How To Make a Long Distance Relationship Work: 6 [Amazing] Tips


Want to know how to make a long distance relationship work? Then you’re in the right place.

Is there a test for love? I do not have a clue. In any case, there are certain trade union aspects that will make it easier for you to check if your relationship survives. Has any future. Sometimes it’s better to leave and find another partner. But how do you know if “this is the moment?”

I present you with 6 trade union aspects that must be organized if your relationship is to have any chance of survival and deriving happiness and satisfaction from it. Read, think about it and make a decision.

How To Make a Long Distance Relationship Work:

1. Physical attractiveness

Physical attractiveness (The external appearance of your body, face plus clothing, which you assume) is undoubtedly a factor that is particularly important in the initial phase of the relationship, when we get to know each other, pick up, meet on dates and want to know about yourself once more . How you look is important, and if you think otherwise, I can say with a high degree of probability that you are in a bad relationship, even without knowing you.

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What is the role of physical attractiveness in a relationship?

There is a certain critical point in every relationship. At the beginning it is wonderful and wonderful, you are getting ready 3 hours before the date, and if a person particularly liked your taste, then you probably think about it even longer. The whole point is that the level of care for physical attractiveness disappears in a relationship because a dangerous syndrome called attachment belongs. We believe that since we are in a relationship x months or y years, the other person will be with us forever, we treat it subconsciously as our property. What does this mean in practice?

In men  – more beer and an unhealthy diet than usual. If a guy is also professionally active and has a lot of stress, sometimes come to this pipe and lack of movement. Effect? I think you can imagine. While women biologically do not attach so much importance to physical appearance as men, if you are quite overweight and you look like Hiroshima in 1945, do not be surprised if your partner starts to combine Change you. And if she fails to change, she can betray or leave you. An unfortunate prospect? Yes. The painful truth has been discovered, what you do with it depends only on you. In women  – no tuning for a partner. If he’s with me, then it’s obvious that I like him, right?

Yes and no. This way of thinking introduces a routine. If you’re in a relationship and live with your other half, then it’s impossible to be around 24 / h miss the world. However, if as a woman you will remember about dressing only for work or shopping, the neck of your partner will more often turn towards younger, more attractive women with sexy make-up and figure. Half misery in winter, but in the summer … I do not think I would like to be in your place.

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2. Commitment to the life of the relationship

Male-male relations are not mathematics. Here, it will never be the case that both sides of the equation are equal. There is always  one side involved in the relationship more than the other. The whole point is to keep this commitment at 50/50. If it’s 60/40, it’s nothing like that. However, if you always initiate meetings, text messages, kissing and sex, and the other party only responds to your suggestions, it is a clear signal that you are missing and you should be a little distant.

If you are always looking for ways to creatively spend time and develop your relationship on different levels, and your second half firstly has it somewhere and secondly does not do anything, then seriously consider the future of this relationship. You can try to change it, but I warn you that it will be a very hard task.

3. Responding to crisis situations

Sometimes it happens that something in your relationship is spartacz. It’s normal, really. I have been dealing with the subject of relationships between men and women since 2012 and I have not yet met a relationship where both sides would always agree with each other and would not argue at all. However, the problem is how both sides react to these quarrels and what they do to prevent them (and if they do)

The matter here is simple: There are people who even love conflicts. Who have to argue and argue because then they feel that they are alive. If you’re a cooperative, you probably do not believe what I write. If you try to avoid conflicts, and when you come to them, try to understand the other side, it’s very good. But what if your other half does exactly the opposite? It does not bode well

Once I joined one supermarket literally for a moment and my attention was caught by the latest issue of Cosmopolitan (It’s a woman’s magazine, dear man, you’ll thank me later). As I had a few minutes of free time and for a long time I have heard various interesting stories about this magazine, I thought I would look inside. I do not remember the title of this article and exact content, but it was about what to do in order to counter the routine (directed to women, of course). The whole message was more or less like this:

“Find some small thing and make a quarrel about it. Try to make it look authentic, that it would actually be drama, even when this thing has only moved you a little. He will not know what’s going on, so the level of emotions will go up. It’s worth doing something like that from time to time to avoid routine in your relationship. ”

4. Sexual attractiveness

Another point concerns flirting, seduction and pick-up. But how? In relation with? After all, in a relationship you do not have to do it, you do it before the relationship and only then! Kornel, you do not need it anymore, what are you talking about nonsense!

Maybe you’re smiling now, but I’m not laughing. There are a lot of people who think that once they have gained their second half, there is nothing more to do. What is the effect? Betrayal and parting. It’s not people who are angry. The lack of elementary knowledge about male-female relationships is bad. If you detect such a lack, you have to change it as soon as possible.

One of the common questions I get from customers is: “John, why did he stop him / her? It was so good, we did not leave the bed for the first three months, and now such a thing.  He did not care about her, because he is not like it used to be. He does not see you as a sexual object, someone you can play with, just as it used to be. How to change it?

First of all, start with education, what sexual attraction is, what areas it concerns (contrary to appearances, it is not obvious) and how you can work on it. I wrote everything in your publication about attractiveness, you will get it for free when you enter my website (it is at the bottom of this article in the footer)

If you are flirting with yourself regularly, you must remember about the magical factor of libido. This concept was introduced by the famous psychologist, creator of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. He described it as sexual energy. What does it affect? Among others they are: Physical activity, The right diet, Biological determinants. The first two can be changed. Start with sports. How often? The more the better. At the beginning I suggest active walks, 2-3 times a week for half an hour. If you get your body used to move, it will want more, and here we are.

As for the diet, it is a matter of consuming the right products. I recommend ginger and celery from myself. Biological conditioning – this is the point that you should worry about most, because you can not fool biology. If you do not fit in with the other half in this respect, it will be very bad. Of course, firstly apply the first two points (on yourself and on it). However, if this does not help, and you are always frustrated because you do not get along in these matters, then think about changing your partner, so that both of them will stop worrying.

5. Lifestyle

Every day you set out to conquer the world, eat healthy, read a lot of books and have great ambitions. For her, noon is the middle of the night, a pot of ice cream is the best friend, and the last book she read was Moomin in the 2nd grade of elementary school. Will this result from a happy relationship that will last for years? Hmmm …

It depends. I’ve heard / read about pairs that were like fire and water, and yet they talked with each other and as such managed to live together. Unfortunately, it usually looks different. The situation will end up in such a way that he will be constantly pissed off, because he can not talk to her on ambitious topics, and she will moan that he is constantly working and getting tired instead of resting and relaxing. Especially for you, I am disposing you for another myth of male-female relationships.

Opposites do NOT attract

If you disagree sometimes, you have a slightly different sense of humor, You want a son, and she has two daughters, it still has no tragedy. Perhaps your expectations and needs will meet at a common point, you will compromise with a bit of contorted facial expressions, but eventually what you do not do for the relationship. However, if your lifestyle styles are totally different and there is no common feature in it, do not be under the illusion that a beautiful future is waiting for your relationship.

I’ve done it on my example, I’ve done it on the example of my friends ‘relationships and regularly rework on my clients’ relationships. Usually, it does not happen that someone changes by 180 degrees. If you are ready to work on a relationship closest to 2.3 or maybe 5 years and your other half also wants to make an effort – ok, try, I keep my fingers crossed for you. Most often, however, it just will not work. As you raise the world, find a person who will also want to conquer this world. If you like to eat a bucket of KFC wings in the middle of the week at 3 am, drinking a coke and watching Netflix, find a person who likes it, and in the worst case, one who accepts it.

6. The influence of the external environment

One of my favorite aspects of union life – because who knows better what my relationship needs? Family and friends, that’s what! I’m once again ironic, because sometimes I do not have the strength anymore – looking at my closer and further surroundings, what more often I see that male-male relationships do not consist of two people, i.e. a woman and a man. I think that one relationship consists of at least 256 people. The guy’s family, his best buddy, the boss at work, his dog, and all friends, and the woman’s side.

I will not dwell for a long time on this subject, because here you could write a whole book, I will give you only a small clue. You know the rules – I’m not bothering you, do what you think is right. If the family / friends of your other half regularly decide / interfere in your relationship, then you have two options, a) Talk to your partner and determine what to do with it (pay attention to the problem and talk about how you will solve it together), b) Change partner

Most people in life go through a moment when they become independent and know what is best for them. Unfortunately, most are not all. Some people prefer to listen to others all their lives when it comes to their own good. If such people enter into relationships, they suffer from it themselves, but most of all suffer from the other side, who is still deluded that something will change.


Which of the points is familiar to you? If so, remember that in the beginning it is always worth starting by talking and solving the problem together. Even the worst, most crisis situations can survive, especially when you try to do it together. It will strengthen you. If it does not work out the first time, try a few more. Know, however, that you have no obligation to be with the person with whom you are. If you have been struggling in your relationship for many weeks, months or even years and you feel that you have tried literally everything – try someone else.

I hope this article was valuable to you. Make use of it, apply what I mentioned and, above all, share it wherever you can. The best on the Internet, the more people see it the better. Relationships are not to suffer, they are to give pleasure, happiness and satisfaction. However, for that to happen, one must learn to work on them.