How To Turn Your Dreams Into a Reality: The [Fastest] Way


In this new article you’ll learn how to turn your dreams into a reality.

There are many ideas in our minds. It is an undeniable fact. There is probably no man who would not invent something. As you know, along with the idea goes along with the desire to implement it. And here the most common problem occurs. Many people stop at the idea, without going into action. So how to avoid this obstacle?

It would be good to think about what can stop people from taking action? The reasons may be different. Nevertheless, the following can certainly be included in the main ones: fear, the size of the enterprise and the so-called postponing for later. The latter is probably the most common, although the first two factors are also rare. However, you can deal with them all, getting rid of them once and for all.

How To Turn Your Dreams Into a Reality:

How to go about it?

I was the first to mention fear. I did it on purpose, because we often deal with it when making different decisions, planning or implementing ideas into life. And what are we most scared of? That we will fail, criticism that will definitely appear and enter the unknown.  Paralysis, which can occur when we are afraid, can block us effectively and our ideas will remain memories. One should ask the question here: is it really worth to bury your own ideas? Personally, I advise against this. If they are good, then you must use them. That should be the first thought: I have a good idea and I will use it!

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In order for the idea to manifest itself in reality, it makes sense to take the first step and believe that it will work, and not the other way around. If a man is focused on thinking for the most part that he will fail, what will he get? This idea alone will effectively sabotage every venture. In this way, you can treat yourself with a 100% chance of failure. That’s why I recommend faith and focus on thinking that it will work.

Fear of criticism is another ill and a bullet. Just why let other people decide what you should do and how you should do it? It’s unhealthy. In most cases, people criticize and attack others for wanting to be someone. They do little, but they have a lot to say about everything. Do not let people get hurt with complexes who, apart from bitter words, have nothing else to offer you. Instead, take advice and opinions only from people who want to help you develop yourself and what you do, not interfere with you. This is how you can distinguish a person who is disturbing.

There is still fear of the unknown. Every time we have an idea and we do something new, we do not know with certainty what will come of it and where we will come from. Only that crossing the unknown border is part of the whole process of implementing the idea. Every invention, every discovery and every success are the results of crossing the limits known to each other. It’s breaking the lock and launching it up – it’s a good metaphor. Allow yourself and, despite your fears, explore this unknown. Thanks to this you will learn how far you will go, where and what you can achieve.

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To deal with fear, you can believe in an idea and what you do without being criticized and going forward all the time. Fear may not disappear completely, but he will not rule.  Governments will belong to you.

The next reason that stops people from acting is the scale of the venture. You can have a good idea, but you can be overwhelmed by its size. This is especially felt when thinking about doing something big in a short space of time. In many such cases, after a short excitement there appears reluctance, boredom and even anger, because the effects are not as spectacular as expected. A lot of tasks, nervousness caused by a not-too-distant deadline or failure to perform certain activities due to lack of time will contribute to negative consequences.

They will cause stagnation or abandonment of the idea. It is reasonable in such cases to: a) set a realistic deadline for completing the idea, b) divide the whole into smaller stages, c) arrange the tasks to be carried out so that it is convenient.

I think that explaining this example will be helpful. For example, if you want to write a book that is supposed to have many pages of good content, and want to write it in a week, you can “burn”. If the book is to have 700 pages of specific content, then one would have to write 100 pages a day. The very thought of writing 100 pages a day is frustrating. It is rather discouraging than encouraging; it can also kill venom effectively because it becomes a bad chore, not a pleasure. And I must admit that this task may not be fully feasible in a week. Such a thought overwhelms the author / author.

In that case, it’s better to set a more convenient date for the completion of the book.  Maybe it will be written longer, but the situation will be more convenient for the writer / writer. And for the book itself it will also be healthy. And, by the way, the idea and purpose will be achieved. This, in my opinion, has arms and legs. In realizing ideas and goals, it is wise not to overwhelm them but to plan actions and work wisely.

The last reason I mentioned is to postpone what to do now. There is not much to explain here, because it is known that if you want something to be done now, you should do it … now. The only remedy for “I will do it later” is “I will do it now” . Nothing more nothing less. It’s a simple philosophy. There is no room for guesses and ambiguities in it.

I do not know if there is a person on this planet who would not be struggling with the above problems when implementing ideas. On the other hand, I will not generalize and write that we are all struggling with them. There may be exceptions. Who knows?

However, certainly most of us feel fear, it is sometimes overwhelmed by the size of the enterprise or postpones what to do now. Just coping with all this is a great success, thanks to which we can achieve what we intended. It is worth taking up the challenge and working on yourself. Our ideas are really an extension of ourselves. Why should we reject it?

Creativity is our nature and it would be good to use it for the sake of ourselves and others. Besides – you may agree with it – every time we reach the goal, we feel sensational. We look back and say: it was worth it! Is it not like that? And we also want more. Another idea appears and … on the road! Follow other successful ideas. I keep my fingers crossed for you and I support you.