How To Prevent Diabetes Type 2 Naturally With Diet And Exercise?


If you’ve ever asked yourself how to prevent diabetes, this article contains every answer you need to hear in order to reduce the risks and stay healthy. You may be wondering why so many people suffer from diabetes. I’ll explain.

It’s mostly because diabetes develops in disguise, without letting you know about its existence for a log time. What causes it? Genes, obesity and lack of physical activity. Due to excessive fat, insulin stops working properly. It’s really bad for you, as insulin responds for regulating sugar absorption from food to your body. Diabetes is also caused by genetics. You’re more likely to inherit this disease especially when your mother went through gestational diabetes. If you start to realize that you can fall ill from it and your test results show high glucose levels, you have to do something about it.

How To Prevent Diabetes Type 2 Naturally? Here are some of my suggestions:

At first, you should change your diet. In order to avoid rapid glucose levels fluctuations, you have to eat 4 or 5 small meals every 3-4 hours daily. Avoid simple sugars, which you can find in white flour, white rice or potatoes. Your new diet ought to consist of complex carbohydrates, or in other words, unprocessed cereal products. Why does it matter?

Simple sugars are absorbed really quickly and lead to rapid boost of blood glucose levels, whereas complex carbohydrates cause blood glucose levels to rise slowly, therefore keep you fuller for longer. That’s not all. You should also focus on finding new protein’s sources. You can get it from fowl, fishes, legumes and lean dairy products.

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Instead of frying your meat, try to cook it in food wrap or parchment, as well as braise it without searing. Do the same with vegetables and cereal products. Cooking your food raises its glycemic index and results in higher glucose levels in blood afterwards. Moreover, you should add raw vegetables to each of your meal. They have a very low glycemic index and lots of fiber, which absorbs fat and sugar, stopping blood glucose levels spike.

Fruits also contain big amounts of fiber, nonetheless, they are comprised of simple sugars, which – as you’ve already read – should be reduced. Cut down your fruit intake then to 300 grams every day. 

Remember about one more important thing – regular physical activity, which will help in burning calories and reducing glucose levels. Fortunately, great quantity of it stores in muscles, so as soon as you start working out, you’ll burn it all off.

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How to exercise?

I’ll explain.

Sacrifice at least half an hour each day, three days in a week for physical activity. I’m sure that as a child, you loved playing sports, so why not get back to that habit?

If, on the other hand, you have never worked out before, you can benefit from a simple, vigorous walk, cycling, swimming or even dancing.

In this article I showed you how to prevent diabetes. Proper diet and regular physical activity are the key to lower the risk of diabetes and save your life.