How To Get More Followers On Facebook Page?


If you’re looking for some strategies on how to get more followers on facebook page, then you’ll love this article.

If you think Facebook is just a good way to keep in touch with your friends, think again. Facebook is currently the most powerful business tool. If you treat yourscompanyseriously you should also seriously approach your fanpage on Facebook and win as many fans as possible. According to Facebook, the portal has more than billion users. On average, each of them spends more than 40 minutes a day on this site. Do you still think that this site is for fun only? Here’s how it works – the more fans you have, the more people see your products, the more people visit your website and more people spend what you have to offer. So, how to have more fans? Here are some tips.

How To Get More Followers On Facebook Page?

1. Marketing plan

Add a fanbox to your website, link to the fan page under your signature in the email and the fan page address for business cards. Make sure finding your Facebook page is easy for everyone. Currently, providing information about a Facebook page is just as important as providing a phone or e-mail address.

2. Make your Facebook page thematic and interesting

Do not underestimate your Facebook page. It must be reliable and of high quality. People must have a reason to like her and become her fan. A page on Facebook that never changes or a page that has nothing but products for sale will not succeed. People like new news, changes and curiosities. On the site you can put valuable content that will be available only after you like your site!

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3. Encourage discounts and free materials

Free stuff is a great encouragement! Discounts, free materials for everyone who becomes your fan or prize draw are a great way to get many fans. People are aware that they can get something for free and they will be happy to join your Facebook page.

4. Use the list customers or mailing list

If you already have your clients, you can take it a step further. People who are your clients most likely like your company. For this reason, they are great candidates for Facebook fans who can additionally convince their friends to join your site. To get them you just have to send them an e-mail with information about starting your Facebook page and asking them to send this information further. There is a good chance that many of these people will make your request.

5. Integrate comments with Facebook

If you have a website with a shop then a great way to get fans is to integrate comments with Facebook. If anyone comments on your product or likes it, then chances are good that their friends will also comment on or like them. And hence a short way to like your company or store.

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6. Get fans through photos

If you run a company organizing events, trips, etc., add as many professional photos to Facebook as possible and encourage fans to mark themselves and their friends on them. Thanks to this, these photos will appear on the walls of their friends, which will be free advertising for you. In addition, the picture says more than 1000 words – each of us pays more attention to thumbnail images on the FB wall than the text itself.

7. Let yourself know about other fanepags

Using Facebook as a page, comment on links from other websites and add entries to the walls. Make sure, however, that your logo is set as the main picture of the page. As a result, the name of your website (company) and its logo will be more recognizable.