How To Handle Toxic Relationships When You’re Still In Love


This article has everything you need to know about how to handle toxic relationships.

Living together with a toxic person is very difficult. There may be many reasons why people become negative and difficult to live. Below you will find a list that can help you in some way deal with a difficult partner or partner.

How To Handle Toxic Relationships?

1. Stop engaging emotionally in stories told by a toxic person.

It is good to show some support, but it must be remembered that there may be the other side of the coin of the event. Toxic people often tell different things in such a way that others blacken themselves and always put in a good light. They want to draw others into their problems and they want others to feel compassion and comfort. They expect the same from their partner.

2. Learn to speak not on unreasonable whims.

This is important for establishing certain limits. On the one hand, one should be compassionate, but on the other hand, be firm in his resolutions. Your values ​​should be clear and transparent.

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3. Avoid too much caring and making decisions for your partner.

A toxic person often does not want to take responsibility for their actions. Remember that everyone must live their lives alone and take some life lessons.

4. Do not take to your heart what a toxic partner or partner is telling you.

Toxic people usually say the same bad and negative things about other people and events. They’ll find a hole everywhere, and nobody is good enough to deserve their praise. So do not worry if you hear something unpleasant, unless malicious comments are deliberately aimed at you.

5. Learn to have good well-being .

Do not let a toxic person spoil your mood. Always release the accumulated evilenergythrough deep breathing, yoga or sport. Take care of yourswell-being !

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6. Try to look at everything from a different perspective.

Could negative comments have been made in good intention? Is it possible for a partner to say something unpleasant because he is worried about me?

7. Learn to direct the conversation so that it is positive.

Think about where a given discussion is going and do not get caught up in toxic conversations by, for example, changing the topic to a more enjoyable one.

8. Go away or leave the house if you need to.

If you feel that you can not agree, apologize and leave. Go and breathe deeply.

9. Watch your non-verbal communication with a toxic person.

The reason for its toxic behavior may be the signals you send. You may subconsciously pinch your mouth, cross your arms or shake your head. If a toxic person feels your disapproval, he may start defending himself (also by attack).

10. Learn to develop a sense of humor and develop it.

A sense of humor and generosity come in handy in many difficult situations. If you manage to joke during a negative toxic statement of a person then you can disperse it so that it will stop talking.

11. Compliment this person.

To do this you must be honest, so you must be able to see positive qualities in this person. Before you ask for anything, focus on your partnerpartner he felt good.

12. Watch, however, do not judge.

Refrain from any reaction. Evaluate whether something needs your answer or not. Do not worry about the little things your partner loves to complain about. Also, do not let your ego take control over you.

13. Plan a meeting.

If you know that you will meet a toxic person, get ready for what she or he can tell you. Think about how you can react or how to respond. In this way, you have the opportunity to improve your communication skills. If you deal with living with a toxic person, you can deal with every human in the world!

14. During meditation, send your partner a feeling of love, compassion and healing.

Toxic person is only angry outside, while in the middle she suffers. It is possible that he feels insecure and is afraid of losing his mental control.

15. Avoid fueling the whole situation.

Stop walking and tell others that you are suffering from living with a toxic person. Talking about it will give another toxic nutrient to your relationship, and yet you already have, and too much bad energy around.

16. Every day before falling asleep, visualize a better tomorrow.

Imagine a healthy and positive relationship. Sometimes a simple visualization can do wonders.

And last but not least – ask yourself: What do you like about your partner and why do you want to be with him / her? Does not living with such a person mean low self-esteem?