How To Get Back To Your Ex Girlfriend Step-by-Step


In today’s article you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to get back to your ex girlfriend.

Everyone who has lived in their life parting knows that this is one of the most painful experiences in life. It not only confirms the end of the relationship with the person with whom joy and sorrows were previously shared, but also leaves a deep scar in the heart, which requires a lot of time and energy to heal. However, if the relationship is strong enough, even after parting, you can rebuild it. What is lost does not have to be lost forever. Everything can be rebuilt, healed and even made even stronger than before. Below I give you what you need to do to recover a former girl and rebuild an even stronger and more mature relationship.

How To Get Back To Your Ex Girlfriend?

1. Spend some time away from the ex-girlfriend.

Avoid phones, cancel visits and meetings in a shared circle of friends. Avoid movies and songs that you associate with your ex. Stay away from the places you went to: your favorite pub, park, discotheque, etc. Do not hide your separation from her friends and family members. Get rid of all the things that remind you of a girl: presents, photos, birthday cards, cosmetics or clothes.

2. Organize a recreational therapy.

The period just after parting will be very hard for you, so you have to give yourself some time alone, to overcome the pain and think about everything. Meet your closest friends and family. Spend time actively: take long walks, ride a bike, and even sign up for aerobics;) Find a new hobby, let it be completely absorbed. Keep busy all the time, and you will not even notice when you get to yourself.

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3. Connect with your ex-girlfriend.

Once you get together after parting and return to the daily rhythm of the day, start to go out and meet new people. In the meantime, try to contact your ex-girlfriend by phone or at Messenger. Your goal is not to be back to her yet, but to make friends again. Tell your ex, that you want us both to be happy and that you always care about her. Do not mention anything about rebuilding the relationship. Let the girl know that you will continue with her whenever she needs you. Such a strategy will show her that you leave her free choice regarding your reconciliation.

4. Arrange a meeting for two.

If your girlfriend is open to this option, invite her for a drink or dinner. Avoid dating late in the evening and at night. Try to make the meetings short, not longer than an hour. At the end of the meeting, make sure there is a chance for more. If so, arrange them for the next week. For now, things must be slow, nothing should be accelerated. During the second meeting, open yourself a little bit in front of the girl and get her animal out of your feelings about your parting.

5. Re-become her friend.

This is the simplest thing you can do at this stage. Act as a real friend would behave. Let her speak and listen carefully to everything she says. Comfort her, admit to all her negligence and mistakes. Take responsibility for everything you’ve done, and what your former thinks led to parting. Ask her for it. Refrain from blaming her, accusations, reproaches and adventures. Prove that you can be her friend by offering her help whenever she needs it. Be honest and kind. Even try to make a joke with the girl and let her answer the same. Do everything to make you realize that you have a chance to come down again.

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6. Be kind to her.

In order to have a real chance to rebuild a relationship, you must be kind to each other. Talk to a girl, be charming, gentle and obliging, and at the same time be firm on issues important to you and your relationship. Specify what your needs are and what you expect from this relationship. Encourage her former to also specify her expectations.

7. Be forgiving.

If yours needs more time to think about it, do not press on it and show patience. Under no circumstances, do not insist that she come back to you. Do not ask her or put her in an ultimatum. If you want to get back a girl, give her a chance to decide if she wants the same too. Be as forgiving as possible, even if it turns out that she is not interested in coming back to you. Even then, be her friend.

8. Act slowly and carefully.

Desperation will destroy all chances of rebuilding the relationship. Relax and wait. If the girl really wants to come back to you, she’ll definitely do it. During this period, avoid talking about sensitive topics, do not talk about your love conquests. Focus on rebuilding trust.

9. Recall good memories of shared moments.

It will help her remember how good it was at the beginning. Ask her what you would have to do to make those moments come back again. Tell her that you will do everything to get it this time and say it honestly. The girl will not only appreciate your honesty, but also the fact that you want to sacrifice to make her happy.