5 Proven Tactics On How To Make Girl Crazy For You


This new article will show you everything you need to know about how to make girl crazy for you.

So you want the girl to go crazy on your point? Sounds like a torture … for both sides. But in reality it is much simpler than you might think. Here are some old, proven tricks that will make you woman will think about you day and night.

How To Make Girl Crazy For You?

1. You will discover much more when you stop guiding only eyesight .

Mysteriousness is one of those qualities that make girls instantly get interested in a man. During the first meeting, when she will try to find you out by asking questions like “Why are you sitting here alone and looking at the bottom of the glass?”, Deny yourself the temptation to cry on her shoulder and confess how exasperated it exudes you with the best friend. It will not lead you to anything.

Instead, smile mysteriously and say, “I like talking with myself while sitting over a beer mug / glass of Scotch. But since you came over, I guess I could talk to you … “This witty, yet provocative answer will immediately point to your advantage, and believe me – women love witty guys!

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2. Read what says her body , not lips.

One of the most common mistakes is to prove to a girl that you have seen her enough to know what she is thinking about. The simplest and most obvious sign of her attitude to you is her body language. So you do not have to pretend to be Houdini, use the interpersonal signals that the girl sends you and adapt your behavior to what they say. Believe me, he will love you for it.

3. Involuntarily touch her and then pretend to be cold.

A seemingly innocent touch works perfectly because it eliminates the bodily barrier, especially on the first date. Even a kiss is not something you can not do at the first meeting, of course, if you know how to approach it. In order for the girl to lust for you, you must follow a few proven strategies.

Kiss her with affection and then push her away, threatening you with her finger and saying “A naughty girl!” She will then know that you liked the kiss, and pushing her was playful. He also wants more. Here is the whole secret: to make the girl want more, but not give it at once.

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4. Listen carefully.

Listen carefully to everything the girl says to you (even if it would take hours). Show interest, ask her additional questions, express emotions. A girl must know that she is more than just the object of desire for you.

5. Be a gentleman … and a bastard.

Women love naughty men. Be witty, use subtexts, smile mysteriously and look deep into her eyes. I am not sorry for your tough life, but also do not play tough guy. Remember to behave like a gentleman at the same time: open her door, move the chair away, bring a drink from the bar. This mixture of gentleman and bastard will make the girl forget about you.