33 [Brilliantly] Ways On How to Increase Website Traffic


I recently analyzed a lot of sources to answer the question “how to increase website traffic”: And today I’m going to share the best tips with you.

There are many creative ways to increase the traffic to your website. When you create fun and original content, people should return to your site from one another. But if you want to help, you can try it in many ways.

How to Increase Website Traffic:

1. Work on titles.

The title of the article is the first thing people see and the only thing that gets them when you share the article. The title should impress the reader and attract their attention. A high-quality title can increase the number of views by sharing on social networks. Read some article on how to write a good title.

2. Write articles with exciting content.

Quality articles appear higher in search results. Make sure you write articles for your readers and that you always give all the information in one place. This is the best and guaranteed way to increase your site’s traffic – to offer people something they can not get anywhere else, or at least not the quality you offer them. Create useful content. When you collect information from other websites, you will not get more readers.  You will need to provide people with the information they need to reach their goals, resolve problems, entertain or laugh. Do not use content generators. Previously, they were trendy, but they are useless today. The only thing that will help you is to involve your creative team. Never copy or paste text from other pages. The search engines are smart and can find all the non-original versions and bury them to the bottom of the search results.

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3. Take a look at one topic.

Good sites are usually focused on one topic or one target group and become experts in this field. Surely you want your site to be the first place where people will go when they need information. Start browsing the page on the topic you are dealing with, or do market research and find something that is not yet fully processed.

4. Create content that you can share.

In the social media world, shared content is the most reliable content.  You have to write articles so it’s easy to share them and your readers have helped you find new people themselves. This is a combination of good headline and exciting picture. You should also write an excellent introduction to each article. All of this brings together an article that will be significantly shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Recently, lists are viral articles to share. Sites like Buzzfeed or Mashable get readers with “5 things that …” or “15 Ways to …” style titles. These articles attract people’s attention and are great for acquiring short-term readers.

5. Write different lengths of items.

You should have long and extensive articles, but also shorter pieces that do not take much time. The length of the material should mainly affect the subject – you do not have to write a long and comprehensively simple story, but you should not take a relatively complex topic in a few words. The average length of the articles should be about 2,000 words, but you can customize this rule.

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6. Write articles as often as possible.

By continually sharing new content, your site will be more successful.  You should share at least six articles per week. Determine the work plan and stick to it. Update. For regular readers, it is essential for your content to remain something different, especially in the most distinct categories. Share new stuff every few days on the page. Try to write articles by external authors. If you are not eager to write original items for the web, or if you do not have a good enough team, get your foreign writers. It depends on the content, length, and specialization of the article, but today you buy quality articles for about 5 dollars. But do not neglect your job – no one can write on your page better than yourself.

7. Mark your articles correctly.

Tags, labels, and metadata of articles affect their position in search results and help readers find what they need: I f you want a successful and functional website, you will need to be careful to have the tags in the right places, and the links are fully functional. You will also need to provide a map of your site to Google to show your site in its search results. Use keywords. This is called search engine optimization and will help you show your site to people searching for similar things on the Internet. Keywords should naturally fit into the text. When thinking about keywords, think about words that people commonly attack when searching for your page type. Keywords must be not only in the titles and titles of the pages but also in the meta streams. Meta tags are software codes that are not seen by visitors themselves, but the search engines recognize them. Do not overdo it with keywords – when you hit the page, it will not be high on the search engines. Also, you should not have key text in graphics because search engines do not recognize graphics as text.

8. Build quality links.

Links are essential for websites. This is the process of creating links that people bring to your site from elsewhere. When you have quality content, it will happen automatically, but you can help.L ink links to other pages that deal with similar themes like yours.  This is a double-link because you have to link to a page on your page to link to you. Just link to sites that have nothing to say and try to tell your readers everything they want. Find communities that deal with the same topics as your site, and arrange profiles for them.  Enter a link to your site in your profile and share high-quality posts. This will bring a lot of other people to your site. Contact companies that deal with what your site is about. When you have a company that shares a cast on your site, you get a lot of readers. Try to establish such relationships with as many companies as possible in your sphere. Set your RSS. RSS makes it easier and faster to share articles in different places. When you share your RSS in your directories, you will get lots of new visitors.

9. Share old posts from your site.

Share links to articles you’ve ever written before. This will help your readers find older information on your site that might be useful to them. Add links to old articles and new articles. When writing an article that relates in some way to an item you have written in the past, please reference the old article with a new article.

10. Divide your content into categories.

A well-organized page is more useful for the reader and gets more regular visitors. The structure can also help you to increase the readability of older articles.

11. Give things away for free.

Who does not like receiving gifts? Online “giveaways” are nowadays, and when you take them from time to time, you will have readers who will be happy to return to your site. Try, for example Give people a free e-book with their advertising. Allow visitors to give these things to thei friends. This will make the ad on your site reach even more people, and the traffic to your site will rise. Organize online seminars for free.  You can put them on your page or in a chat room, for example. The idea of “living” information will convince a lot of people to open your site, and you will become an expert in your field. Give visitors free tickets to their competitions. Prices can be anything; it’s just about being interesting for your readers. Most people who sign up for the contest will still come back to verify their results. Offer people free online services from your website. You can offer, for example, copywriting, proofreading, translations, etc. These services should be suitable and attractive for your visitors. Give people free tutorials. You can share your knowledge by email or by phone. People will appreciate it because the prices for consultations in every field are very high today. Offer people a start-up package with an expiration date. Set this date so that the customer has enough time to get acquainted with your product and love it enough to be willing to buy it. Send free CDs, DVDs, etc. to start-up packages or demos of your products to convince them to use your site more often. Offer people a free wallpaper background or business card templates, letter papers, etc. – just what they can print.

12. Use calls to action.

Ask your readers to get involved. If they feel the site owner is interested, they will return to the page much more often. Engage your readers and keep them on the pages. You can ask them to respond to your posts, encourage them to comment, or thank them for visiting your site.

13. Communicate with your readers through comments.

Comments are great ways to stay in touch with your readers. Respond to people’s comments and use this space to ask them about different things. If you do it a little bit of time every day, you will surely get new faithful readers.

14. Communicate with other sites and blogs.

Keep in touch with sites that deal with the same topics as yourself.  Comment on their posts and communicate with their readers. Do not overlap strangers, but let other people find your way to your content.

15. Share blog posts and allow other bloggers to share their posts on your site.

Such posts are a great way to get new readers who would not otherwise get to your site. Always allow other publishers to share posts on your page.

16. Create a forum.

A forum is a place where your community can meet and discuss together everything possible. Active discussions are also well visible in search results. When your site grows, it may be necessary to moderate the forums in some way. If the community is filled with toxic contributions, it could not affect your attendance. A quality moderator is essential for every big discussion.

17. Make your site an ad.

Besides links, you should also support your site otherwise. There are plenty of ways to make your site run on the Internet and in the real world. If you have money, let yourself have an ad. Great search engines such as Google or Yahoo provide convenient advertising packages. But first, you should find out how to reduce your ad spend to a minimum. Cross the borders of electronic media and go to print. Make an advertisement in newspapers, business brochures, and magazines, or print leaflets. Do not forget even the old good gold pages! Spread your business cards in cafes, bulletin boards, Make use of local resources – clubs, libraries, and community centers. Talk about your site. Tell your site to all the people you know, give business cards to people on the street, etc. You can also go into a smaller marketing program! Take advantage of your car, mainly if your site is associated with a place (for example, if you have a site that deals with local events or selling local newspapers). Get the stickers on the bumpers and use your car as a free advertising space!

18. Try increasing your reach with social networks.

Social networks are vital today, and if you act actively on them, you will get a lot of new readers. Share exciting content, and soon you will have a much larger reader base. Follow other users and share your articles with them. There are plenty of ways to increase the number of visits to your website using social networking.

19. Get a Facebook page.

Facebook allows you to create a free website for your company or website. This will let you to share all your new articles quickly.  Facebook sites are the ideal way to make your ad a page.

20. Share new articles on Twitter.

Create a twitter account for your site and share the titles and links of all of your new articles. Many blog software packages now allow you to do this automatically. On your Twitter page, be sure to have a link to your site and vice versa.

21. Use Tumblr.

Tumblr is a blog service that lets you easily share content from the web. Share links to your articles and similar material.

22. Open a Google+ page.

Google+ is the Google social network and, like any other social network, lets you share links to your articles on the page. Google+ has a lot of potential reach for readers, but it’s not used by so many people.

23. Share your articles on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a page about images. It originally began as a recipe and original sharing site for creative people, but today you will find everything possible. Share exciting and engaging pictures.

24. Apply Instagram.

Create an Instagram account and share photos related to your page. Use as many of the hashtags as possible to get your photos to as many people as possible. Be sure to include a link to your site.

25. Share articles on Reddit and Digg.

These two sites have large communities of active users. By sharing your content with them, you could get lots of new readers to do so. Be careful to share the rules.

26. Make your site quality and consistent design.

If people are not looking at your page, people will not come back to it. Make sure your style sits on your topic, and that it is a page that is modern enough to be nice and easy to handle.

27. Align your page.

If you want to improve your site, you should fix it because when the reader enters the web, the first place they look at is the top left of the screen and then gradually move to the right side. People also focus more on text than on pictures and graphics. You should think about this when designing a site design. When you align the page visually, it will make people more enjoyable and better readable.

28. Keep a simple design.

When you remove all unnecessary visual elements from your site, you’ll be able to pinch more essential things. You should leave some space on the page so that people look at it and look better at it. Use a clean background. The texture and background color you have on the page can drastically affect the overall appearance of the page. Too sharp colors and textures can disturb people. If you want to use some background color, you need to be careful that there is enough contrast between this color and the color of the text. Be careful with dark and vibrant colors like yellow or red. People of these colors will soon start to hurt their eyes and will not want to return to your page.

29. Take pictures of quality and clean images.

If you share photos on your site, they should be as high-quality as possible. This may mean you will need to get a better camera.

30. Create your navigation menu.

For ease of navigation, you should create a legend with links where people can easily navigate and place the bar in the right place. People strips are looking at the top left of the website. Do not forget even the link to your home page. People often forget about it, but it is critical for the reader to return to the beginning with one click.

31. Create infographics.

You can share it quickly and get new social networking readers with it. On the Internet, you’ll find sites that will create your infographic based on the data you upload and the templates you choose.

32. Podcasts are a great way to share your thoughts and opinions with people.

People can listen to podcasts anytime, anywhere, and you can even make money for them.

33. Create a YouTube channel and link it to your site.

If your site also deals with videos, create your channel on YouTube. You can then upload videos and send your readers to your channel. If you want to earn extra money, a well-functioning YouTube channel will enable you.

Do not be fooled by sellers who offer you thousands of clicks per hour. They upload your URL only to a proxy list program and then turn on the program for a few hours. It looks like someone is watching your page, but nobody really can see it. It’s just a waste of money. Do not be fooled by web generators and internet tricks. All these services only work temporarily. You need your site to get new readers on a continuous and long-term basis. Never share spam. It would disturb your credibility, and you would lose a lot of readers.