9 Teaching Tips On How To Help Child With Dyslexia Read?


If you’ve ever wondered how to help child with dyslexia read, this article is for you.

Work with a child who has dyslexia is difficult, but at the same time it forces him to make greater efforts. If your child is trying to fight dyslexia, here are some tips on how to help him.

How To Help Child With Dyslexia Read?

1. Working with a child with dyslexia can be a great challenge for parents and teachers.

It has not only problems with reading and writing, but also with other subjects, because reading is the basis of everything a child learns at school.

2. Dyslexia occurs because the brain does not normally process written and spoken language, which causes disorder and disorientation.

Dyslexia is a neurological disorder that is not necessarily associated with low IQ and is often misunderstood.

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3. Symptoms of dyslexia – a few warning signs that may indicate that the child has dyslexia:

Reverse character writing – a child with dyslexia often confuses the letters “b” and “d” . Problems with spelling. Problems with writing, as well as performing other movement activities. Difficulty with determining the direction from right to left and vice versa. Delayed speech development. Difficulties in pronunciation

4. Use a dry-washed board.

A child with dyslexia often makes mistakes. Frequent corrections and spelling mistakes on paper can discourage them from further learning. When the card starts to rub under the influence of frequent corrections, the child may give up and do not attempt to write the word correctly. Therefore, teachers often use a dry-erase board for this purpose. Use to write markers in several colors, let the child choose the one he wants to write. Use colors to emphasize more important words.

5. Organize educational games and games outside of school.

For example, if you are with a child on the beach, ask him to write the selected word on the sand. Wheneverchildmake a mistake, make the word together, and ask it to start from the beginning. In the same way you can play in the sandbox. In other words, take every opportunity to learn, try to make it a fun unlike school activities. Children with dyslexia often also have a problem with a longer focus on one thing (attention deficit disorder – ADD), try to get them interested.

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6. If your child saves the word with errors, emphasize the letters that are incorrectly written.

Instead of discouraging the child and immediately removing the wrong word, show him which letters he had a problem with and highlight them in a different color. Now tell your child to clear the mistakes and write the word correctly. Explain to your child his mistakes.

7. Create an array with awkward words.

Whenever you read to a child or have him read for yourself, write down the words with which he has a problem. Then take the card and write the word correctly on it with a marker. Hang them on the blackboard or wall in the child’s room. When the child will stare at the words on the wall, he will learn about them and in the future they will not be a problem for him.

8. Resources of words on-line.

You can find a lot of words, both on-line and in publications, by doing a simple Google search.

9. Turn disability into an advantage.

Assure your child that dyslexia has nothing to do with the lack of intelligence and has been diagnosed in many people with different IQ. Ask your child to read about famous people who have struggled with dyslexia. Convince him that in the future he may become a famous actor, inventor, sports star or even president. Walt Disney, Tom Cruise, Thomas Edison and even John F. Kennedy struggled with dyslexia.