How To Stay Focused While Studying? (with Coaching Exercise)


If you want to know how to stay focused while studying to learn more efficiently despite all the distracting factors, this article is something for you.

How To Stay Focused While Studying

Here’s your world. 

You’re sitting by the crammed with books desk, you can hear noises that TV makes in the room next-door, your younger sister enters every five minutes asking what you’re doing and your friends keep texting you to find out when you’ll have time to meet them.


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You’re unable to pay attention to what you’re trying to learn. Your thoughts resemble chaos and as you realize you’re not going to acquire anything, you start to feel the wave of stress washing over your body.

And now try to imagine what would it be like if you disengaged from this problem and nothing could distract you when you study. You could stay focused while reading a book or making notes for as long as you choose. What happens in your head and body would favor learning process.

Here’s how to stay focused while studying, step by step:

Every time before or during learning, when you have to calm down and concentrate, you need to undergo merging.

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  • Sit down in a comfortable, but stable position. Put your feet on the ground and your hands on your thighs. Lean against something.
  • Close your eyes and start to take deep and slow breaths. Inhale and exhale at leisure. Make every breath last 5 seconds.
  • Now try to scan your body. Sacrifice about a minute for every part of it. Focus on how your calves, shoulders or neck feel. Pay attention to the signals they’re sending. Let them lead you.
  • Pay all your attention to your feet. Concentrate on how they feel. Then focus on your ankles…your knees…your thighs…your hips…
  • Now put emphasis on your balance center (bellybutton areas – that’s where the centre of gravity of your body is). Say it with your inner voice: ,,I’m here and now”.
  • Pay attention to external factors, to some object in your room. Say: ,,I’m advertent”.
  • Now go back to yourself. Focus on your arms and hands. Experience how they feel.
  • Imagine paying attention to your heart. Say: ,,I’m open”.
  • Now concentrate on the outside. Take notice of the sounds from behind a window. Say: ,,I’m advertent”.
  • Focus on yourself again. Pay full attention to your neck. Try to feel it. Think about your face…forehead…cheeks…eyes…lips…
  • Imagine coming into your head. Say: ,,I’m ready”.
  • Now move forward to your subject of learning. Focus on your book, online app or anything else you use. Say: ,,I’m advertent”.
  • Say hello to your inner voice. Open up your eyes and see the difference between studying before this exercise and now. After you do it, you can start learning.

Can you notice how one varies from another? The more frequently you do this practice, the less time you’ll need to get into the state of build-up. That’s not all.

You’ll be able to extend duration of staying alert and therefore learn more efficiently. If any of your friends wonder how to stay focused while learning, show them this article!