4 Great Tips On How To Learn English Through Songs


If you’re looking for some strategies on how to learn english through songs, then you’ll love this article.

Learning a foreign language is a long and often monotonous process. Nothing, however, prevents us from diversifying it by choosing alternative forms of learning that will give us much joy and will certainly be more effective than any ordinary methods. One of the forms of such an active approach to learning English is learning with the help of songs. This is a great method not only in learning children but also adults.

How To Learn English Through Songs?

1. If you want to learn English using songs, it means that you like to listen and sing (not necessarily in public).

Take advantage of this musical passion in science. Musical hearing is very helpful in the process of memorizing the melody and accent of a foreign language.

2. It’s very easy to learn English from songs, because most of the radio’s songs are melodies with English text.

Learn English using only those songs that you like, otherwise you will quickly get bored with learning. Some songs are very easy, you can use them at the beginning of learning … more complex texts will be useful in its further phases. Holiday hits are good for beginners of English learning.

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Most of them concern problems of male and female love or sex. If you want to expand your vocabulary a bit, reach for some more ambitious texts.

3. Just listening to songs and trying to repeat them will not give you much.

It’s worth getting to the lyrics of the song. You will find it on the Internet. If you do not know the title, or you can not write it correctly in English, you can use the pages that “recognize” the song after giving the fragment of the melody. Once you have the lyrics and melodies, you can try to imitate the performer. However, it is worth to read the lyrics of the song and not just sing it.

Music rules its ownlawsand sometimes the lyrics are slightly different to the one said. Try to find someone who will tell you whether you read the text aloud or check it yourself with dictionaries that give correct pronunciation. You do not need to be an expert in reading phonetic signs. Use an interactive, computer-based dictionary that will read the indicated word, giving its meaning at the same time.

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4. You certainly want to know what you are singing about.

Do not search pages with direct translations of song lyrics into your first language, use them only in the phase of checking your own interpretation. Try to translate the text yourself. It’s great fun. If you make a mistake, do not stop on your mistake, because it will certainly allow you to better remember the phrase. It may happen that you read the idiom literally, but pages with translated lyrics will show you this error. Thanks to this you will get to know many more foreign language phrases!