How To Start a Conversation With a Girlfriend Over Text (11 Seductive Tips)


How to start a conversation with a girlfriend over text? What do you think is the best? Is there a best way?

On the other hand, you need to think about emotions, situations, and other things. Starting a conversation is difficult if there is a gap between you. Because of this, you need to solve the issue first. How you solve the issue again relate to the texting. The best way is to assess the situation then start a conversation. As of now, we consider that you already have her number or you are in her one on one chat group. This will help. In this article, we will help you to go through steps and tips to start and complete the conversation.

How To Start a Conversation With a Girlfriend Over Text:

1. Select the right platform

Either you can select the normal SMS method to start a conversation, then you need to wait as there is no guarantee that she read it as soon as you sent the message. Therefore, if possible, you need to use a platform, which provides the status of the message read receipt. It is better to select chat option from different applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and another platform. This will provide direct info and quick response with options like smileys, video, text, and graphics.

2. Begin the conversation with greetings

This is a simple way and common way of starting a conversation. Say Hi, Hello, or Hey to greet her to make sure that she feels good and start a conversation with her side too.

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3. Form a question of inquiry

This is definitely a big way as it increases the chance of getting a response. You can form either actual question or a statement in the form of a question. The questioning may include these things. How are you? Where have you been? Did you eat? In addition, many other options relating to the situation of health and status.

4. Say something specific

Specific things include many things like food, movie, entertainment, related to her family and many other things. You know about her. Therefore, only you can understand what specific things to say to her.

5. Ask about her favorite preferences and things

Her favorite movie star, favorite food, favorite destination sports hero or favorite destination. After all, of these, there is a chance that she replies with her preferences. Then depending on her reply, you can continue to build the conversation on that.

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6. The negative way of starting a conversation

How to talk to a girl by texting in a negative way? If you do not know, then here is the trick. Say something negative about her favorite actor, destination spot, favorite movie or food. However, it should be decent. Do not cross the limit.

7. Say something funny and witty

It is not a very good way even though it is funny. Maximum people use smileys and other silence to respond to the joke. You can build the conversation only on the smileys too. How to start a text conversation with a girl? See next tip.

8. Do not use the maze, problems, and analytical questions

It is important to send a simple and interesting question. If you ask the toughest question then you will not get a response. You need to ask a simple question to get a reply. Make sure, she knows the answer.

9. Just send some random text garbage in your text

This will shock her and make her feel like what did he say? So then, she will reply to you. This will help you to build the conversation from that point of reply. Then you can come up with the explanation of that garbage in a better way to prolong the conversation.

10. Send a link to something important to her

This will make sure that she thanks you. This also allows you to build the conversation from something work base to personal information. The link may even include shopping address, sale value, and educational sites, something trendy in makeup or clothes. This is a subtle way to find the right topic to conversation

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11. Teasing on text to make sure that she will respond to you

Teasing should be within the limit. With gentle teasing, you are creating an urge in your girlfriend to strike a conversation with you.

Other ways to start a text conversation with your girlfriend:

  • Keep the text simple and simple text is the building block
  • Do not use any derogatory comments or any kind of ill comments
  • Avoid using many shortcuts, this will lead to misunderstanding
  • Use the questioning technique as it creates urge for response
  • While building the conversation, then do not jump the gun
  • Keep the info light
  • Consider right time to start the conversation
  • Use the mobile application
  • Do not send series of texts. Give her time to respond
  • Quick and thoughtful response is a better way
  • Be funny and witty
  • Bring outside topics to prolong the conversation


Now, you know the answer to the question what to say to girlfriend to start a conversation over text. So it is very clear that the starting a conversation is difficult. With the tips and points, you can definitely make changes in your conversation tactics to successfully start a conversation and end the conversation in a similar way.