How To Overcome Procrastination: 7 Ways To Stop Being Lazy


If you’re looking for some strategies on how to overcome procrastination, then you’ll love this article.

How often before an important project, exam or conversation do you find a lot of other, simpler things to do not related to the most urgent matter? Even if you have a short list of such things, they can make your life miserable. How to deal with it?

Let’s start by explaining the term “procrastination” itself. It is a psychological concept that determines the continuous postponement of unpleasant matters and thoughts for later. This has an adverse effect on our psychophysical health.

You can effectively free yourself from procrastination. This process will require patience and consistency from you, but once you reach your goal, you will feel much better.

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How To Overcome Procrastination:

1. Think about why you put things off for later

If you have noticed that you are postponing the case once again, think about why. Perhaps you think that you can not do it or do not do the job well enough? Or maybe you are just tired and you lack energy? By specifying a problem that triggers procrastination, it will be easier for you to solve it.

2. Create a list of things to do

The very fact of creating such a list has a psychological impact on your subconscious. Place on it the things you want to face on a given day and systematically follow the plan.

3. Determine the optimal time needed to complete the task

The Pomodoro technique will be the best in this case. The idea is to spend 25 minutes on intensive work and 5 minutes on rest. When you know that the break is just right, it will be nicer for you to do the job. You can also compete with yourself for productivity in every 25 minutes of work.

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4. At the beginning do more difficult or less interesting activities

Psychologists claim that there are two basic factors that cause procrastination. The first is time. The later the time, the less likely you will be able to complete the task. Only owls whose productivity increases in the evening can not agree with this statement. The second factor is the complexity of the task. Specialists are convinced that if you perform a more difficult and less interesting job in the first place and leave more pleasant activities for later, your mood and productivity will increase significantly.

5. Divide the task into several stages

If you have a large, responsible project ahead of you, it is very likely that fear of him will lead you to procrastination. You can avoid this by dividing your work into several smaller tasks.

6. Do not forget about rest

Planning breaks is just as important as planning a job. It is very important to be able to rest. If you do not stop thinking about your project during the lunch break, it will not have a good effect on your effectiveness. Checking your e-mails and contacting colleagues on business matters is not the best way to relax. Breaks will be a real rest only if you take care of yourself: you can surf the net or make fun of your work colleagues.

7. Reward yourself for every task done

You forced yourself to do something with what you have been postponing for weeks? This is a source of pride. Appreciate yourself for this and spend your time as you like. Do it every time you finish an important task, and procrastination will be forgotten.