11 Best Advices On How To Stop Swearing Once For All


In this new article you’ll learn how to stop swearing.

Swearing is one of bad habits. They curse people in our work, on the street, at school, and we imitate them sometimes or intentionally. If, however, you have already become tired of curses and want others to think well about you, it is time to end this bad habit.

How To Stop Swearing Once For All?

1. Recognizing the problem.

The first step you need to do is to understand your problem. Swearing is a dangerous habit that can lead to further behavioral problems. As every habit, so cursed is very difficult to unlearn. That’s why it’s so important to realize your problem. You have a problem if: Every second word you say k & # * @ and everything pier @ @ * &% @ . You think that the coolest way to talk to a friend, parent, teacher or colleague is to add a curse to the whole sentence. You do not know how to express your feelings and observations without using bad words.

2. Understand why you curse

Are you cursing because you work with people who do not like your job very much and swearing is a way of expressing your dislike for her? Because your buddies are talking like that all the time? You were in the army (swearing is typical in the army)? You were in prison? Are you cursing because you rebel against your parents or teachers? Because you are angry, sad or afraid that you can not express yourself in a different way (if something goes wrong while shopping, driving a car, at work, etc.).

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3. Why do you want to stop cursing?

To stop cursing you have to really want to. If you are not convinced or approach the matter with a pinch of salt, you will not succeed. Think about why life will be better if you stop cursing. This is the best way to find motivation. Reasons write on a piece of paper.

4. Swear to yourself that you will not curse anymore.

It’s easier said than done because it requires constant effort. At the beginning, you can plan a specific period of time without swearing, for example, one day or weekend. Write on the card: Why are you cursing (reasons why)? Why do you want to stop cursing (better communication, better work, better relations with other people, a clearer view of life, etc.). Situations in which you curse (eg anger, disliking work, music, TV programs, queues in shops, weather, driving cars …). Ways of avoiding situations in which you curse (for example, stopping the car during the frosts, not listening to music in which words are a mixture of insults and curses, a technique of deep breathing during an argument with parents / spouse instead of throwing curses).

5. You better express yourself.

A civilized conversation does not contain any profanity or profanity. The Polish language contains a lot of useful and beautiful adjectives, thanks to which you can complete a conversation. If you do not use them, then you limit your own ability to express your feelings and thoughts clearly and precisely, which ultimately makes you less understood by the people around you. If you find yourself wanting to use vulgarity, try to quickly come up with a different word that better reflects your emotions or feelings.

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6. Take responsibility.

Some people may not like it, you suddenly changed. They may feel threatened or jealous in some way. Explain to them that this is your personal decision and that you do not require them to change their way of expressing themselves. In the long run, it may turn out that your change has impressed them and they will imitate you on time.

7. Ask for support

Ask for help not binding friends, friends and family members. Tell them that you have realized your problem and want to change. Ask them to pay attention if you accidentally use vulgarity, etc.

8. Find similar words or phrases

Think about less offensive words that you can use instead of cursing. Make a list of such words and then start using them. This will help you maintain a normal sentence structure, even if you eliminate curses. Instead of calling someone from male organs you can use the words “trash”, “donkey”, “cattle” or “cow”. Every time you miss an ugly word in a sentence, repeat the whole sentence using the replacement word this time. Soon you will get used to new words that you will use them even in your thoughts. Ultimately, if you go well, try to stop using even those substitute words – using them also does not sound very good (but better than cursing).

9. Penalty.

Every time you curse, throw a coin into a can for charity. For this money you can buy something that will be useful to everyone in the workplace or something that will help all colleagues stop cursing. Be careful, however, because if you are going to be able to collect money in a can “for a weekend trip”, you may find that even those who have been expressing themselves correctly start cursing.

10. Prize.

If you can not curse for a planned period of time (week, month, etc.), buy something that you would not otherwise decide for.

11. Perseverance

You will not stop cursing for one night – if swearing is a habit then it comes naturally and unconsciously. Do not give up if the curses will elude you (and it will certainly be at the beginning).