How To Improve Self Esteem And Self Worth: 9 Powerful Ways


In today’s article you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to improve self esteem and self worth.

Each of us needs to slightly strengthen our self-esteem from time to time. If, however, you have been feeling miserable for a long time and the three self-esteem is severely shaken then you certainly need a strong shock therapy. While shopping and new clothes can work wonders, it’s possible that you do not have the money or you do not want to spend them. What then?

How To Improve Self Esteem And Self Worth

1. Get rid of pseudo friends

Pseudo friends are people from your circle of friends who pretend to be your friends, but whenever they can, they mix you with mud. They deny everything, nothing that affects your person, they always find fault with you. Such people really can underestimate our own sense of worth. Whenever you stop meeting them, your ego will violently go inup . Who needs hints when we have real friends on hand?

2. Do something for others – for free!

Volunteering is one of the best ways to increase your self-esteem because when helping others, you also help yourself. Enter the “volunteer” search in Google + the name of your town and the list of wanted volunteers will be very long. You can go to the hospice and bring joy to sick children, help in hippotherapy, go out with disabled teenagers “to the city”, look for sponsors for various charities, etc. Find an organization that you support with all your spirit and get involved in itsactions and your self-esteem will shoot up like a sling.

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3. Focus on the positives

I dream about slimmer thighs and shinier hair, but you know what? I have beautiful green eyes and a flat stomach. So instead of focusing on your disadvantages, try to think about what you have and what your strengths are.

4. Be grateful

Even if you have a lot of bad luck, you will certainly get lucky. Maybe you do not see it, maybe you would have to strain yourself to realize it, but know that happiness is next to you. One way to increase your own worth is to recognize these advantages and be grateful for them. You can be grateful for yourshealth and health of your loved ones, for friends who surround you and support you, or even for having a nice perfume! You see? There are so many reasons to be grateful!

5. Learn to accept compliments

For some, accepting compliments is very difficult, even if they are honest. We must learn to accept them, especially when they do not affect our appearance. If you do something amazing and someone notices and praises you, accept the compliment with the usual “thank you”.

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6. Find out what are the reasons for the decline in self-esteem

Each of us has some weaknesses and their acceptance increases self-esteem. Some women feel depressed and do not appreciate themselves during premenstrual syndrome or focusing on their own appearance (“I do not look like I want it”). As soon as you know what makes you badframe of mind then just start avoiding it!

7. Be honest

Sometimes our self-esteem deteriorates when we do something that we should not. Too much cogging, poor will during diet, too much alcohol, too much aggression, too little work or study or being the “other” in a relationship. Sit down and think about your life and conduct honestly. Does it make you feel unwell?

8. Find inspiration

If you have a real problem, one that causes your self-esteem to drop, it’s time to get inspired by someone else to make changes. Look at someone in your environment who has been struggling with a similar problem or find some celebrity who could inspire you to act.

9. Set goals and make changes

Now is the time to fix everything that does not work in your life. Set goals and do everything to achieve them. Attaining even seemingly small goals will increase your self-esteem, not to mention how huge it will be when you achieve your main goal.