How To Teach Child With Autism? 6 Strategies That Work


This new article will show you everything you need to know about how to teach child with autism.

Autism, or the Kanner syndrome, is a development disorder child . Autistic children have problems with expressing feelings, establishing social relations and integrating sensory experiences. Most often, autism occurs in the first three years of a child’s life. It should also be added that it occurs four times more often in boys than in girls. Autistic children usually have problems with learning and concentration. That is why a skillful approach to such a child is very important. It requires specialist teacher care that will facilitate mental development.

How To Teach Child With Autism?

1. First of all, you have to say a few words about the characteristics of this disease.

It is necessary to understand autistic children and approach them accordingly. What behaviors are characteristic of this disorder? The child can isolate himself, he is unable to social interaction. He has speech disorders (eg the reversal of pronouns). The child is reluctant to change the environment, but it is easy for him to remember.

2. What else is important?

Autistic children excessively order toys. They must be in the right place. Let’s not disturb this child. In addition, the characteristic symptoms of this disease include also poor eye contact, lack or very rare smile, as well as various delusions. When we are aware of the symptoms of this disease, it will be easier for us to work with autistic children.

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3. As you know, children with autism like routine and find it easier.

Therefore, you must set a plan when learning. Children need to know what will happen after the activity they are doing. Place a watch in the room and a schedule with the plan of the day. In this way, children will find it easier in reality. If you need to change the order of activities, do it in a delicate way so as not to disturb the order of the day drastically.

4. The classroom learning environment should be organized, i.e. everything should be in place.

Avoid clutter. For example, you can divide a class into several zones: a place to play, a place to work, a place to eat, etc. This will help children complete their planned tasks. Do not make furniture in the classroom. They may be small subtle changes, but do not do it too often.

5. Develop the talent of autistic children.

That’s why recognition of talent is so importantchild . Most autistic children have artistic talents, going in the direction of drawing or creating something with their own hands. If your child exhibits such abilities, provide him with the appropriate tools to develop these skills. Thanks to this, you will combine business with pleasure.

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6. Provide the right place to learn.

This place should be properly lit and can not distract the child. Avoid hanging large, colorful images and fluorescent lighting. They often distract children. Do not place devices that make sudden and loud noises in the room. It can scare an autistic child.