19 [Amazing] Tips On How To Keep Customers


Today you’re going to see 19 tips on how to keep customers.

Customers are the most critical part of every business. They are a way to earn, your company’s life, and a good reputation. No business survives without loyal customers, but sometimes it is not easy to keep them. In this article, you’ll learn how to customize your customers, how to communicate with them, and how to do it to keep them.

How To Keep Customers?

1. Find out what your customers want.

If you want your customers to keep coming back, you need to find out what they want and be able to give them. Why should people use your services? Customers usually return for three fundamental reasons: They feel that your company offers them better services, They feel like providing them services that they can not get anywhere else, They think that your company behaves respectfully.

2. Make clear who you are and what you offer.

If you want to be able to adapt to and retain customers, you have to be honest and know how to evaluate your company. Companies that suffer from the identity crisis or overestimate their products will usually fail. Is it necessary to modernize your company? Or do you have to keep the same quality, so you do not lose faithful customers? Everything depends only on you and your society. If you were to sell Antarctic lunches, you’d have to figure out how to overcome this obstacle. Can you develop a better product that sells well or find a market that suits the product you are already selling? Compare your product with your competitors. Hanging out the sign with the inscription “Best Coffee in the City” is pretty, but you have to know your cafe’s different from the others. As for the very best cafe in the city, you can afford to sell coffee at a higher price. If your coffee shop is not the best, you have to set a competitive price.

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3. Maintain consistent product or service quality.

Most people will try everything once. But if you want them to come back to you, you have to offer them great services and products, and customers need to be sure that the quality of the products or services remains the same. The quality of your services and products is more important than other aspects of trading. Customers need to be confident they can trust your offer. Otherwise, they will never buy anything from you, no matter if you have nice salespeople, clean shop and cheap products. Define strict quality standards and work to keep them up to date. If you sell food, your Friday sandwiches must be as good as Monday’s, whether prepared by an experienced employee or a new employee in training.

4. Get customer feedback.

For each company, it’s important to get tips and feedback from customers. Give your customers questionnaires or send them by email. This will tell you how you are doing and what you can improve. Keep customer records so you can give them exactly what they want. Also, keep track of complaints and praise. In some cases, the number of complaints decreases when the quality of the product or service improves. If you still have the same complaints, you should think about what you can do to improve the problem.

5. Track your reputation online.

Nowadays a lot of companies depend on what ratings people put on social networks and unique websites. This is especially true for large cities where there is a hard competition. You may feel that you are doing everything you can to keep customers, but that does not mean you should ignore what is written about you on the Internet. Watch online forums, communicate with customers and learn from their comments. Companies that want to succeed must have quality and functional websites. Your site should make sure customers feel they need to buy your products or services. Also, the site should also contain the necessary information about your company and the products you offer. Do not write yourself false reviews and reviews, though it may be tempting. If your company is slandering the internet, it’s just your fault. Try to change it.

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6. Be willing to adapt to the market.

Companies must follow the wishes of their customers, not the general rules of the market. Unique gluten-free bakery in LA must stick to standards other than bistro in the country because their customers have different expectations, different standards, and interests. If you offer a premium product or service – something that is designed for a small number of customers – you’ll need to open a store where you have a good customer. The quality of your product and its price will be the most important thing to keep your customers. If you offer a product that is designed for a large group of people, the most important for you will be advertising, consistency and customer service.

7. Teach your employees to behave respectfully to their customers.

It is crucial for your employees to understand their role in retaining customers. Employees are often the only ones who deal with customers, so you have to be sure they behave as respectfully as if you treated them. Create manuals for employees and learn how to learn how to deal with customers properly. Use video, read, or play different situations. Experienced employees should train new employees. Offer employees the incentive to behave towards customers, such as the “Month Employee Competition.”

8. Establish a regular and advantageous opening time.

When you open only on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 14.00 to 15.30, you will have a big problem keeping your customers. Think of reasonable and regular opening time and, if necessary, customize your customers. Do not forget the standard working week. For example, if you are only open from 10.00 to 15.00, working people will not be able to shop with you. Determine a longer opening time or stay open even on weekends.

9. Be flexible.

If you serve breakfast only by eleven o’clock and eleven o’clock comes to the customer who has a pancake taste, it is not easy to solve it. You should not run into the kitchen and slow down lunch preparation, but you also want to satisfy the customer. So what do you do? Try to be as flexible as possible. Let your customer know that you are kind to him: “Breakfast is only served until 10.30, so you will have to wait a little longer, but we will prepare for it.”

10. Solve problems as soon as possible.

From time to time, you will have to deal with customer problems. How you handle them will affect how many of them will come back to you. Carefully listen to the customer and do not interrupt it until he tells you everything he wants to say. Try to find out if the customer cannot be satisfied and make sure he returns next time. Try to solve problems positively. Let your customer know that you like to do everything to make him happy.

11. Sell truthfully.

Customers need to trust not only your product but also what you say about your product yourself. Customers want you to give them a reason to buy your product. Teach your employees to ask your customers what they are interested in and what they love to adapt their products. Try to show interest in the customer and find out what is interested. The art of selling more things than the number of customers you have come up with is profitable, but you should not overdo it. Nobody wants salespeople to buy something that he does not need at all.

12. Your business should be clean and enjoyable.

You can customize your business, and every customer likes something different. However, it is essential to keep them clean and clean. Whether you want to have a modern, elegant, or retro shop, you have to keep it clean.

13. Make a good relationship with your customers.

People like to buy, and when you remember them and appreciate going shopping to you, they will feel great. Some customers will come back to you because you treat them well, even if they have a better product in another store. Learn the names of your loyal customers and greet them. Customers like to feel like they are important to you. It’s effortless – call them by name and show them something they might want. All customers are important. Treat yourself respectfully as if you were expecting to buy a lot of goods with you for a lot of money and try to make it happen.

14. Give your loyal customers the benefits.

You should try to ensure that loyal customers feel that it pays to shop with you. The system of rewards for regular purchases is a great way to do that.

15. Take a list of customers and their phone numbers or emails.

When the customer comes to the store, ask him to give you his email address, where you can send him information about discounts, bargains, etc. When the customer has a good reason to come back, he’ll do it. It’s also good to do social ads and ask customers to become your fans. It’s a great way to stay in touch with them.

16. Promise less and add more.

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is that they turn this rule. Do not approve of your products and do not tell your customers that you can do something that you are unsure about. You can not keep customers with such practices. If you make the best pizza in the city, you do not have to write it on a sign – your pizza should speak for itself. Establish a reasonable price and offer customers discounts on a regular basis. When people know they will get a reasonable price and good quality, they will come back.

17. Ensure that your employees behave professionally.

It often happens that employees behave either overly indifferently or are poisonous. In some stores, employees are ignoring and chatting with customers, in others, customers are once again attracted to leeches and do not let them down. Customers do not like either of these approaches. Teach employees to be always available to customers, but do not distract them. Employees need to be dressed and have clean clothes. Establish mandatory clothing that all employees will have to wear. Abercrombie & Fitch has recently been accused of preference for lean, white staff. If you want people to come back to you, you must not discriminate against anyone.

18. Collaborate on advertising with other companies.

A great way to get new customers and keep the old ones is to join forces with another company in the same industry. Spread leaflets with advertising in the local launderette, or sell at your café products from a nearby bakery, and in return, give them their coffee.

19. Provide Wi-Fi customers.

A group of customers sitting at computers is probably not an ideal view of loyal clients, but because people are increasingly working from home, many people need to find a place in the city that they can sit and work for a while. If you have a restaurant or a café, you should also arrange a Wi-fi. As a result, customers will come back and spend more time with you. The problem may be that the customer often buys one cheap drink and sits at the table for several hours and occupies a place where other customers can relax. You need to devise rules that will work and make sure everyone is happy.