This Is How To Relax Before Bed with Relaxation Technique (Step-by-Step)


Today I’m going to show you how to relax before bed with one of the most popular relaxing techniques.

I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes falling asleep can be strenuous. Intensive physical activity before going to bed, studying until midnight or watching movies in the night makes it very difficult to drop off to sleep. And because most of us need to get up in the morning feeling fresh and ready to work, I’ve decided to find an effective way to relax before sleep.

How To Relax Before Bed

Body scanning – very easy exercise, that will enable your head to unwind and relax. Trying this technique before going to bed will make all the tension in your body go away, as well as help you focus on beatific feeling of relax.

And what’s the best part? Your body and mind are inextricable parts of your organism. Therefore, if you’re able to relax your brain, you’ll know how to mellow your body as well. When the tension disappears, your mind will calm down and you’ll fall asleep.

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How to relax before bed?

I’ll explain right away.

Everything you need to do is to practice body scanning, that lasts for about 5 minutes, before going to bed. Here’s what to do step by step:

  • When you lay in bed, close your eyes and focus on certain parts of your body consecutively.
  • Concentrate on particular element for 15-20 seconds, while taking at least 4 deep breaths and focusing on how this particular element feels.
  • Scan your body by starting with upside towards underside or conversely – underside towards upside.
  • When focusing on certain part, keep giving yourself some hints, such as:
    • I’m relaxing my feet,
    • My ankles are at ease,
    • I’m unloosing my calves,
    • I’m relaxing my knees,
    • I’m unwinding my bottom,
    • My thighs are at ease,
    • My hips start to get comfortable,
    • I’m unwinding my stomach,
    • My lower back is relaxed,
    • My chest is at ease,
    • I start to unloosing my upper back,
    • My hands are relaxed,
    • I’m unstressing my hands,
    • I’m unbending my arms,
    • I’m slackening my shoulders,
    • My neck is at ease,
    • My cheeks are relaxed,
    • I’m unwinding my lips and muscles around them,
    • My nose is relaxed,
    • My eyes and muscles around them are at ease,
    • The back of my head is mellowing,
    • I’m relaxing my forehead,
    • The top of my head begins to unwind,
  • When you finish roaming around your body, focus on how it feels. You can also add: ,,With each deep breath my body becomes more and more relaxed”.

Can you sense the difference?

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Paying attention to particular muscles while gently telling yourself to mellow makes it much easier to relax, which is why body scanning is an extremely good relaxing exercise that can be easily practiced before going to sleep. It’s especially beneficial for people who have difficulties falling asleep after intensive workout or watching TV.

I’ve analyzed many techniques to find out how to relax before bed and I assure that this one will work wonders for everyone.

If any of your friends struggle with drifting off, show them this article! They’ll certainly thank you later!