How To Overcome Fear Of Failure To Live a Truly Happy Life


In today’s article you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to overcome fear of failure.

As people, we are emotional beings. Our life is accompanied by a whole range of emotions – from positive to negative. What kind of feelings we feel depends on the situation in which we are and what we experience. Fear will certainly be included in the negative group. Is it an emotion so terrible that nothing can be done through it? Let’s find out.

How To Overcome Fear Of Failure

Fear has large eyes – this is what the famous proverb says. It is true that in many cases you are worried when you want to or do something that has not been done before or is difficult. Often, after all, it turns out that it was neither terrible nor difficult. We did it and we can sleep peacefully. However, not only fear has big eyes. Fortunately, there is no exclusivity. What have big eyes yet?

The joy that a person feels in many pleasant situations. There may be joy eg from success, good news or pleasant surprise. Note that in situations when a person learns something pleasant and it is a pleasant surprise for him or when he reaches the goal, he usually makes big eyes for joy. And he smiles from ear to ear. Is it not so? Look closely at what happens to the man and his face after hearing good news. It will turn out that joy also has big eyes! And it would be better to turn fear into joy.

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I am writing this because we often give up plans to do something wonderful. We know what we want, there is a desire to do this and … a blockade is created. Of course, fear is the blockage. It paralyzes and stops in place. It makes the eyes become big. And none of this, unfortunately, results – you have to add. However, you can deal with fear. In truth, he has no real power over us. He can only have it with our permission. It is the man who decides whether he will have power over him or not.

Is fear an enemy?

However, I am quick to explain that fear does not necessarily have to be our enemy, which must be fought. By having power over him, we can not only act but also use it in her own favor. If we did not feel fear at all, we could get into pretty good trouble. Without any warning signal from the side of fear and acting recklessly, you can “get in”in such situations that will be neither beneficial nor pleasant – and the consequences will be painful. As I write about it, I will develop this thread. Fear is a natural emotion that has its function to fulfill. It informs us about possible threats and it is necessary for us to survive and function normally. It’s this emotion that stops us from doing something that can end up in a bad way.

Strengthens the focus. Thanks to her, we become concentrated. Fear in such a useful form fulfills its task perfectly. Maybe it is not the most pleasant emotion – it is true – it is useful in some situations. Unfortunately, the same can not be said of exaggerated fear or imagined. In total, it goes hand in hand. Imaginary fear is also exaggerated. And it is the illusions created by this fear that can effectively block a person from taking action. Driven by fear, the mind creates unreal stories, situations and problems that do not really exist.

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Please, think for a moment about what you read. How many times have you abandoned the implementation of some of your plans just because you exaggerated your fear? How many times has this emotion served you to create negative ideas? And how far have these illusions been true? Do not be afraid to answer these questions honestly. I admit to you that in my case this happened many times. And it happens to me yet.

Fortunately, I can also see that I am exaggerating what should not be exaggerated. And in this way, I reduce the absurdities and illusions that the mind can create when it is fueled by fear. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to it and listening to fear messages only when it is necessary; that is, when fear serves us and does not enslave us.

Everything you desire is on the other side of fear

This quote fits perfectly with the subject of this article. What we want, what we want to achieve and where we want to be, etc. is on the other side of fear, not against it. To be there, pathological fear should be rejected; in writing, I mean all the senseless and unjustifiable illusions that a human mind can take with fear. They are not real and usually do not happen at all. Why do they have to decide if something can be achieved or not? In turn fear, this natural, let it be.

Doing something new, exciting or difficult not to feel fear is rather impossible. However, that’s good. Thanks to that no one will rush to where he would not like to be. We also need a warning system. The most important thing is to have power over him and move, take action.

Also consider that a person is afraid of the unknown. Doing something for the first time or going where he has not been before feels fears. If he wants to be above them, he must do what he has to do despite his fears. It is worth taking up the challenge and realizing your goals, because they will not materialize in a different way than through their active implementation. It is also said that the world belongs to the brave. A lot of this statement is right. Nevertheless, courage is not something that is given to a few. Everyone is brave and can do real miracles in life.

The only thing that is required of people to make it happen is to take the first step and then the next and the next one. All these steps will lead to one place – to the goal, to success. And maybe, instead of thinking about fears, think about it, What will be the facial expression after achieving the desired success? Big eyes and a wide smile of joy. It is also good to stop focusing on fears and unreasonable fantasies. They are not creative and they do not contribute anything. They are unproductive, they waste time and human energy. They have one task. Stop the man in place. And nobody would like it if you want to reach your goal and realize it.

If you want to achieve something and achieve it, you have no choice but to look afraid in the eye and say: OK, but I go there anyway. This success is mine. By doing so, you will do yourself a priceless favor. One day, when you will enjoy your desired success, you will definitely come to the conclusion that it was the only way out of the situation: to act and do!

Fear has big eyes, but also joy. Choose joy and act. Certainly it will be for you and healthier and better.