5 Tips On How To Make Decisions Faster Without Regret?


If you want to know how to make decisions faster, you’ll love this article.

While it’s not about the choice between coffee and tea or bread and appetizer, making decisions is a difficult and tiring matter. Which job to choose, what studies to decide on, where to live – are just a few issues that can affect our entirelife . Do we make decisions about them consciously?

According to the research, the closer to the final date in which the decision is to be made, the more likely it is that we will be driven by emotions rather than objective facts in the choice. While emotions are important, it is worth knowing why we made such a choice. To help you make the decision, read the tips below. They will save you stress and allow you to choose the right solution in an easy way.

How To Make Decisions Faster?

1. Limit the available options

Research shows that we are more eager to make decisions when we have only a few options to choose from. So regardless of whether it’s about choosing one of ten cars or spending the weekend looking for the perfect holiday home, just leave three options. Such a number will allow you to consciously compile and compare all offers, making a decision based on their advantages and disadvantages without feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of choices.

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2. Do not overdo it with the list of pros and cons

While the list of advantages and disadvantages can really be helpful, you should not blindly suggest it when making decisions. We ignore the signals sent to us by the subconscious, which often allow us to make the right choice in a very significant way. For example, a new job offer may look very attractive on paper, but is not it worth paying attention to the fact that our potential employer made a rather negative impression on us? Suggesting only a list of written benefits may lead us to such a path, which we will regret for the rest of our lives. If your inner voice clearly warns you about any of the options, listen to it even if it seems that it is the most favorable choice.

3. Test the selected option.

Driving test does not have to refer only to the choice of car. It can also be a very smart strategy that helps us make the right decision. Are you wondering which university to choose? Spend a day at a chosen university or polytechnic, drink coffee in the canteen, sit for a moment in the library, look around the student town. If possible, try to “get in” to the open lecture. Imagining yourself as a part of a given environment (academic, professional, housing), you will gain much more arguments for accepting or rejecting a given offer.

4. Look at past events.

The past can be quite a good indicator of future events. Are you considering changing your city of residence or moving to another country? Remind yourself what you felt when you started studying, starting a new job or joining a group in an extra class. This is how you find yourself in new circumstances and probably among the unknown people you replicate regardless of the situation. If the changes are not a source of stress for you, you can easily deal with both the new city and the foreign country.

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5. Find a rescue in routine.

Getting up every day at the same time, going to the gym on the same days each week, riding a set route, eating the same salad for a second breakfast – the more things you do routinely, the easier it will be to keep your mind clean in making decisions about the unknown. The necessity to make too many choices at the same time leads to the phenomenon of “decisive fatigue”. The fewer decisions you have to make at the same time, the more reserves you keep analyzing those choices that really matter.