How To Win a Girl Back After a Breakup? A Method That Actually Work


Today you’re going to learn how to win a girl back after breakup.

Maybe you created a successful relationship that became a dream come true. Everything has become so beautiful, wonderful, amazing. The flame of passion ignited your hearts and you could not live without yourself. Suddenly… one day, unexpectedly, she said: “it’s over” “And you had so many plans for the future!

How To Win a Girl Back After a Breakup?

You can talk for a long time about the end of this relationship, because it is true that she didn’t decide to break up today, at the moment she just had to plan to part for some time. It rarely happens that a girl ends her relationship day by day without any reason. This problem must have arisen a long time ago. Frankly speaking, when a girl loves you she won’t want to lose you. She won’t say “the end” overnight. Sometimes it simply seems to us that she loves me, but when she loves, then she will endure everything! However, I am not going to dwell on ideology here.

If she has decided to part with you, remember that the fault never lies on one side. And when the word “end” is used, it should be respected. Most guys forget that he is a guy and try to change something by force, behaving like a proverb: “faggot”. He asks, begs, falls on his knees… It’s not possible. None of the most logical arguments will influence a woman’s decision. You will ask why? Because a man has logic, he thinks with one hemisphere of his brain. A woman, on the other hand, uses both hemispheres to think and can only be influenced by emotions. A woman thinks with emotions! And here is the cause of the disintegration of many relationships, because routine, everyday life has crept into life. This wonderful, attractive guy ceased to be a challenge. It’s not enough to pick up a woman to spend the rest of her life with her, you still have to maintain this relationship.

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Now comes the moment when you are wondering what next? The thought comes to mind to regain it, because you can’t live without it. As she left, she took a part of you. It is difficult to come to terms with the fact that she has left, that she is not there. You can’t fill the void that surrounds you like a buckle of bitterness. When you open your eyes every day, you look for it with your eyes and find that it is not there.

A thought appears in your head: “I have to recover it”. So how do you act so that your ex returns to you? What wouldn’t be the reason for your parting, or to try to reactivate the relationship, the answer is one: “you will recover your ex only without trying to recover it”. Crying, wailing and worrying you will not achieve anything. If you start to follow her, you will only annoy her friends about her, and at the same time you will show how much you care about her, what you will postpone the time of your return to yourself, because she will know that you are at every nodding of your finger. “A woman is the weakest when she loves, and the strongest when she is loved. (Erich Osterfield) – the woman will not come back to you just because you love her – unless only out of compassion, but what is the relationship?

Perhaps your woman has lost confidence in you and in order to regain her you have to rebuild her self-confidence. Each case is individual and no one in the world will tell you how to act. You can seek advice in astrology, but astrology is too general for you to find the right solution. The simplest methods that we don’t take into account are the most effective. You can’t force anyone to love you. She does various things, throws herself out of the circle of friends on web portals, deletes your number, destroys photos. And she doesn’t do it out of hatred, just because she would still remember about you at every step. Each picture resembles her moments spent together, and entering the social networking site will also be tempted to see your picture. She is also experiencing your parting, even if she left you for another, you can believe me that she will constantly compare you and then every mistake will be your victory.

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What should you do when your ex makes you angry walking in the company of another guy in the places where you are, knowing that your meeting will take place? If you do anything then you lose. In that case you have two choices: – show complete indifference and (which is difficult) say that you are happy that she found someone so quickly – although she may also think that you didn’t care much about her. – Do the same. There is only one difference here. If you pretend, the woman will feel the game. Of course, you could try your third exit by getting into a fight with this guy. There are also two solutions: – he will turn out to be better and you will only be ridiculous. – You’ll scare the woman and take away the last chance. You can be a champion for everyone, but be the best for her.

Consider the fact that this guy doesn’t know what he’s running about. He can be an ordinary acquaintance (pawn), whom she allowed to invite herself for a coffee (and to make you angry she took him at hand). Time usually plays a role in action to regain the lost feeling. If a woman misses you, she will speak for herself under any excuse. And here everything depends on your actions.

In regaining love, what counts first of all is the sense of time. Remember that what you have lost will return to you over time. Recall the moments when she fell in love with you. Somehow she had to find you attractive. She has to see that there are a lot of girls around you and you can make an appointment with each of them. In the same way she has to see that she can rely on you (but – never – when she calls in the middle of the night). Even if she tries to do something until she does not do it, you don’t do anything – do it and trying to do it or want to do it doesn’t mean to do it. Let’s assume that in her description in the communicator she puts a link to your song. She is letting you in this way. “The longer a woman is allowed to miss, the more love grows. (Ernest Raupach). First of all, the thought that she has lost you forever must reach the woman, and you must be ready to lose her in order to recover her – only in this way will you recover her for longer.

You did so much for her, and she did not appreciate it! One drop of bitterness will spoil a bottle of wine – very valuable advice. A woman at the moment of anger doesn’t remember what a great guy you were, but the moments that caused her to be injured. Sorrow must go away. Only time or strong emotions can change the situation. You have to be different than the average guy. Look for solutions that will bring results. Be gentle but firm. Be consistent. She may also have to think about something. Maybe it needs a rest from you? Maybe he is just testing you?

“I won’t read messages from you! – Did you believe? A woman wouldn’t be a woman if she didn’t read what you wrote to her. Her curiosity has to be satisfied – maybe she simply does not answer. The principle of inaccessibility is a woman’s innate characteristic. You may have noticed that different women who don’t know each other use the same texts and behaviors as if they had learned it in their mothers womb.

How do you know if you still have a chance with her? When you were together, she got some gifts from you. Let it be: “white teddy bear”. If the teddy bear has placed it in a place that is important to her and he still rests there, you still have a chance.

What shouldn’t you do? Do nothing by force. Remember that you can’t force her to be with you. Don’t impose yourself. Too often offering your company is not good either. Do not put pressure. A woman’s mind must analyze everything and put it in order. Sending flowers to the girl you parted with is perceived by her as an attempt at bribery, although under normal circumstances it would be an extremely romantic gesture. If, after parting, you drink and you become old, she gets confirmation that she has done the right thing, and such behaviour often gives her satisfaction.

“If you don’t want my loss, give me a crocodile like this”. (Fredro). There are also traps. What will you do if your ex asks you to walk around the city and you have to wear a pink sweater? If you are in a relationship you should wear this sweater with pride, because you got it from her. But if you are not a couple?

Maybe it’s worth considering whether there is a need to return to this love? If time passes and nothing changes, we have the best proof that everything is over. There comes the moment when you know that you have done everything and you can’t be accused of anything. Everything works both ways and nothing depends on the individual. But your life lasts and you have to enjoy it. Maybe in a moment, today, tomorrow around the corner you will meet the true love of your life. Maybe you have known it for a long time, or maybe you will know it only tomorrow? Maybe she will even have many similar features to a woman who, for various reasons, has gone away or simply didn’t feel anything to you, and you were just a toy for her.

For many years I asked myself the question: “Love seek or wait for it? I haven’t known the answer to this day.