7 Best Tips On How To Write a Good News Article


Today you’re going to learn how to write a good news article.

If you are interested in journalism and media, you can write articles successfully. If you are an inquisitive person, full of energy, wanting to meet people and new places, you should become a citizen journalist. A civic journalist is one who does not have to have editorial experience, but he carefully observes his place of residence and as an observer writes articles to the editor. And you can stay with him. Here are some tips on how to write a good article.

How To Write a Good News Article?

Tip #1

If you want to become a citizen journalist and contribute to the development of information flow in our mass media, you should first and foremost watch your place of residence, or other places you visit. If you are systematic in your actions, you will easily notice disturbing changes or situations that happen around you every day. All you have to do is take an observer’s posture.

Tip #2

The next step is to buy a camera or a mobile phone with the function of taking pictures or shooting movies. If you already have one, you should always have it with you. Thanks to this, if you unexpectedly witness an event, accident or other situation that may interest a wider group of people, you can easily use the camera or phone, take a picture or make a movie. Remember that with such eye-catching evidence, your article and your information will be more reliable and expressive to the recipient of the message. With this type of journalism you have to do on CNN, where viewers of the program become journalists and at the same time the creators of the program by sending their films and information.

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Tip #3

The journalist should be objective. However, this principle does not apply to citizen journalism because it is a subjective perception of the world by a mere observer of a given situation. So you can express your own opinions (this is advisable). It can also express emotions through various means of expression, which is the use of an appropriate emotionally vocabulary or exclamation.

Tip #4

Events that you plan to describe, comment on, should be as up-to-date and not relevant to past events (unless they are related to the present). Try to observe the phenomenon and people as closely as possible and describe them in the most detail.

Tip #5

Do not use unintelligible phrases. Only if the sentences you build are simple, uncomplicated, clear and at the same time professional, your article will find interest among the largest number of people.

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Tip #6

If you observe a situation worth describing, try to transfer your thoughts to paper as soon as possible, so that you do not forget about details that may be extremely important.

Tip #7

If you do not know how to write, what vocabulary to use, observe other civic journalists and their style of expression. You can model yourself on others, but do not forget to keep your own, individual style that will make you stand out.