The 7 Amazing Tips On How To Write a Short Story


Wondering how to write a short story?

You do not know where to start? If you need to write a story on your language lessons or just want to write a story for a newspaper or for a different purpose, here are some tips on where to start and how to formulate your thoughts to make them understandable to the reader or listener.

How To Write a Short Story?

1. If you want to write a short story, choosing the right topic is a key element.

You need to know in which subject you feel best. If you love fairy tales and stories about children, you should best write stories for children. If you are a teenager or just know well the problems, dilemmas and adventures that young people experience, you should write about them. However, if you think that a lot is happening in your life and it is worth to pour it on paper, write about your own adventures, feelings, dreams and thoughts. This is a very good idea, because the most interesting stories are those that reflect real stories and situations, and even characters.

2. If you already know what topics are the most interesting to you and reflect your writing skills, then you should think about narrowing the topic of the story.

For example, you can describe the story of a girl who is trying her strength on the music scene or write a story about a group of children who went on vacation. The most important thing is that what you describe is included in an interesting, captivating and unpredictable story. Sometimes even small details (such as the introduction of a new character) can improve your story.

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3. Once you have defined the subject of your work, circle the general plan of your story on a piece of paper.

That is, include in it who will be the hero of your story, what will be his fate, whom he will deal with. Try to write in general, so that when you write you do not stick to the fixed frame, but if necessary, she could add something new to story, which at the time came to your mind.

4. Then, one by one, perform the description of story.

Start with the introduction. Remember that it should be interesting and not too long, so that it does not get boring at the very beginning. Include in it some intriguing facts, or an interesting description of the figure, so that it would arouse controversy and encourage further reading. Do not, however, discover all the pages of story.

5. The next stages of your story should relate to a hero’s experiences, short descriptions.

To spice up the story, add dialogues to it, or exclamatory sentences or individual rhetorical questions. However, you have to be careful that these types of returns are not too much. It is important that the text is written in simple language, understandable to many people and easily digestible.

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6. The ending should be surprising.

It can not be too predictable, because the reader or the listener may, in the middle of its duration, opt out of reading further, knowing the fate of the hero. The ending should not be too long, but rather be based on presenting the most important information.

7. Also, remember to check the punctuation and spelling errors several times.

If you are not sure if there is an error in the text, you can give it to someone else to check.