why some of us start to fight for ourselves and our dreams. Inspired by the great personalities mentioned above, we become immortal and, importantly, we do not have to have enormous achievements to encourage others to act with their attitude. Sometimes even a small success, e.g. “I lost weight in 4kg!” gives “green light” to others. It happens that it is a lever moved in the right moment, in the machine of other people’s changes.  Each of us needs such doping, which is why we are talking about our successes to others.

Haters in strength

Unfortunately, there are often also hatchers who envy us and want to diminish our success. I have seen many times how much evil can be done by such people. If we are dealing with a sensitive person who doubts about herself, she will believe in all critical opinions and think that it is not suitable for a given thing.

The power of words

If we want to burn, we need faith in ourselves and what we do. Words have enormous power, especially those spoken at the right moment. We can motivate someone with a simple “you can do it, believe in you” or discourage you with “it’s not for you, forgive yourself”.

Forgotten ideas

It is terrifying and very sad for me, how many interesting, ingenious ideas have died with their creators. Maybe nobody believed in them, maybe someone constantly demotivized them until they gave up? Cemeteries are a cluster of unwritten bestsellers, unpublished public genius inventions, unfinished, innovative ideas.

Everything depends on us

Let’s focus on ourselves. If you are wondering how it could shine out of you, know that everything depends on you. I think that each of us has a talent that should develop in itself. Athletes are constantly training to improve their results, travelers are venturing into inaccessible and sometimes dangerous places on earth to be where there was nobody yet or there were few. Writers write widely read books so that their popularity will not decrease. Etc etc etc.

Runner – a hero The story of Roger Bannister, who was the first to run a mile below four minutes, is well-known. Roger inspired other people. What seemed impossible before was gaining more and more people. Many of us would like to be such Roger Bannister in their fields. It is a kind of responsibility that additionally motivates. We like to share successes with others. The achievement of which we only know us is of lesser importance to us.

God has a plan for everyone

I think God has a plan for everyone. Unfortunately, it is not enough to be aware of this and wait for something to happen. Discipline, hard work, courage, faith in success and yourself. These are the main factors of success. We will not achieve much without them. On the one hand, I do not understand, on the other hand, I like the fact that to achieve something, we need hard work. If it were different, everyone could succeed without much effort. In this way, no one would have achieved it. Success would be something ordinary, easily accessible to everyone, so it would cease to be a success. God has solved this curiously. He allowed everyone to shine, but as we know, a rather smaller percentage of humanity pushes up (I mean such successes and achievements). Still, the most depends on us. So what is the obstacle for others? There are many, however, most are closed in what we have influence on. This is a way of thinking about yourself, others and your dreams, beliefs (are not these “I can not do anything”, “I’m good for nothing”, etc.) , opinions of others, life experience and correct or incorrect conclusions drawn from it, ambitions and courage. It seems a lot? Yes, but when we have it, we do not think about it. I think that the most important thing here is the way of thinking. Henry Ford said that if you think you can do it or you can not do it, you’re right in both cases .

At the end,

you can make our inner flame like an Olympic flame, which passed from hand to hand does not go out and motivates and inspires people. Let us not be afraid of success and let us praise him where he is going. Who knows who and what are we going to inspire?