4 Ways On How To Increase Willpower To Achieve Your Goals


This article has everything you need to know about how to increase willpower.

It is nice to dream about something, and to get closer to the goal – even nicer. Why is it sometimes so difficult to step forward in achieving your dream? What makes it so easy to give up the next steps? The answer lies in insufficient strength of will. The good news is that you can train it!

We all strive for something: we want to lose 15kg, get a promotion, raise children well, or become a successful man. No matter how noble our goals are, achieving each one requires self-denial and constant control for what a strong will is responsible for. And it is her lack that distances us from success.

How To Increase Willpower To Achieve Your Goals

Remember how many times you promised that you would run every day in the morning, give up sweets or seriously approach your duties. At the beginning everything went like a petal. How much did you persist? Week? Month? Half a year? Then you probably felt tired and abandoned everything. The reason for this behavior lies in the fact that willpower and self-control are limited.

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For centuries, it was thought that it was not true. Psychologists have said that if you want something hard enough, you will gain the strength to achieve it. This approach changed only in 1996 thanks to the experiment of Professor Baumeister.

He invited 67 participants to the room and put chocolate cakes in front of them. Only half of the respondents could taste the delicacies, the other one was asked to eat a few radishes. One can imagine what temptation the participants of the second group had to fight. Some of them took the cakes in their hands, admiring their fragrance, but they did not cost them. Then the participants were asked to solve the puzzle, which could not really be solved. Those who ate the cakes devoted twice as much time to the riddle and made twice as many attempts as the others. This study confirmed that the will is a limited resource that is exhausted while resisting temptation. Baumeister called this phenomenon an exhausting ego. A lot of research was carried out and all confirmed the results of this experiment.

What do we lose willpower for?

We are constantly struggling with the temptations of everyday life and although we try to do our best to do our jobs, we often want to browse social networking sites, watch a funny movie or break out of work to meet friends.

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The strength of will is also destroyed by the constant control of behavior and the hiding of emotions. This is required by professional ethics and corporate rules. Even if the atmosphere is tense and you do not agree with the decisions of others, you try not to raise your voice and not get angry at your co-workers.

The ignoring of the signals of your own body also negatively influences your will. Headache, drowsiness, weakness or recurring fatigue is a signal that you need to rest instead of taking on too many responsibilities.

How to exercise willpower?

The strength of will can be trained so that her stocks are enough to realize each dream. In 1999, as a result of another experiment, Professor Baumeister noted that students who consciously worked on strong will deal better with self-control much better than those who did not make such an effort.

Proposal? The strength of will can be improved through regular exercises.

How to strengthen your willpower:

These steps will help you get a lot of willpower and accomplish every goal:

1. Plan important tasks for the morning.

Self-control works better in the morning after a good night’s sleep, when you wake up regenerated and full of energy. What does this mean in practice? If you have planned more time for sports, start training in the morning. If your goal is to finish the project or write a book – book the time for these tasks in the morning.

2. Smartly manage your energy while remaining calm.

Research has shown that most people like strong emotions such as anxiety or even stress. Many people drink coffee to stimulate the body while postponing important matters at the last minute. As a result, they work under the influence of adrenaline and time pressure.

Such emotions and actions weaken the mind and body. The more tired you are, the smaller the resource of Your strong will. Give yourself time to rest. All you need is 15 minutes of spiritual relaxation to regain your will stocks.

3. Do not take too much

Do not crush yourself for a few activities. If you want to lose weight, focus only on this activity, and achieving the goal will be much easier.

4. Focus on the main goal

The more you focus on achieving the most important goal, the less chance that your willpower will run out. Whenever you miss it, think how you will feel when your dream becomes reality.