How To Wash The Clothes In Washing Machine?


If you’ve ever wondered, how to wash the clothes in washing machine, this article is for you.

How to carry out a color test so as not to expose the clothes to destruction during washing? What does the combination of wool sweaters have glycerin or beer with a deeper shade of black? Why is it worth putting a tennis ball into the washing machine when we wash down a down jacket or have talk on hand when we have to lure the oil stain? You will find answers to all of the questions below. You will also learn how to safely purify sports clothing and what ingredients to combine to get very effective in the operation of home washing preparations.

How to check if your dye is dying or trying to color?

If you do not want to put your clothes to damage during washing, try the color. How to run a test? Invisible part, for example trimming, soak in warm water, then press a warm iron between two pieces of material. If it dyes – you will definitely notice it.

Check the hardness of water

Soft water is a guarantee of clean washing. If you do not know what type of water you have at home, buy a test at the DIY store. Remember that hard water requires the use of a softener.

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How not to destroy wool during washing?

Do you have any doubts that wool sweaters will not be destroyed during washing in an automatic washing machine? Throw clothes on the left side and just wash out. You can also add two tablespoons of glycerin to the last rinse. Thanks to this simple procedure, you will make the wool very soft to the touch. Do not wring out the sweaters, just wrap it gently in a towel and get rid of excess water. At the end, spread the sweaters flat on a towel.

How to safely wash silk clothes?

Do you want to minimize the risk of damaging things made of silk? Wash them with very delicate detergents, in this case abandon bleaches. In addition, stick to the golden rule and never soak up silk clothes. Add a teaspoon of sugar to the last wash. Thanks to this simple treatment, the silk will be more meaty.

How to wash sports clothes safely?

Sport clothes are best washed, following the instructions on the label. Do not use strong detergents and softeners to avoid damaging the material structure. Do not dry in the dryers, do not iron and do not bleach, do not soak before washing.

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The tennis ball will protect the down jacket

Are you afraid that the down in the jacket will break up during washing? Put a tennis ball into the drum. The effect of this simple treatment will surpass your wildest expectations. Favorite black blouse lost its intensity? Rinse it in beer! Black will regain a deep shade.

What to do in emergencies when a spot appears?

Has she dyed her shirt? Soak it for 4-5 hours in water with a stain remover or vinegar. Or wash with the de-inker again.
A stain of oil? Sprinkle with powdered talc and leave for the night, then feather in a traditional way.
Traces of the foundation on the collar? Mix vinegar and water in equal proportions, put on a stain and leave for 30 minutes. Then wash it. Blood stains have appeared on your blouse or pants? Put a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on the stain and let it work for half an hour. Finally, wash it.

How to prepare homemade washing products?

Do you have no confidence in ready-made detergents? Prepare them yourself at home. The task is very easy. All the ingredients you need are certainly at hand.

How to make home washing powder?

Prepare a glass of natural soap petals, a glass of baking soda and a glass of borax. Carefully combine the ingredients. Put 1-2 tablespoons of preparation into the washing machine. If you want to get a beautiful fragrance, pour it into a drawer designed for a liquid that softens a few drops of ethereal. Ready!

How to make a softening liquid?

Two glasses of vinegar combine with two glasses of baking soda. Mix ingredients thoroughly. Add 1/4 of the solution to the last rinse.

How to make a home bleach?

Add one tablespoon of baking soda to a glass of water. Combine the ingredients. Ready-made product, clothes placed in the washing machine.

Are you allergic?

Reach for full natural washing nuts or balls. And instead of a rinse aid, add essential oil (eg lavender, citrus).