How To Have a Great Relationship: The Secret Of Good Relationship


If you want to know how to have a great relationship, you’ll love this article.

What determines a good marriage, the good relationship between two people? The correct answer to this question is: Depends on whose marriage …

When it comes to the marriages of others, if someone’s relationship is good, or not, depends on both partners. Depends how they consciously live, how they can communicate, whether they are honest about themselves, do they know what they want, what they wish to they represent etc. It’s a very complicated matter …

How To Have a Great Relationship:

However, if the question concerns MY marriage, answer it is much simpler (although it is indeed harder to do implementation): The quality of my marriage depends solely from me. It is I who decide about everything … Starting from this, whom I choose for my partner, for wise and effective nurturing this marriage every day. Everything, absolutely
everything depends on me.

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Of course, except what does not depend on me … But I do not I have no influence, and it is a waste to waste time considering that if it were different, it would have been different. This is a reflection type: what would happen if the grandmother had a moustache… It is as it is, and not different and the only thing I can change is my way of thinking, my actions and – most importantly – my decisions.

In MY marriage absolutely everything depends on me.

I know it looks a bit mockery, but I mean it. The quality of life – not just marriage – depends on how I take responsibility for it. It is a fact that no one else is deciding about anything in my life. This is something, of which you must be clearly aware. Only I decide.

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Okay, maybe someone would say, but if you go for example we are arguing, I do not have the influence on what SHE shows he is going through a moment. Maybe it’s just being torn by hormones and does not realise how unbearable it is? How Can I change it?

Very simply: by taking full responsibility for understanding its condition and treating it appropriately. By understanding the situation and its role in it. By understanding her behaviour, by following your reactions, by the appropriate procedure.

This, of course, is easier to talk than to do. I know something about this myself subject … It would often be very convenient to say: “it’s her … this or that” but I’m perfectly aware that however, a lot depends on me. I think if I could repeat my life, I would argue much less with mine wife, or even not at all. Any difference of opinion can be after all somehow solve it. And I do not look at it from the position of beating in my chest that if I give way more etc … There were situations when (of course!) I was right, but now I see that much more effectively and I could quickly solve them by changing only your behavior and decisions.

Today? We are a perfectly harmonious marriage, and we love hot and passionate. The conviction that everything depends on me makes miracles.